Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not Over

View from ferry deck as I say 'final' farewell to the Isle of Mull, Scotland. 2/27/07

Not Over

Is it ever 'done deal'
thinking something's set in stone
never to change, be tweaked
into a greater updated version,
or let go to dissolve
being absorbed as elemental ingredients
that will feed new sprouts
of manifestation Soul wants now
when branching toward omnipotent Source,
acting as Sun, directing growth
through diverse seasons, challenging conditions,
pruning, testing, strengthening while straining,
where our roots run riot
infiltrating dark, dank nurturing womb
of 'Tao' that embodies Eternity,
experienced day in, day out,
through circumstances beyond any control
humans want to definitively judge,
even though it's not over.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Distance

Snow covered high hills in distance opposite the road traversing the Ross of Mull.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

The Distance

It's easy for humans
to judge in moment,
blame someone 'causing anger'
about something that frustrates
when expectations are denied,
wanting to tell them 
what they need different
for expansion, healing, transformation,
foolishly thinking it's benevolence
until 'teacher' finally sees
oneself as the 'perpetrator',
'You are another myself.',
and lesson is multilayered
with tendrils in past
showing 'work' right now
of moving through emotions,
learning self-love and compassion,
smiling complicity with Existence
while 'growing' the distance.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


One of many Scottish graveyards with a spectacular view.
 Isle of Mull, Scotland


It's twisted human attribute
that puts off essentials
to our health, happiness
in deference to duty,
some image we're cultivating
when fitting societal norms
or wanting cushioned survival,
thinking there is time,
will be in future
for lived introspective life
engaging our soul direction
with all it's interests
and magically turning events
allowing for ease, flow,
reacquainted with delicious miracle,
the power of presence,
simplicity, just being oneself,
unencumbered now, every moment,
within immediacy of Existence.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


5,000 year old ancient Scottish cave carvings of 'women birth symbols'. 
Isle of Mull, Scotland 


When entering new endeavors
whether embracing evolutionary consciousness,
career and relationship shifts,
or resurrected old aspirations,
there is cluttered past
with memories of failure,
fear, weakness, mistakes made,
for some, insurmountable barrier
which overshadows any successful
wisdom learned about expansiveness
through trial and error,
verily imprisoning the 'dreamer'
as 'realist' runs show
choosing safety over risk,
while comfort dulls senses
and intuition's 'soul connection'
becomes irritation in brain,
resurfacing, small quiet voice,
remnant of original Source.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Flow

Rain swollen, windblown streams leaving Scridian, determined to reach the sea.
 Isle of Mull, Scotland

The Flow

I'm learning
to be
like water
gracefully sliding
around obstacles,
undermining them,
wearing down
the resistance
by accepting
what is,
then discerning
natural path
whether turbulent
or calm,
while remembering
Ocean connection
rivers, streams,
share in
the Flow.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What If

Scottish horses with winter coat, perhaps dreaming of summer gallops.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

What If

Dreams can start this way
letting horses of imagination gallop
into territory called 'The Unknown'
adding visual details to intuition,
a feeling emerging from soul,
as intellect fleshes out possibilities
in attractive and unattractive ways
while discerning worthiness of endeavor,
it's potential teeming with life
whether ever manifesting or not,
then there's exercise of wondering
what living would be like
if regrettable times were reversed
some stupid thing, said, done,
further still, wishing something impossible,
conjuring notions never to be
yet curious about different scenarios,
like Dad laughing, walking, talking,
asking 'What if he lived?'

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Coming into 'Zion National Park' area from Las Vegas.


Viewed through various lenses
and at different times
what seems like regression,
as bedrock dreams dissolve
dissipating long held assumptions,
becomes 'Great Turning' forward
while being stripped down
to core of being
realizing essentials are few,
that simplicity expands opportunity
for relaxing into life,
appreciating subtleties which enrich
moments between past, future,
any action based striving
often inundated with stimulus
when headlong pursing results
until realizing it's futility,
'The journey is destination.'
where progress defies labeling.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Decide

In my medicine wheel with sun rising through 'tree of life'.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

I Decide

Solstice peak reminds me
of Soul's brilliant apex
when fully embracing Tao
within my life's seasons,
witnessing the Sun's movement
along ridge at rising
it marks pendulum swing,
far left looking east
on first summer day,
far right it's appearance
as winter nights commence,
through it all, equanimity,
no push, pull, hurry
aimed at some destination,
this life awakening Star
blazes brightly no matter
time, circumstance, what's coming
or gone, presently perfect,
I decide the same.

Monday, June 21, 2010


My father, Robert Franklin Spitzer, before children.


We are all recipients
of our ancestral benefactors
who shared similar struggles
from birth to death
on great archetypal stage,
living hand to mouth
with determination for survival,
hopes toward better life
when thinking about community,
family, selves, in future
believing progress a birthright
like growth Nature models
while creating a bounty
for animals and humans
to share, prosper from,
emulated by breadwinner fathers
wanting higher life standards,
 sacrificing themselves for children
passing significant gifts forward.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ilyse and I a few years back.


It's a wonderful treat
to visit and reconnect
with old friend, lover,
who shared life phase
that was sweetly healing
and ended perfectly healthy,
which can be rare
in these contentious times
of push pull struggles
played out in society
pointing to human traits
caught in lose, win,
good, bad judgment game,
wherein sitting again with
cherished soul from past
appreciating the inherent goodness,
love, kindness and joy
each other experienced jointly
are rewards reminiscing reveals.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Beehive cells by British artist Andy Goldsworthy on Scottish mainland near Isle of Skye.


Different from natural cycles,
yet part of makeup,
these often feel like
fits and starts incompletions
as timing or circumstance
create hitch in giddy-up
where project lies dormant
waiting for renewing idea,
some long awaited information
that comes from revelation
in serendipitous magic moment,
or mundane stumbling upon
needed ingredient to continue,
until another roadblock appears
again steering one's consciousness
attentively toward present situation,
reeled in from future
imagined results that drive
through phases life inhabits.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Atop island bridge where Scots of old, after crossing from mainland, donned banned kilts.


Every moment is this,
each day a doorway
into the Infinite unknown
and password is 'Yes',
where protective ogres retreat
allowing passage over bridge
beyond fearful, strict, restraint,
the necessary courageous path
leading toward new worlds
that bring expanded perceptions
which unveil All Potential,
life's myriad engaging choices
never to be repeated
in same place, timing,
on forever moving river
outdistancing any individual explanation,
as peculiar, original thoughts
initiate cause, effect action
producing uniquely personal invitations.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Flow

Byron Kitty, always in and doing the Tao.

The Flow

'Do the Tao now.'
is simple life instruction
yet complex and obscure
when compared to norm
of one's 'regular' living
while trying to fit
into acceptable societal routines
to avoid derogatory labels
like lazy, unfocused, slacker,
for taking different route
which examines the absurdities
we are force fed,
then choosing more authenticity,
simplicity, truth, love, joy,
integrating peace and creativity
within embraced high vibrations
that universal consciousness brings,
willing to follow soul
coursing in 'the flow'.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My brother Doug with his surprising son Tyler.


Isn't this universal connection,
yet source of fear
to those who forget,
that Existence is surprising
for everyone and everything
in Nature's changing realm,
and when staying childlike
enthralled with surrounding Mystery
immersed in awe, wonder,
feeling sense of adventure
excitedly curious about future
then we're closely aligned
with life's 'original Source',
our forever bubbling diversity
as individual rare manifestation
miraculously born from two
who fell in love
created life through union
which became unexpected you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Billowing fog, 'dragon's breath', on Monterey Bay viewed from my driveway.


Somehow, somewhere, push began
for results, wealth, power
in humans who desired
security from suffering, hunger,
all manner of fear,
trying to guarantee safety
from unwanted, unexpected circumstance
that adversely effect members
of cherished family, community,
so they'd enjoy riches
of love, life, existence,
though inattentive to disconnect
between Nature's peaceful principals
and false premises embraced,
forgetting practice of 'allowing'
beautifully demonstrated through patience,
witnessing the inherent timing
within evolution's wise unfoldment.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Turn Around

Road out of Bryce Canyon, Utah heading north toward Grand Junction, Colorado.

Turn Around 

Who is to say
how long it takes
for traversing any dis-ease
back into healthy alignment,
a quickness in which
our world, society, economics
could leave behind disintegration
humanity has sickeningly imposed
upon itself and Creation,
certainly belief trumps disbelief
when changing one's circumstances
thinking anything is possible
make shifts more probable
whether in physical illness,
or embracing higher consciousness
able to envision contentment,
peace, as One People,
One Planet, One Future,
once we turn around.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Off

Exploring off the beaten path on western coastline of the Isle of Mull, Scotland

Little Off

When accustomed to health,
vitality, and overflowing vibrance,
filled with Tao connection
that brings enthused smile
plus love of life
into wide open heart,
then anything that's deviant
becomes so very apparent,
(imagine pebble inside shoe
yet you keep walking,)
where circumstances change accordingly
if paying close attention
to what's below irritant,
as deep body communication
explores mind, spirit contact
saying 'Slow down, listen,
take time for yourself,
find what's not aligned.'
whenever a little off.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Baby 'Howler' monkey at Cabuya Animal Rescue, Costa Rica


We are habitual creatures
who take time acquiring
the norms of society
deemed good or bad,
plus our familial, religious
attributes and national pride,
finding later in life
a need to unravel
ties that bind, limit
ability to freely create
unique soul directed life
which plays so readily
with each new twist
this miraculous Existence offers,
yet is often hampered
by parasites of past
that cling to host
where living requires extrication,
everyday, while cultivating renewal.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


My friend Art meditating amid Buddha statue and the '10,000' things'.


After the struggles, challenges,
each learning cycle brings,
days, weeks, years, decades
occupying a 'changing self,'
a principal becomes apparent
for life to 'work',
I must be genuine,
authentic, true to core
of my 'I AM',
as embodied 'original nature'
expressing soul uniquely through
my 'being' and 'ego',
becoming an active creator
who is but part
in 'the 10,000 things',
this Existence of diversity
with many essential directives,
rules like, 'Find happiness,
naturally, by fulfilling yourself.'

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Aunt Joan and Uncle Carlton, longtime members of the 'love clan' in my life.


During any given day
a message will appear
that jogs my mind
into reconsidering this life,
what I think, do,
understand about being human,
coming as revelatory 're-cognition'
of a philosophical reframe
long forgotten, yet valued,
as simple as 'Love.',
give, receive, be it,
where I remember those
in past, and present,
who exude such essence
with the accompanying virtues,
kindness, compassion, forgiveness, mercy,
while living in grace,
contentment, and openhearted acceptance,
informed, reminded, through Spirit.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Labyrinth and monk cell on small island across from Isle of Iona in far distance.


The art of creation
for me is dance
that spirals to center
as I court resources,
lead them into position
dreaming their new movement
shaping steps to fit,
come together from strategy
which allows for flexibility,
virgin insights that wait
in recesses of timing
only to be unearthed
within each successive stage,
hinted to by previous,
revealing next unknown ripple
advancing toward surprising outcome
resembling my original vision,
though different for including
'a-mused' notions from circling.

Monday, June 7, 2010


A Christmas holiday evening with neighbors Rosie, Nigel, their children and friends.
Kintra, Isle of Mull, Scotland 


With ego out of way
and soul interconnection in place
the world is remarkably different,
there's no need to hoard
or feel lack of goodness,
abundance, love, acceptance, or ability,
each person is unique entity
as diverse expression of Creation,
a Creator personified, yet joined
in vibrational waves expanding Existence,
seen, unseen, known, and unknown,
without judgment we are One,
unexplainable, vibrant, infinite, teeming pulse
of Spirit emanating Life Force
where another's 'success' is mine
to be celebrated as such,
more when acknowledging 'failure' awaits
being the paradoxical counter weight
we share within living Mystery.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Footprint in stone earliest Scottish kings used for ceremonial marriage to the land.
The Great Glen, Scotland


Just footprint in sand
our lives wash away
into ocean of unknown
forgotten human being ancestors
creating lineage before us,
while each individual life
becomes the continuing thread
connected to future waves
by experiences we share,
remember, and pass down,
stories repeated in families,
different than headline news,
instead teaching about love,
kindness, risking, trials, errors,
and resurrection so necessary
from every small death
often known as failure
which paves the way
for eventual next step.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Sister Mary Ann and brother Keith during volleyball tournament.
Main Beach, Santa Cruz, California


Is life a game
in some Olympic event
where people will argue
about who's more splendid,
or what activity's harder,
thinking they're greater person
for deciding to participate,
choose, a difficult course
with degrees of expertise
needed to successfully compete,
so the end result
carries a deep satisfaction
when aligned to parameters
society calls real victory,
while those who trail,
diverge from normal regulations
taking route less traveled,
find individual soul rewards
through uniquely personal marathon.

Friday, June 4, 2010


View from Scridain, across Loch Scridain, to the Ross of Mull.
 All part of the Isle of Mull, Scotland


When releasing control
our restless E.G.O.,
'Edging God Out',
falls into Infinity
while individual soul
rises in union
consciously with Eternity,
this is doorway
entering existing world,
both real, unreal,
where all Creation
shares life force,
same 'original nature'
that humans forget,
must be reminded
through some resurrection
which imprints Oneness,
'spiritual, physical marriage',
from powerful depths. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

On Track

Single track road through snow dusted mountain pass.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

On Track

Things will work out
is an old adage
that displays faith, trust,
in workings of Existence,
it does not mention
if judged good, bad,
only a resolved recognition
life will continue unfolding
through it's Infinite diversity
no matter the label,
as if to say
'Don't worry, be happy!'
encouraging embrace of Mystery
within this precious moment
which is undivided Eternity
overflowing always as 'Tao'
we're all navigating in,
steering any individual way
consciousness deems 'on track'.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Right timing in capturing a rainbow dissecting 'Scridain'.
Isle of Mull, Scotland


I am wondering
if yesterday lived
was meant to
be different, better,
because something occurred
ego didn't like
while backtracking memory
for divergent decision
overriding my thoughts,
plus good feelings,
about staying home
'futzing' in garden
instead of exercise
aimed at pleasing
another, fulfilling promise
in San Francisco,
only to detour
receiving traffic ticket
through perfect timing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Graveyard overlooking Atlantic Ocean on Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Memorial Day

Visiting old friends
who are here
still above ground
I remember those
having passed on,
grandparents and father,
thinking everyone has
experienced a loss
of someone dear
or will eventually
through human condition,
our ancestral lineage
bore same knowledge,
aging, transience, death,
and with recognition
lived, loved, laughed
more fully, deeper,
honoring deceased often
as 'memorial day'.