Friday, December 30, 2011

The Switch

The potent moment switching from standing still to opening the throttle.
(photo by Crysse Morrison)

The Switch

to flip
leave my
engage what's
with passionate
horse energy
standing to
the switch.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Self=portrait driving back from southern California with a truck load of workshop machinery.


My antics
would be humorous
if not
taken so seriously
by Perfectionist
often at wheel
measuring degree
of right, wrong,
as Judge
defining highest worth
to pursuits
purporting significant importance,
thankfully Soul
sees larger picture,
says 'Relax,
forever busy egoistic
'monkey mind',
continue witnessing miracles.'

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Floating in Monterey Bay at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


festivities end
things settle down,
of body,
mind, spirit, emotions,
toward purpose,
direction, vitality, integrity,
by connective
family, friends, community,
finding balance
within Life immersion,
swimming, surfing,
diving deep beneath,

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Assisting angels, Mimi and Melody, at Floyd's 90th birthday celebration.


plays part
in Great Turning,
personal timetable
and revolutions inside,
comparing ourselves
envious of others,
is music
on grand scale,
ripple outward
large and small,
unique quality
we assist others

Saturday, December 24, 2011


The Buddha statue in the flower garden inspired by my buddy Art Durand.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


In end
my biggest relationship
is not
lover, partner, family,
some other,
but with Life,
Source Energy,
this miraculous Existence
as Soul
sharing Infinite Is-ness,
without separation,
guiding inhabited ego
in world
through mind, body,
and emotions,
to be servant
creating results
becoming proven accountability.

Friday, December 23, 2011

It Flows

Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

It Flows

Then, when
all is ready,
preparations made,
plenty of sleep,
right thoughts,
eating proper food,
plus exercise,
requesting through prayer
benevolent outcome,
help from ancestors,
spirits loving,
caring, for people,
committing oneself
on personal path
of Soul
expression this lifetime,
it flows.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Pointing out where I used to live and do things at the end of the ridge.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Whether it's
some planetary alignment,
full schedule
not offering opening,
'perfect storm'
of blocking circumstance,
procrastination lessons
to be learned,
Life often
channels toward direction
for Soul
realizations around clarity
and importance,
plus deepest desires
patiently waiting
as future possibilities,
delivering awareness
pointing the way.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My Mom who modeled staying busy and being a giver.
At her 88th birthday party.


I struggle
with concepts around
enjoying life,
being on purpose,
going after
latest farfetched dreams,
while balancing
time spent working
for money,
practicing self care
by relaxing
when feeling urgency
to produce,
take action steps
toward goals,
things needing done,
wanting accomplished,
as own reward.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Design carved on tomb lid of a 12th century Scottish knight. A tattoo?
Isle of Iona, Scotland


Few things
have this essence
in world
that's forever changing,
death does,
scars, losing limbs,
body parts,
sometimes broken heart,
or residue
from physical abuse,
as counterpoint
there's love experiences
staying with
giver and receiver,
plus goodness
housed in Soul
like tattoo
carrying Life permanence.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Keith, me, goddaughter Adrienne, Zeke, and guide in rapids on Tuolumne River, California.


The ebb, flow
of energy
I'm always calibrating
affects choices
and the difficulty
following through
with any vision
that entrances
on soul plane
while navigating
thick physical world,
bringing heaven
down to earth
can be
hellish when manifesting
upon river
surging with fluctuations.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Arthur Durand III and Corinna Bloom on their wedding day.


It's surrendering
something highly valued
for another
supremely prized attainment,
letting loose
thoughts of entitled
having everything
all at once,
willingly postponing
or downright losing
some aspect
of Sacred Dream,
while inviting
mysterious uncontrolled circumstance
it's seat
at Destiny's table,
being ready
to be consumed
by Forces
within Life sacrifice.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Important Part

Stone beach behind Findhorn, with entry to Northern Highlands of Scotland in distance.

Important Part

In this river
of Life
I'm humbly honored
and proud
to join brothers,
sisters, ancestors,
on amazing journey
filled with
love, danger, mystery,
toward ocean
consciousness of Oneness,
Unity, Stewardship,
persevering stagnate eddies,
rapids, waterfalls,
discovering strength, weakness,
turning 'shadows'
into friendly allies
while courageously
playing important part.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Out It

Lunar eclipse early morning 12/10/11 from my house in Soquel, California.

Out It

what comes
when opportunity shows
for speaking
long held words,
not consciously
collected as opinion,
attitude, image,
having formed inside,
once started
brain's amazing synapse
connective thread
to out it.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Spilling myself backwards into Monterey Bay at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


The choice
of how wet
we'll get
in this river,
toe, foot,
leg, lower torso,
full emersion,
and ocean waters,
doesn't matter,
or arrival technique,
speed, grace,
when we realize
decision made
was long ago,
before birth,
to enter life.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Judge

At the end of the ridge where I first began living on this amazing land.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

The Judge

Shadow work
has released him
from jail
where barely heard,
often disdained,
I'd go opposite
distant warnings
to prove false
that 'realist'
is 'dreamer's' superior,
Big Mind
says 'Get along.'
while playing
with authentic thoughts,
feelings, actions,
my Soul
has 'him' handcuffed
to Divinity
becoming ally as
'the Judge'.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Approaches

'Wing' dog, and 'Byron Kitty' comfortably living a 'new approach'.

New Approaches

Leaving behind
some old ways
of doing
what I've done,
allowing for
original intuitive ideas
to influence
when entering mind,
sparking synapse
creates puzzle pieces
finding place
in emerging mandala,
I witness
same phenomenon unfolding
in world
desperately needing change,
new approaches.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Benevolent Outcomes

Once the tiptop of a towering redwood, now the severed 60 ft. top laying sideways.

Benevolent Outcomes

This request
is new mantra
opening potential
for what's best,
expanding intention
beyond limited mind
to catalyze
invisible magical realm
of possibilities'
far reaching expanse,
the timeless
'All' encompassing miracle,
unrestrained, unbounded,
connected to Source,
'is-ness, Life,
becoming mysteriously dreamed
benevolent outcomes.

Friday, December 2, 2011

In The Dark

My debris covered driveway after pulling larger limbs to the side.

In The Dark

Violent winds rip,
debris flying everywhere
all night long
testing branch strength,
rootedness to Earth
as Air whistles,
howls, is locomotive
driving head on
through oak, redwood,
madrone, bay, eucalyptus,
all are effected,
and power lines
with vulnerable wires
easily become disrupted,
severed, leaving us
in the dark.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Harbor near Jack London Square in Oakland, California with San Francisco in distance.


I dance
around circumstance,
possibilities, potential,
stardust ideas
blow through,
surface, submerge,
join others
as Mind's
theater performance,
evoking laughter,
curiosity, amazement,
for creative
Life process,
seemingly chaotic,
mundane, uninspired,
until genius
in moment
coagulates clarity.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little Things

At the end of the ridge with old tree swing rope hanging from a familiar oak tree.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Little Things

I'm touched
by these,
unlike straw
that breaks
camel's back,
or last
straw turning
someone psycho,
it's small
seeing with
appreciative eyes
which exponentially
magnifies love
for world,
family, friends,
All Creation,
my being-ness,
becoming, what
I've been,
and the
little things.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Loving life during photo shoot at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


For All
I love,
have loved,
will love,
and those
who love,
have loved,
will love
me also,
this Existence,
it's 20
Count Beauty,
my home,
den, shop,
healing land,
plants, animals,
skills, talents
I possess,
vibrant health,
there's gratitude.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Well Rested

A big early morning yawn in my medicine wheel.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Well Rested

Life's different
fully recharged,
'give away'
during day
on building,
for money,
early darkness
cooler temperatures
long bedtime,
well rested.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who Leads

My ex-wife Melody, me, Dylan dog in foreground and Wing dog leading the way.
(photo by Art Durand photography)

Who Leads

Following notions
in mind,
scrutiny there's
end game
may occur,
I wait,
alignment comes
enjoyable action,
who leads.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Showering outside in the summer.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Colder days,
early darkness
human behavior,
energy output
not mine,
fragrant musky
rains bring,
earth sprouts,
outside showers,
layered bedding,
sleep recharge.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


(photo by Art Durand Photography)


No matter
or state,
just being
is enough,
imbibing glorious
through senses,
breathing Life
it is,
everything else
additional icing
on cake
inherently diverse
simple Existence
to enjoy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

In Silence

Blessed to live in the middle of Nature and 'All' of It's 'silence'.

In Silence

Pervading 'All'
underneath the cacophony
that's humanity
consumed by stimuli
bouncing inside
busy talkative minds
hearing chatter
from television, radio,
Ipods, advertisements,
reassuring our ego
of importance,
though drained, stressed,
not regenerating
like Nature does
in silence.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Along The Way

At Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Along The Way

happens daily
turning into progress
directed toward
ideas, intentions, actions,
unfathomable miracle
all on course
belief in
any of it
payment necessary
along the way.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Attend To

Taking a moment to relax lakeside in Finland.
(photo by TD)

Attend To

Each day
I do this
in my life territories
so vast
filled by events
both mundane and grand
following Guidance
filtered through mind,
body, spirit and emotions
that demand
presence of awareness
plus discernment to choose
what action
will or won't
be taken in moment
while care
for Self leads
as priority I'll knowingly
attend to.

Friday, November 11, 2011


A 'surprising' waterfall on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.


Heard a story
with Mayan origins
about these entities,
Deities of Life,
Death and Chance,
where human beings
on one side
plus 'Holies' opposite
engage this world
both doing parts,
while wild card
'surprise' inhabits middle
like small creek
taking up 2%
of Life course
which creates risk,
nothing for certain,
everything becomes gamble,
practiced divination, to
please the Gods.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Faith and Fear

Long shadows of photographer Art Durand and myself.
Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California

Faith and Fear

Dreamer and Realist
at odds
find the Apex
shared by
Divinity and Ego
as partners
who co-create anew,
shining Light
on disowned Self
reveals Shadow
that follows us,
mimicking gestures
our Dark Side
if denied
can wreak havoc
until integrating
Faith and Fear.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Freedom 'to'

Artist 'Valerie Joi', is the Minister of Music and Arts for Inner Light Ministries.
Interviewed on 'Conciliation Sunday' for upcoming CD release and fundraising party.

Freedom 'to'

So often it's 'from'
a pain that pushes
with mind focused there,
better to have vision
which pulls us toward
a goal truly worthy
of our 'Higher Self',
beyond constant 'task' mentality
bringing relief when complete
not joy of manifesting
according to Integrity Standards
and Intentions that serve,
matching those Character Qualities
we admire in others
also living within us
because we share vibration,
seeing through our eyes
freedom 'to' be exalted.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


One last little clearing downpour.


Cycles come around
Summer to Fall,
rains invite growth
clean dusty surfaces
as cold grips
contents of room,
intruding from outside
with sun blocked
by sky culprits
in cloud conspiracy,
fire in wood
is released now
overpowering the chill
that's closed inside,
stories held leave
through open door
of expanding heart
creating clearing space.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shifting Winds

Rainbow above Calhoun Canyon from shop roof.

Shifting Winds

Weather change
brings rain on roof,
wood stove crackles
from fire inside,
green sprouts surfacing
in unison,
plastic covers resources
collected, unused,
for projects dreamed
not started,
another year
of sour economy,
confused intentions, distractions,
work lately,
promises money
coinciding with priorities
rearranged, matching
shifting winds.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Chinese numerology is covered in Dr. Gary Dolowich's book, 'Archetypal Acupunture'.
Interviewed at KZSC on 'Conciliation Sunday'.


Adding this date up
turns into five,
'movement' for Chinese,
'Elements' in acupuncture
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water,
also corresponding seasons
Spring, Summer, Indian Summer,
Autumn, then Winter,
plus archetypes Warrior, Lover,
King, Queen, Sage,
Spitzer's fifth child 'Keith',
digits on hands, feet,
'Sacred Human' in Mayan Twenty Count
where single unit is 'Sun',
eleven, represents 'Stars',
so many creations
each of us
as the 'Ones'.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ending, Beginning

Early morning me.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

End, Beginning

Living in a nutshell
this continuous cycle
I'm part and parcel of
forever changing
Soul connected Life Force
prevailing each day
in richly diverse pulsating Existence
as omnipotent
which is also me
joined at hip
there's no escaping the miracle
we're in
teeming phenomenon so grand
how could anyone
get lost within their 'troubles'
missing blessings
though I can find
melancholy coming around
when something that is valued
turns missing
ending, beginning.

Enough Already

My writing den with an overhead shelf full of poetry books I've written since 1980.

Enough Already

There are plenty of books
that contain myriad rambling words
about personal process of introspection,
'contemplating my navel' some say,
plus observations directed at world,
relationships, whether good, bad, between
work, spirituality, Existence, friendship, emotions,
really just a glorified diary
to revisit someday for memories,
and it's been great practice
in energetically clearing inner slate
as an early morning ritual
of gifting myself with time
to appreciate life first, foremost,
doing something I truly love
when being creative while writing,
birthing original 'full circle poems'
most days, exercising 'God' nature
bringing ideas into physical manifestation,
this I'll continue until death
though wanting form to change
while accommodating urge for exploration
penning expression of different types,
short stories, 'educational, philosophical, political'
commentary, finishing novel, editing poetry
with aim toward eventual publication
since I have enough already.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Small Joys

About to engage a 'small joy' on Southwest motorcycle trip.

Small Joys

I want to make a list
of these, and large ones also,
kept on refrigerator with a magnet
for reminder when feeling off, not
optimal, potent, and virile, more depressed
from some run of negative thinking,
forgetting birthright as unique miraculous being
'no less than moon and stars',
which happens while focused on 'lack',
as result of eccentric, rebellious nature,
my critical judgement mind that rules
in reaction mode whenever I'm disgusted
with 'self', seen from Life mirroring
the 'shadow commitments' creating my reality,
thereby making appreciation of blessings difficult
because comparisons point out hidden expectations
about where, what, I 'should' be
by this age, with accordant wisdom
around all daily human aspects, concerns,
luckily strong ancestral blood courses through
veins as Scottish, Irish, Romanian Jew,
persevering spirit 'with no give up',
or 'in', for long, to melancholy,
instead eventually celebrating gifts it brings
disguised as troubles, later to find
small joys magnified after pendulum swing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A view of Duarte Castle and the stone block of granite it's fortress walls were built upon.
Isle of Mull, Scotland


Feeling this of late,
opposite past ecstatic times
when thought on path
to higher consciousness nirvana
full of continued exaltation,
again hitting humanness wall
seeing ways I sabotage
by judging myself, others,
this supposedly civilized world,
as old patterns surface
testing for footing friction,
they then seemingly find
ground that again supports
their arguments, views, attitudes,
which once reigned supreme,
perhaps I'm at edge
of some grand breakthrough
percolating from 'shadow' work
around 'integrity, intention, abundance,'
while revisiting childhood history
doing 'exercises' in book
'The Energy of Money',
pointing to behavioral traps
I've been caught in
during past and now,
where freedom is limited
by unenlightened egotistical perspective.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out Of Step

Main entry door and steps to Duarte Castle of the MacLean Clan.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Out Of Step

In last two weeks
a couple accidents remind
how easy it is
to fall from grace,
witnessing a 'failed presence'
because taken for granted
abilities were thrown off,
delivering wake up call
that has me wonder
what's underlying greater message
being pointed my way,
as alternate realities wobble
like a shimmering mirage
of one who's thirsty
for knowing which door
presenting itself will open
with future that coincides,
seeing past ways offered
still available and familiar,
while an original world
beckons from ethereal visions
glimpsed as winsome possibility,
things I'd do if
money wasn't an issue,
or happenstance arrives taking
me out of step.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Work Up To It

New top story of water tower structure being lifted into place by King Crane.
Lakeside Organic Farms, Watsonville, California

Work Up To It

So much is preparation
when wrapping mind around
what's wanted to happen
with things in place
to accomplish difficult task
whether short, long term,
where resources, tools, knowledge
need to be assembled
while asking pertinent questions
along winding road forward
collecting wisdom left behind
by those fellow travelers
who've made similar journey,
readily giving their expertise
about experience reaping success,
in end each person
lives with decisions made
for better or worse
judged by resulting outcome,
right pace without impatience,
listening small quiet voice,
paying attention gut feelings,
trusting intuition as guide,
minimizing possibilities for error
becomes mantra whenever I
work up to it.

Friday, October 21, 2011


A creative bed 'headboard' to awaken under.


It's vision
with willingness
for commitment
while daily
moving toward
goal completion
that can
take longer
due to
so many
dreams wanting
physical manifestation
from ethers
where creation
process starts
after awaking
each morning
as human,
being, becoming,
always changing
with circumstances
forever fluid,
often threatening
possible failure,
instilling concerted
application efforts.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Make It Land

Trying to 'land' some sentiments while singing at my 50th birthday bash.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Make It Land

Heard this concept during radio interview
of woman who wrote amazing book
about 'easy steps to acting craft'
saying the 'British love words'
where elocution becomes languidly rich pronunciation
that enters theatrical, musical, heavenly realms
as consumable gustatory expression finding home
on Earth through ears of audience,
delivered with unique breath, adding color,
depth, realism, drawing on operatic power
of such 'presence' that it startles,
invites, verily sucks in the observer
to become engaged by feelings intricately
connected with what is being said,
distinctively utilizing perfect pace, inflection, volume,
for situation so 'real', communication happens,
people 'get' one another, deeply, wholeheartedly,
transmitting true meaning from core origins
creating atmosphere that's rarely fully imbibed
in mad world stumbling over itself,
often harried, hurried, while hurdling toward
future without total embodiment of 'moment',
hardly remembered because it's barely lived,
and troubled past of persistent phrases
haunts psyche wanting escape, never free
until committing to 'make it land'.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Applauding myself after playing a song on my 50th b-day.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


At 'Money Mystics and Manifestation Course'
meeting Monday night, once per month,
shadow work around this was done,
the audience as 'one entity' called
out descriptions while energetically embodying concept
in it's power, minus any constraints
or excuse for showing up fully,
where I disturbingly recognized similar attributes
as part of my 'persona' makeup,
next the group entered disowned aspects
of this shut down 'distorted robe'
wherein these appeared even more 'true',
while personal 'owning' filled my list
overflowing to next page without effort,
'coming to light' afterward I realized
those latter revelations as 'real deal'
and former just weak pompous trappings,
understanding past reticence in applauding Self
because of early program of denial
from Catholic religion demanding everyone's humility,
to family more easily managed without
big 'egos' of seven children taking
up space, time, resources each day,
toward end 'Big Mind Divinity' aligned
with 'dysfunctional human traits' poetically combined
at 'Apex', made it okay, without
guilt, to expressively be 'authentic' narcissist.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Uneven Ground

The uneven Earth at Koli's Crystal Mountain in Finland.

Uneven Ground

Not easy keeping balance
when Earth moves underneath
with gravity pulling down
on curvy sloped roads,
pathways up hill, dale,
so much getting underfoot,
there are high, low
choices to be made
from vista to canyon
under sun splintered canopies
and fully exposed expanse,
while work, play intermingle,
take ping pong turns,
all one then another,
bringing serious presence, laughter,
experiencing bumps in life
within topsy turvy consciousness
that's often easily distracted,
feeling entitled to receive
joy, pleasure, peaceful living,
as white American male
having had good fortune
in years fondly remembered,
now back to beginnings
humbled by Nature's rough
uneven ground of Existence.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


'Byron Kitty' and 'Little Wing' dog.


I'm so very happily blessed
to have amazing animal creatures
sharing wonderful life with me,
'Byron Kitty' kneading my stomach,
'Wing' dog snoring on pillow,
these 'friends' like no others
so unconditionally loving, fully present,
exquisitely beautiful in their 'being-ness',
responsiveness, ways of uninhibited actions
which bring laughter, joy, wonder
about what they're thinking, feeling,
plus awe for unique shape,
embodied form, every perfect hair
precisely colored, placed, a masterpiece
created as one of kind
that fills heart to overflowing,
has me smiling in marvel
for how lucky I am
sharing many wonderful daily moments
whenever tenderness breaks me open,
expressed in touch, kisses, words,
saying how much I cherish
their miraculous existence so tremendous
as teachers, family, loyal confidants,
who ignite my generous spirit
while remembering missed human companions.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Raised beds in fall condition waiting winter garden to be sown as act of expression.


Steady work
crams time
for self
into hours
before, after,
where weekend
promises reprieve
if not
filled by
other responsibilites,
social gatherings,
current projects
at home
waiting completion,
and aspirations
of expression
in workshop,
writing den,
on land,
plus reading
numerous books
while open
to inspiration
spontaneously arriving
adding to
full life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Due Diligence

Sun exaltation under tree canopy on land I live on.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Due Diligence

I breathe in electric ecstasy
that makes my heart soar
while walking outside to kitchen
downstairs when greeting 'full moon',
magnificent as it outshines stars,
hearing crickets sing their symphony
exalting warm Indian Summer night
soon to turn morning glory,
there's something in atmosphere quality
which immediately boosts my aliveness
having me sit on steps
under tree canopy with cat,
taking it in, becoming One
with this expression of Existence
showing up as nonstop Beauty
in small and large ways,
every part taking it's cue
from others intricately interconnected to,
becoming seamless Mystery that inspires,
catalyzes, invigorates my cellular body
no longer separated from rest
of Creation, these plants, animals,
elements, earth, air, fire, water,
totally absorbed, at peace with
how Life shows up daily
reminding me of due diligence.