Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trials Arrive

Barrier on 'Navajo Bridge' near Grand Canyon.

Trials Arrive

Myths talk of three obstacle
strewn challenges hero must overcome
on journey to promised land
filled with rewards for warrior's
courage, perseverance, ingenuity, great love
for 'gods', humanity, earthly home,
and beautiful woman faithfully waiting,
where latter is worst deprivation
making time away pure torture
without knowing what's in store,
how long separation will last,
what edges will push protagonist
to point of ego surrender
letting go fears about death,
that are literal, figurative, metaphorical,
pledging full allegiance to process
which revels in transparent truth,
unabashed emotional expression when accessing
unexpected experiences in deep river
looking to reveal 'pure soul'
following 'purpose' during this life,
in search for enlightened passage
beyond drudgery of the mundane
forever blocking recognition that points
toward miracles waiting, empowering abilities,
securing victory when trials arrive.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Important To Do

Riding into a storm via motorcycle on the 'Extraterrestrial Highway' in Nevada.

Important To Do

There are real shifting sands
moved by the wind daily
never to find surface again,
similar with familiar human components
where each juxtaposed ingredient varies
depending 'ego, enlightenment, service' equation
whichever one's taking immediate precedent
as if playing slide trombone,
each area of engagement prioritizes
according to urgency of needs
deemed worthy to pursue 'now',
'in future', if exercising perseverance
when keeping a sacred promise
to imagined self on deathbed
who conjures possible final destinies
then asks 'soul' about regrets,
those things meant to accomplish
that would leave measured legacy
of Spirit finding human form
meant to fulfill certain potential,
the dream inside a vision
waiting to manifest on Earth
through rare channel of Source
embodying everyone as living conduit
mastering their universe amid chaos
deciding what's important to do.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'Source' composed 'soul' refined as me.
(photo by Art Durand Photograpy)

So Much

Awe inspiring,
often overwhelming
depending outlook,
positive, negative,
empty, attached,
heavenly, earthly
affects abilities,
persevering visions
motivating passionate
eventual outcome,
unencumbered soul
moving energy,
'Life Force'
'Source' composition
uniquely 'Divine'
like everything,
innately enlightened
'True Nature'
awaits conciliation
inside oneself,
amid chaos
peace lives,
demands practice,
discipline refines
'bliss-ipline' delivering
so much.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Other Side

Cave with ancient 'cup' carvings on southeast coast of the 'Ross of Mull'.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Other Side

Evolution can feel like gauntlet
we run through painstakingly slow
as old wounds are struck
by outside forces long endured
which deters a beneficial healing
while completing cycles of aging,
unlike Finnish sauna birch branches
meant to stimulate blood, enliven
great sensory organ called 'skin',
this 'cloth' housing our 'soul'
that expands, contracts with us,
on many it's thick protection
impervious to world's 'slings, arrows'
filled with criticism, poison opinions
shot by others, and ourselves,
diminishing 'Love Light', even extinguishes
our 'auric' field magnificently expanding
when opening heart chakra vulnerably
wide in courageous strength display,
where 'thinness' of outer layer
allows for sensitive sensory awareness
able to anticipate changing environments,
figuratively inside, or literally outside,
to adapt eloquently as needed
without barricades against lesson arrivals
witnessing perfection from other side.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surprise Places

Castle ruins on the west coast of Scottish mainland near the Isle of Skye.

Surprise Places

We never really know
where life will lead,
so much beyond control
affects our inner workings,
especially an amazing relationship
grounded in heart, soul,
inspiring mind, titillating body
as it permeates wounds
long forgotten, covered up,
scarred over though unhealed,
exposed by Love Light
shone with sweet sensitivity
deeply committed to Sacredness
forever superseding 'old habits',
'tricks' having become 'patterns'
designed to keep distance
from 'what once was'
that experienced deep cut,
a severing from joy
which is natural state,
our birthright in Paradise
born into as children,
then shaped by lessons
within family, school, society,
or confused intimacy attempts
imitating peers, stumbling upon
surprise places furthering evolution.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day To Day

'Tslagi' in medicine wheel next to 'Sacred Tree of Life'.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Day To Day

Dreams blast ahead
into etheric Unknown
fueling cosmic synapse
with virgin idea
thoughts that thrill,
stir emotions, sensations,
in waterfall ecstasy
tasting what's possible,
even probable when
divining 'All Potential',
entering magical realm
through 'clay' body
of Earth's DNA
I uniquely inhabit,
found enticingly inviting
by distant lover
who shares visions
about being together
imbibing one another,
mixing spiritual, emotional,
mental, physical energies
as soul children
playing miraculous game
we makeup together
enhancing our bliss
day to day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Sacrifice

The Coming of Celtic Sun God 'Lugh' the Dana
by Jim Fitzpatrick

No Sacrifice

Where there's love, higher purpose,
dropping into the Divine Bliss
of alignment with Soul Dream
whenever small 'you' is abandoned,
then portrayal of resentful martyr
acting out victim, villain scenario
doesn't even enter the equation,
suddenly grace filled Destiny beckons
from 'life track' patiently waiting,
Joseph Campbell's elucidated 'hero journey',
delivering aliveness you're meant for
in mythic unfolding without regard
to smallness of ego pursuit
with it's momentary monetary pleasures
that leaves unattended spirit empty,
unheard of when accepting role
uniquely qualified for, enthusiastically embraced,
as member of 'Great Turning'
becoming valued participant in Transformation
while celebrating 'what is' here,
now, the perfection and preciousness,
smiling for work turned play
because attitude is fully grounded
practicing principals that channel power,
paying attention to Cosmic Consciousness
inhabiting space, dancing through us,
joyfully, gratefully, with no sacrifice.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Light Shine

Photo some 20 years ago with combined Shasta and Santa Cruz Ehama Circles around fire.
(Yep, that's me, still with red hair)

Light Shine

Today marks the Summer Solstice
where dawn begins at 5 am.
as brightening sky shows silhouettes
of overlapping branches and leaves
through window while I write,
air is still, birds vocalize,
temperature's warm, screened windows open,
I breathe in the scent
that is early morning glory
after night of plants exuding
their aroma to moon, stars,
herein lies ongoing 'great perfection'
Mother Nature brings to offspring,
animals, vegetation, people, All Creation,
delivering beauty that's awe inspiring
on cloudless day, June 21st,
presenting clear view across bay
with no fog threatening appearance
while smells rekindle sweet memories ...
enacting ritual with brothers, sisters,
dancing prayers around Sacred Tree
serving 'Twenty Count Beauty' benefit,
and for humans, being, becoming,
instilling sense of responsible stewardship
as individuals maintaining healthy balance
essential for inner light shine.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


At Celtic chapel in England on my 50th birthday trip to British Isles.


I'm recognizing a pattern
when reviewing my life
of how great rewards
have followed risks taken
even if initial results
were perceived as failure,
because 'hard knock' school
brought lessons worth gold
for growth, wisdom, tempering,
revealing inherent survival ability
no matter what unfolds
while opening to 'adventure'
that is my life,
all of our lives,
feeling secure as Soul
which is tied together
with shared omnipresent Source,
and it's daily practice
remembering resilient adaptable nature
which strengthens courageous capacity
to dream without limit,
guided by inner sensibilities
interpreting sparked enthusiasm, excitement,
as cue to 'ready',
inspired, informed by monumental
leaps others also take.

Monday, June 20, 2011


New book for writing I found after following a 'hunch'.


This is Soul's high adventure response
to being in right place, time,
activity, perfect for oneself, barely imagined
while embarked upon fantastic 'hero journey'
of mythic proportions, beyond ego construct
with it's self centered inflated importance
blind to concept of greater service,
where purposeful direction finds vital integrity
after playful curiosity opens Pandora's Box,
not of disease, death, and heartache
but of amazing dreams finding fruition
coming through back door left unattended,
it's realizing life isn't one's own,
instead belongs responsibly to everyone, everything,
as part of Source, Unfolding Mystery,
aligned with Universe always giving signs
which inform next move, trusting completely
that pinnacled Destiny awaits subtle recognition
when sensitively paying attention unique 'Guidance'
entering as language our spirits understand,
and is translated as body sensations,
visions of future, messages silence unveils,
bringing surreal inner knowing proved true
whenever steps following gut, intuition, hunch,
create joyful circumstances of miraculous design
becoming bliss through an 'allowing' awareness.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Everyone Dreams

Anamaya Resort, Montezuma, Costa Rica

Everyone Dreams

Most people think 'night escapades'
that go beyond normal consciousness
into the realm of bizarre
mostly misunderstood, and rightly so,
more potent are 'day variety'
which somewhat cogently invent worlds
we can imagine being in,
as if testing swimming waters
before refreshing or shocking immersion,
anticipating entry into altered state
after discerning worthiness of endeavor
through body as diagnostic tool ...
does breath, heartbeat, become pronounced
while electric energy traverses chakras
bringing goosebumps, tingling to extremities,
top of head, fingertips, toes,
sexual organs flowing hot blood,
just because thoughts have bridged
'what is' with 'what's possible'
wherein realm of 'All Potential'
becomes activated to serve 'Soul'
daring to author 'Creation Story'
of one individual bold enough
in belief that manifestation starts
from unique idea which catalyzes
vibrant conception not everyone dreams.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leave Behind

Ready to leave behind brother Dan's home in Las Vegas while touring parts of Southwest.

Leave Behind

This is potent spiritual practice
to participate in throughout life
preparing ourselves for 'final exit'
which everyone and everything experiences,
it occurs in many ways
ranging between large, small magnitude
with correlated eruption and ripples
when leaping out from familiar
into 'Great Unknown' carrying little
more than hearty soul courage,
sometimes it's 'letting go' stories
about people based on past
forgetting everyone is continually changing
even if facade says otherwise
perceived through worn out lens,
there's cultivating willingness to disappoint
others when following soul direction
no matter how many disturbances
are caused, tantamount to disloyalty,
revealing assumptions, expectations as illusion,
include tremendous 'paradigm shifting' decisions
based on daring 'dream whisper'
of idealized thrilling omnipotent Destiny
that catalyzes entering another Universe
once stripped of many 'holdings',
perhaps inspiring those affected to
leave behind obstacles deterring aliveness.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Vast difference comparing 18 year old Kevin, to 57 year old me.


It's difficult to get away
from this aspect of humanness
that taken emotionally too far
becomes harsh judgment, fanatical prejudice,
self-righteous rants against those opposite,
creating separation, societal caste system,
divided by money, education, race,
addictive distortions experienced during upbringing,
scrutinizing raised where, by whom,
so discernment capacity is integral
combining virtuous benevolence, love, compassion,
initially for oneself, then others,
enabling choice according to preferred
happiness without making someone wrong,
they're just different, though unwanted
in whatever backdrop life situation,
like partnerships in romance, business,
and friendship, which inevitably change
asking we re-evalutate further participation ...
Is aliveness still being served
through freedom from imprisoning boxes?
Does soul purpose trajectory align
tomorrows dreams with actions today?
to carefully identify important priorities,
harvest insightful wisdom from past
providing comparisons informing new direction

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Each Day

Many a day I've spent honing my skills as a carpenter.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Each Day

Life continuously provides openings
to develop raw abilities
into skills and talents
that bring personal joy
and reward for efforts
while doing 'manifestation dance'
listening song of Creation
inspired by overflowing beauty
so miraculous in diversity
as 'Source' incarnating now
in long unbroken chain,
linked together by cycles
of Equinox, Solstice, midpoints,
coming around like clockwork
sparking perceptions of continuity
within generational human family,
combining past, present, future
into Infinite dream sequence
without separation between worlds
physical, spiritual, emotional, mental,
instead, one holographic moment
carrying seeds and fruit,
life, death, material, etheric,
perfectly arriving every inhale,
exhale, heartbeat, wanting expression
soulfully experienced each day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Core

Home run hitter Carl getting ready to unload core power on a softball.

The Core

The central most essential part
of any organization, individual, plant,
contain seeds generating vitality, integrity,
wholeness for years to come,
it's crucial to activate, strengthen
as physical muscles in body
when someone starts 'working out',
and prized by government, business,
schools, health and corrections institutes
needing a moral compass aligned
with daily intentions and action,
athletes engage theirs for performance
identifying exercises to access power
becoming ground for rooted expression,
intimate relationships require shared values
birthing language of passionate hearts
building foundational hearth in Love
emulating molten fire in Earth
that pushes out, expands world,
while creating 'gravity' through centrifuge,
this depicts paradoxical yin/yang,
what's solid also has fluidity
ably adapting if supple enough
when storms of life rage,
confident within soul's deep knowing
'Source' is at the core.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Takes Awhile

Large territorial expanse of Isle of Mull, from atop 'Scridain', with Isle of Skye in distance.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Takes Awhile
6 /13/11

Assimilation doesn't happen overnight,
life delivers big comets
that impact physical world
leaving mark on landscape
eventually being grown over
as part of terrain
hardly noticed close up,
but in sky above
witnessing large territorial expanse
it's imprint is seen,
I imagine Earth remembers
how it was during
the slow motion trajectory
of fiery ball entering
sensitive atmosphere of 'reality',
like some accident scene
without time to brace
feeling the ensuing jolt
instantly creating new environment,
where history takes turn
no matter the outcome
affected as positive, negative,
and dream endings, beginnings
carry same transformational force
activating adjustment, adaptation, healing
in dynamic, subtle ways
which takes awhile integrating.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Motivating Force

Dear friends Jen and Dan Grady with their baby girl Iona.

Motivating Force

Love is energy
filling indomitable parent
rising bone tired
caring for children,
it catalyzes dreams
of new couple
giving them wings
powered to fly,
arrives as passion
in artists, musicians,
all who create
from inner fire
bringing them joy
plus others witnessing,
often it's confused
as sentimental patriotism
that condones killing
for security reasons
delivering the opposite,
there's nothing stronger,
more omnipotent, flexible,
able to transform
dysfunctional human foibles
into healthy balance
as Godsent gift
bequeathing motivating force.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

After Visits

Comfy couch in downstairs living room/kitchen of my place.

After Visits

There's always a readjustment
when friends come around,
if out of town
sleeping on comfy couch,
or me traveling elsewhere
like Mom's Sonoma home
where routine is disrupted
in small, large ways
depending urgency of circumstances,
becoming opportunity to adapt
finding new perspective within
the distinctly different rhythms
of unfamiliar day dawning,
bringing question 'What's needed
and wants to happen?'
that urges 'dropping in'
to importance surfacing now
as first, foremost priority
forgetting thoughts of plans
made days, weeks before,
once interlude is over
space appears for reflection,
incorporating any surprising insights
gleaned from time spent
with loved ones, fully
savoring experience after visits.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Looking Ahead

(r to l) My Mom Dorothy, sister Mary Ann, niece Emma, and Rosemary Anderson.

Looking Ahead

My Mom is afraid of falling
at 87, having done it before,
so now she watches her feet,
head down, shoulders rolled, unsettled, unsure
is no prescription for staying balanced,
unable to see lay of land
robs perception of how ground slopes,
pavement slants, or relationship to tilts,
lending itself toward tunnel vision, fear,
making her world narrow, small, dangerous,
frightening with thoughts of weak dependency
tantamount to death for Irish matriarch,
and that also brings queasy feelings
imagining darkest night of the soul
though barely glanced at for moment,
nothing's easy when world comes undone
where medications confuse mind, body, spirit,
emotional inner compass for making sense
while navigating territory of last days,
living alone with few who understand
begets melancholy sadness about times past,
who's no longer alive for sharing,
what can't ever be done again,
plus assumed painful suffering when dying,
perhaps remedy is 'gratitude for blessings'
past, present, looking ahead for more.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Going up to inspect the 'structure' of a neighbor's remodel.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Most everyone wants to be seen,
heard, gotten for who they are
'now', and as 'changing male, female',
not just filed away as 'familiar'
filled with assumptions of 'I know'
my wife, husband, children and friends
which places them inside imprisoning box,
where anything out of norm threateningly
challenges 'ego status' that becomes defensive,
throwing out labels to dampen freedom
while kept from going significantly deeper
in realm of curious pure inquiry
without usual lenses structuring inhibited consciousness,
instead, entertain what 'wants' to happen,
be realized, in environment of allowing,
surrendering, opening up abilities to perceive
through divine 'Soul and Source' union,
moving past measurements, taking things personally,
not desperately anxious to find answers
or hurried to profess airtight philosophical,
psychological, and spiritual 'download' impressing others
with 'mastery' of systems explaining 'Mystery',
magnificent underlying phenomenon creating continuous miracle
that supports all 'Existence', boggling mind
attempting orderly explanation of chaotic diversity
utilizing limited understanding of multidimensional reality.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


'Byron Kitty' looking behind at backdoor to living room/kitchen.


In today's world of pushing ahead,
forever looking to enter scene first
as pioneer who takes action to
reap rewards, chanting mantra to attract
all the blessed abundance that's desired
in material realm for unbridled security,
much gets missed covered by shadow,
because darkness is still generally feared
killing curiosity about personal journey
denying promise of gifts to unearth,
forever buried in 'once was' catacombs
while keeping eye on valued prize
whether worthwhile and healthy, or not,
wherein if focus becomes habitually narrow
opportunities constrict for Life's surprising eruptions,
then innate ability to perceive wholeness
becomes lost, withers from neglected underuse,
forcing pervasive Mystery into unseen clefts
that bring miracles through guarded walls
which are meant to minimize suffering,
control the influences effecting possible fate
defined by unimaginative, spiritually disconnected logic,
unwilling, unable, to be rare individual
who can hold inner, outer worlds,
this paradoxical Existence filled with magic,
until powerful transformational revelation enters backdoor.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Renewed Appreciation

Peacock in cobblestone carriageway of 'renewed' medieval building.
Quiness Estate, England

Renewed Appreciation

I've experienced many life cycles
as wonderfully gregarious social animal
when community, friends, reigned supreme
with constant communication about endeavors,
yet, pendulum swing always occurs
where being solitary serves best
during times of change, upheaval,
at particular junctures while aging,
looking to come across equilibrium
in my inner, outer worlds
that fit stumbled upon consciousness
cobbled together as original path,
bringing perceptions of virgin territory
which feed and spark enthusiasm
for what could happen next,
a 'mystic' in 'mythic story',
becoming individual 'journey song existence'
we're all co-writing with 'Source',
through 'Mystery', fleshing out 'Soul',
each doing it 'my way'
whether recognizing our inherent power
to manifest potentiality, or not,
and it's great to revisit
dear companions from past, hearing
tales about 'water under bridge'
delivering renewed appreciation and laughter.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Old planting furrows farmed by adaptable Scots before 'expulsion' during 'The Clearances'.
Burg of Bunnesan on Isle of Mull, Scotland, Winter 2007


Alongside close cousin flexibility
these two insure survival,
also expand one's world
beyond limitations mind creates
with detailed planned results
imagining some arbitrary timetable
based on other conjectures,
plus ego projections within,
that if found false
tumbles house of cards,
taken extreme other way
doesn't supply realistic structure
for rooting dream intentions
able to 'mine' resources
whenever circumstances demand directness
through cycles of growth,
'moderation' then becomes key
paying attention subtle nuances
around quiet soul rhythms
pointing toward graceful passage
on path into Unknown,
free of expectation, assumptions
instilling blindness to opportunity,
wherein something greater waits
behind recesses of Mystery
when always openly ready
to engage enlightened adaptability.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Slow Process

Buddha 'existing' in my succulent garden.

Slow Process

No matter long, short life
there's daily distance to travel,
Sun's trajectory can't be hurried,
Moon cycles have predicated pace,
seasons turn with synchronistic timing
whispering secret mantra of unfoldment
to leaf, bud, plants, animals,
who give birth and die
in natural space that's Eternity,
change is constant, not stagnate
though perceived 'sameness' tricks eye,
fools mind caught in trap
of despairing thought that futility
and struggle rule human realm
until positive impacted quickening occurs
from shift of unimaginable proportions
stirring hope alive in hearts
as counterbalance to reported catastrophes,
or simply a celebrated 'graduation'
with moments taken to reflect
on distance traveled when becoming
'who one is now', transformed,
credited with completing harrowed journey
into worlds once beyond comprehension,
witnessing entrance, exit through Mystery,
this slow process called Existence.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pieces To Puzzle

The result of many combined 'puzzle pieces' that have become my 'workshop space'.

Pieces To Puzzle

It's all a grand game
through eyes of a child
not hypnotized by adult view
that is hooked on order,
wanting it now without frustration
amid chaos which seemingly rules
even as 'Divine Principles' underlie
and support every miraculous occurrence
often viewed as luck, coincidence,
by those blind to 'Design',
this 'interconnected web' which holds
all possibility, potential, past, future,
right here in this moment,
when circumstances reinforce holistic nature
of small, large, sharing environment
where elemental resources combine exponentially
to create tantalizing original expression
as addition to 'Great Flux'
expanding, catalyzing, turning glorious, terrible,
dependent on state of consciousness,
one only needs to remember
how worst case scenario transformed
into fantastic essential learning experience,
similarly when all we've collected
during life finds rightful place
becoming perfect pieces to puzzle.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


'Bryon Kitty' under collection of poetry books and other notebooks in writing den.


Humans are obsessed with documentation
and value their history trail
mostly written through victor's perspective,
plants, animals, don't recollect ancestors
years ago, let alone centuries,
learning, growing, adapting as needed
they do contain original 'blueprint',
yet, don't project into 'future'
while living 'presence' following flow
with innate acceptance of process
without questions asked, options weighed,
inherently knowing 'journey is destination'
as 'Spirit' having physical experience,
one of 'Creation's' diverse entities
blessed by form, sensibilities, function,
born to experience Life, die,
filling dash between is 'story'
our species has outrageously distorted,
forgetting more than we record
belies lost battle with 'time'
caught in ethnocentric ego importance
believing material things hold value
though temporal when forever deteriorating,
always tallying for immortal legacy
misses fact that 'benevolent stewardship'
depicts evidence of Divine Wisdom.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Now Live It

Collection of 'stuff' in backend of my motorcycle shed.

Now Live It

There comes a time
when soul searching ends
and all that's left
is gathering up 'collections'
held onto beyond use,
cherished for security needs
kept as feathered comfort
to distance from suffering,
symbolically defining acceptable 'ego'
becoming representation of worth
that weighs 'spirit' down
caught in mundane minutiae,
then, amid touching contents
feeling into worth 'now'
a letting go begins
based on new senses
with clean slate waiting,
chains to 'past' severed
identifying resources for 'future'
recycling what has value,
realizing happiness demands little
other than 'evolved consciousness'
breathing, expressing, being 'Love',
in entity that's 'human'
as gift to world,
urging, 'Now live it.'