Friday, August 28, 2009

Easeful Pace

Some of the Danish 'First Peace Youth' enjoying Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico

Easeful Pace

Lately, there's no pressure,
self imposed, or otherwise,
to pursue life headlong
racing toward some end,
it's 'grace of journey'
that's enveloped me now
without a rigid timeline
realizing things will come
as meant to be,
and for the allowing
I'll better appreciate results
having savored rich process
absent of 'have to'
deadlines that don't enthuse,
perhaps it looks nonchalant
like I don't care,
having entered some realm
not of this world
which sees the absurdity
of goal oriented living,
though mine look different,
more being, than doing,
reading where's the 'flow'
my spirit warms to,
experiencing what comes through,
taking note, enjoying myself,
playing with easeful pace.


My 'Merlin' statue on 'First Peace' altar with 'Indian Chief' in background


In increments
life shows
what's up,
now, next,
telling stories
without knowledge
of ending
only journey
from footsteps
in sand,
washed away,
where memory
recalls tales'
heroic strive,
terrible failings,
love won
then lost
to time,
death, circumstance,
everything transpires
changes irrevocably
leaving history
it's interpretation,
found worthy
for recollection
as lessons
experiences revealed. 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Ride

Taking an outside shower
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

The Ride

I've spent time waiting
dreaming of sea change
that will envelope me
wash me clean away
from staid familiar stance,
something so mind opening
my whole world shifts
revealing a parallel universe
of choice to enter
engage, embrace, without steering
releasing usual mental grip,
instead taking hands off
throwing my arms back
expanding chest and breath
leading with my heart
fearlessly trusting Infinite connection
to Life Source itself,
seeing the humor, laughing,
smiling, with mischievous twinkle
in 'good eye' recognition
witnessing our shared experience,
spiritual brothers and sisters
here to play together
give needed leg up
toward elevated joyful manifestation
as soul desire creates
the ride into Mystery.

Come To You

My 'pony' in Utah, north of Byrce Canyon, on way to Crawford, Colorado.

Come To You

Call it constant surprise
the way life arrives,
wants to be known,
as the chaotic trickster
with a mischievous smile
calling us to emulate,
in grin, and humor,
an energy of adventure
and childlike marvelous wonder,
(No awe? No attention.
more like sleep walking,)
this is authentic living
saying nothing can hurt,
then living as Infinite,
being Alchemist working magic
without measurement that limits,
instead seeing the 'good'
absorbing, transforming, mutating 'bad'
by welcoming, reclaiming power,
from loss, envy, fear,
it is recognizing everyone
for sharing ancestral lineage,
understanding buttons get pushed
because energy is trapped
needing expression of feeling
that opens more love
to come to you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


'Carl's Jump' at Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico


Nothing like being rested,
up early, having gratitude
for spectacular foggy morning,
wet 'white sage' scent,
birds, trees, my relations,
to life, people, existence,
in 'medicine wheel' ecstasy,
then coming back upstairs
embracing my morning rituals
that sustain deep levels
of integrated, balanced living,
no matter what's happening
with the political world
things are good here,
this moment of contemplation,
when all there is
becomes pen to paper,
hand movements, following mind,
the thoughts wanting expression,
slowing time to crawl,
soon change will happen
as this poem completes
and life spirals onward
asking me to participate,
be part of dance,
another story about how
people jump into future.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Taking photos during a 'car rally' on the Isle of Mull, Scotland


Can't get away from it
no matter how safe you play,
even telling the truth
has it's own surly dangers
when not often welcomed
making people feel uncomfortable
as they keep theirs hidden,
which in degree, I'm guilty of,
sometimes not fully expressing,
or engaging, in Big Game way,
and last night at softball
nursing sore shoulder, hamstring,
I didn't go full out,
commanding myself to be controlled
without diving for balls,
twisting, turning, for pop ups,
so we lost, partly because
there was 'rational restraint'
at which my core rebels,
though I understand rules,
laws, what's socially acceptable,
yes, even wisdom to live by
that makes perfect sense
in order to extend the time
of being healthy contributor
while able, though railing against it,
thinking to risk is real living.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Site of the 'First Peace Launch' in Abiquiu, New Mexico,
at the Village of Shining Stones, with 'Ghost Ranch' in the far distance.


Thoughts percolate
over days,
weeks, years,
wait impetus
to arrive
like muse
finding me
because of
my routine,
laying groundwork
creating space
each morning
while visioning
what's next
in words
wanting expression,
no different
than efforts
toward projects
being propelled
by details
simmering aromatically,
condensing uniquely,
specifically designed
for situation,
your desire,
making headway.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Prism altar, with 8 directional stones, as a transmitter for Spirit,
created in Abiquiu, New Mexico


I'm needing some shifts
in organization, living space
upstairs here and outside,
add downstairs, plus shop,
to enliven my spirit
make me feel good,
powerful, for orchestrating change,
as always it's vision
that comes into play
when entertaining my options,
allowing ideas to surface,
create a natural synergy
as possibilities open up,
show themselves to be 
potent in new alignment
gauged by emotions stimulated
which evoke hoot, holler,
saying 'Yes, that's it!'
followed by celebratory jig
for life's amazing dynamics
the miracle of manifestation
born from intuitive sense
or some soulful knowing
transmitted to cerebral cortex
arriving as discovered thoughts
needing to be harnessed,
then reconfigured, with artistry.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Loose Ends

Fall vines  at R & R Ranch,
overlooking Watsonville, Ca., and Monterey Bay

Loose Ends

Like nerve ganglia,
or octopus arms,
moving on own
sparking and using
energy without coordination
as separate entities,
I can view
my unfinished business,
all that's undone
needing focused attention
and little actions,
with calm consciousness
to make difference
in present condition,
today, more opportunities
for real progress
trusting the perfection
of every thought,
intuition, feeling, sense
that points direction,
calls me forward,
shows the way
while unleashing joy
when checking results
once evening falls
ending effort to
complete loose ends.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Constant Choice

Apex on hip roof of water tower structure, a confluence of  recycled 100 year old wall studs

Constant Choice

Decisions continue
for now,
what's next,
in future
every moment,
when deliberate
there's precursor
some impetus
of thought
that designates
corresponding action
while emotions
fuel urgency,
the power
and speed
of implementing
new agenda
for completion
or furthering
one's aspirations
toward dreams
to manifest,
no matter
how simple
they seem
within life's
constant choice.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Old laughing high school buddies, Kevin and Jamie, on recent S.F. visit.


Is life a big joke or what,
full of paradoxical events,
absurd, irrational chaos,
with so much to marvel
of it's ever changing fluidity
and inconceivable results,
that to pin it down
trying to make sense
is humorous in itself
yet humans expend energy
send attention toward conformity
while at the same time
are intent on independence
though intricately interwoven
whether alone, isolated, withdrawn,
there are innumerable instances
for smiling Buddha nature
to come out, view the world,
without our cloudy filters
only capable of seeing the mundane
as miracles abound like gymnasts,
leaping, twirling, tumbling clowns
getting chuckles for the antics
this wild life provides us,
yes, even dark periods are fodder
stoking ingenious improbable connections
which evokes laughter at ourselves. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mental Game

The Thinker
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Mental Game

Often my challenge
is to direct,
and ride roughshod,
the bucking bronco
of thought waves
that fly around
creating a tension
with accompanying energy
which wants change,
usually shifting priorities,
when not wanting
to do something
like job estimates,
last year's taxes,
or other responsibilities
feeling less than
a real joy,
so I dance,
entice my mind
into small sprints,
then take breaks
promising later reward
for sitting, accomplishing,
any necessary task
toward a completion
on experience filled
mental game journey.


The 'bottle house' at the Emory Knoll Farm, Ady, Maryland


When there's no war
within my Body/Mind
I relish peaceful state
ably entertaining new ideas,
not discounting any possibility,
while cultivating great potency
through choices that present
and decisions then made,
it can be slippery
when trying to corral
disparate aspects of Self,
those wily old personas
that want continued attention,
will not retreat gracefully,
blocking advent of enlightenment
my 'expanded nature' arriving,
more, recognizing it's omnipotent
yet hidden by layers
of trauma, drama, doubt,
plus the secretive ways
this 'power' plays out
where search is on
for deep, connective understanding
fed by willing trust
there is sublime perfection
working at all times
bringing united consciousness forward.


'Burns Night' honoring of Scottish poet Robert Burns through his songs.
 Rosie and Nigel Burgess, two of my great allies  on the Isle of Mull


Is this everyone's purpose,
to give to each other
within any life circumstance
as there's always opportunity
for some improved situation
with reflection that can help
in seeing an evolutionary step,
or simple adjustment, to engage
again the joy of living
that brings inspired ideas
into realm of believing possible,
where coming away from interaction
we are thoroughly rejuvenated
realizing we aren't alone,
there is always help available,
from word, action, quiet presence,
different with every person,
willing to share of themselves
when surprising moment arrives,
but often there is doubt
if it makes sense to extend
a hand to stranger, acquaintance,
friend, family, and community,
wondering the value, or welcoming,
being seen as meddling, or not,
instead of trusting the primary force,
interdependent existence assisting itself.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Full Days

Rumored built as a 'piper's'  practice studio.
Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Full Days

Peering the future
I see consolidation,
a coming vortex,
that will jettison
what's not needed
and knit together
dreams into reality
making me presently
attentive, aware, engaged
so fecundity prevails,
it means details
will take precedent
to dovetail together
all action necessary
for graceful manifestation,
meantime I'll nurture
aspects of self
recharging my battery
as supreme practice
of enlightened being
recognizing the journey
is what's important,
realizing I command
my inherent joy
by expanding appreciation
mischievous playfulness, curiosity,
living full days.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Rainbow magic from a Scottish west coast roadway near Isle of Skye


Fog infused morning air
fills nostrils, lungs, me,
with electrically charged impulse,
I'm grateful for today
this beautifully blessed land,
my presence upon it
joining plants, animals, elements,
in wonderful existence dance,
more so for journey
over years to attain
a level of acceptance
that curtails 'judgment mind',
black, white, good, bad,
finding all encompassing gray
the field beyond measurement
which discerns what's real,
what accesses my feelings
as precursor to evolution,
choice, creativity toward manifesting
inspirational ideas into reality
combining resonance and vibration
through sensate life experiences
preferred for their quality,
juxtaposed to past memories
where difficult lessons learned
seemed disruptive, degenerate, cursed,
contrasts needed for appreciation.