Friday, April 30, 2010


Sunrise on Monterey Bay looking south from Santa Cruz, California. 


Listening to the BBC
about BP's oil leak
in Gulf of Mexico,
soiled water, land habitat,
disrupted livelihoods, usual business,
effecting animals and humans,
some say it's rare
a drop in bucket
on scale of oceans,
that industry is safe,
basically, while creating jobs
as needed support services,
no one checking hindsight
whether drilling is insane
to feed progress machine
overtly accelerated, subsidized, greedy,
while humanity forgets Reason,
'Living wisely, agreeably, well,'
joyful, is no aberration.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Perfect Timing

Full moon, lighthouse, and buddy Art Durand.
Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California

Perfect Timing

Wonderful moments can uplift
while in right place,
or action, which allows
window into the miraculous,
like catching full moon
enthroned on western horizon
radiantly fending off clouds
that threaten rain today,
when descending outside steps
to retrieve hot water
from kitchen for tea
because upstairs hot plate
has not been replaced,
so it often goes
where small shift begins
a simple unconscious transformation
becoming a domino effect
leading to unknown fruits
ripe in perfect timing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yacht harbor lighthouse prepared for what may come.
Santa Cruz, California


Always the build up
for next evolutionary step
whether big or small
as all our elements,
body, mind, spirit, emotion,
collaborate to find equanimity,
an essential peaceful intertwining
that coagulates into Oneness
intuitively known as Truth,
what's right for you,
now, as individual Soul
who's dreaming life alive
in every action taken
from precursor of thought
where invisible seeds influence
notions that become manifest
when we incubate, gestate,
articulate, the aligned blessings
grace holds in preparation.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Time

Ready for work and everything else.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

It's Time

Beginning new poetry book
with less lined space
to fill when writing,
I thought to stop
this morning spiritual practice
of dropping into feelings,
drawing up any energy
that's been swirling recently
naming it with sentences,
instead, use those words
when writing other things
like 'soul ownership' book,
going after 'novel' completion
or commentary bubbling out,
and other activities call,
more reading, creating home,
gardening outside, in greenhouse,
working for money, realizing
it's time for everything.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Western back road on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. High point Ben Mor in distance.


This is creed when working,
doing carpentry and being creative,
it's a common sense philosophy
which leads towards what's true
for me in given moment
revealing my clear imbedded wisdom
that resonates with Soul direction,
some kind of fluid grace
bringing ease, flow, as indicator
saying I'm on right path,
there's patience and timing involved,
willingness not to be brash,
bold, until all signs point
toward right action, and timing,
so it is with living
after years of stumbling onward
half lit, half cocked, unsure,
but pretending otherwise to peers
who often influenced my decisions,
or society, family, religion, education,
effecting with their slanted perception,
I've come to inherent knowing
of what clicks with me
noticing when something doesn't completely
then coming back to authenticity
my essential relationship with Self
married to pragmatism of Existence.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Towards The End

Recent rainbow's end when looking east from my workshop rooftop.

Toward The End

Whether it be
near final pages
of poetry book,
phased work week,
these last years
while growing older
closer to death,
I imagine transitions
in fluid way,
excited for discovery
when advancing on
into what's new
for writing expression,
the coming weekend,
and life's turns
forever passing through
to unknown next,
my final breath
which all are
until inhaling again
beginning another cycle,
so it goes,
each blessed moment
becomes extraordinary link
between past, future,
bringing inherent transformation
if letting go
is courageously embraced
toward the end.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Pacific Ocean sunset somewhere near Los Angeles, California.


No one knows,
yet life leads
with it's variables
of surprise happenstance
from interconnected threads
so mysteriously crossed,
seemingly confused conduits
pulsing Divine energy
into electric moment
that is 'now'
embodied within us,
never been before
or same again
in diverse Existence,
ongoing miraculous manifestation
which becomes illusory
when grasping for
security, solidity, predictability,
forget rhyme, reason,
rational mind configurations
born of ego,
it's much bigger
subconscious Soul level
ably navigating incarnation's
fluid, creative world
teeming with adventure,
our joint interplay
destined to end
in unknown, somewhere.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Obvious

 Lakeside Organic Farm, Watsonville, California

It's Obvious

With a discerning eye
one can separate chaff
from wheat in life,
easier if not enmeshed
in emotional turbine thresher
where 'waters' clog blades
when attempting premature harvest,
not letting conditions ripen,
dry out, find fruition,
there's a waiting game
for farmer of wisdom
tapping into soulful intuition,
tough choices need making
after clearly seeing growth
beyond the illusory haze
of humid summer stickiness,
as light forebodes shift
into fall reaping, winter,
then rebirth in spring
if seeds were gathered,
painstakingly tested for vitality
asking what wants sprouting,
while fertilizing, cultivating soil
within territory that's you,
turning under the weeds,
furrowing your new direction
distinct from the past,
once you've stepped back
from turmoil, it's obvious.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Mornings

My makeshift bird bath in the 'wild' garden.

Some Mornings

There's nothing so glorious
as dawning of day,
on Saturday, in Springtime,
when wild flowers bloom
with myriad wild colors,
and early outside shower
finds me amazed, viewing
Sun illuminated rainbow strands
from silkworms' trapeze threads
while 'Kitty' runs wild
channeling crazy teenage exuberance,
scaling trees in flash,
stopping, bear hugging trunk,
then awkwardly coming down,
to stealthily hunt birds,
without success for now
which makes me glad,
I love feathered friends'
 melodically diverse vocal cacophony,
antics while they bathe
or scratch in grass,
Spring air has quality
that's filled with exhilaration
seeming to magnify beauty,
bring all senses alive,
humbling and exalting me
I become seamless witness,
at One, Divinely absorbed,
ultimately mesmerized some mornings.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Carried Away

A 'beach' kite flown up the coast near Pescadaro, Calif.

Carried Away

Certainly this life will
continue to transport us
over forever shifting terrain,
though ego plays part
that can't be underestimated
through constancy of choice,
no matter if daily
saying 'yes' to sameness
there are still transitions,
warps in space, time
continuum that is Existence,
the body matures, ages,
wisdom hopefully keeps growing
as with emotional expression
while spiritual connection deepens
when moving toward death,
this frontier awaits everything
of earthly, physical nature,
even Sun will die,
and we get practice
by letting go situations
which no longer serve,
whether it's self induced
or circumstances say 'no'
opportunities feather the nest,
where we'll find comfort
if able to relax
lighten up, foreswear security
carried away by wind.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Morning stretch before 'tslagi' in my  Medicine Wheel.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


From notion
to creation
takes time,
your effort,
when reaching
into unknown,
vulnerably extending
beyond comfort
of assured
specific result,
the prediction
ego anticipates,
boosting desire
past fear,
common sense,
towards change
soul oversees
if ecological,
self fulfilling
for growth,
one's evolution
and lessons
that strip,
reshape, reframe,
in practice
like yoga
which opens
energy releasing
stuck patterns,
stretching potential.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sail board enthusiasts up the north coast from Santa Cruz, California.


This world's
constant influx
that spark,
effect, mold,
hopefully inspire,
creates shifts
in consciousness
emotional fluidity
spiritual connection
physical pursuits,
it's not
hard sell
persuasive argument
with facts,
figures, results,
pointing direction
toward work,
opposite tendency
of soul's
hero journey
into unknown
distant horizon
when listening
inner stillness,
deciphering messages
from small
quiet voice
making sense
of influence.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny Bursts

A burst of rainbow beauty at the end of  a storm.

Tiny Bursts

In so many things
this is underlying pattern,
structure of sprint, recover,
especially when growing older
needing to be sensitive
toward energy that's available,
unlike those youthful years
working and playing hard
long days, wild nights,
with their ebb, flow,
yet, seemingly more dynamic
able to carry on
beyond what's deemed healthy,
way past common sense,
now it's about creativity,
enthusiasm, those high times
entering river of grace
finding strong, steady current
where electricity sparked joy
inspires a continued unfolding
which makes we whoop,
holler, at synthesis occurring,
ideas building on themselves
leading to next 'YES!'
that has me ecstatic,
contrasting more mundane times
when gray dullness prevails
and I'm hard pressed
to ignite tiny bursts.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Different choices

My music corner upstairs.

Different Choices

Often what happens
when peering future
is excitement rises
about particular thought
tied to scenario,
a mere possibility
becomes hoped probability
bringing me smile
as if inevitable,
but circumstances change,
rain negates motorcycling,
recuperating week activities
with afternoon nap
supplants meeting friend,
my dispersed energy
doesn't help mind
settle on direction
to take immediately,
there are plenty,
like clean house,
clear desk, organize,
write numerous things,
make phone calls,
plan for work,
play guitar, read,
do yoga, study,
or just be,
appreciating I have
different choices available.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Out Of Time

 Early Spitzer Family portrait.
 Great grandparents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and father. (3rd child from r.)

Out Of Time

This isn't about dying
though death will serve
to delete the concept
of some linear measurement
that often dictates living
through world of minutes,
hours, days, years, decades,
giving rise to labels
early, late, young, old,
with accordant emotional tether,
instead I'm talking 'presence',
ability to embody soul
while experiencing ego life
so depth is realized,
a kind of continuity
which brings ancestry forward
from original men, women,
who are in us,
having sown the seeds
accumulated through the millennia
which became individual 'me'
in still point 'now',
the forever transitioning moment
creating generations to come,
all that they'll be
within this miraculous existence
where I am absorbed,
transfixed, forefront and background,
emancipated, out of time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beyond Grasping

Winter sunset from Lighthouse in Santa Cruz, California.

Beyond Grasping

Poets, artists, songwriters try
to put flesh on
ethereal ideas, paradigms, philosophies,
that won't hold still,
darting about it seems
they only catch glimpse
of sublime Truth behind
workings of physical world,
the invisible spiderweb matrix
which weaves everything together,
though really visa versa,
our minds need training
in focusing so deeply
for perceptions to align
with Infinity that's 'now'
beneath the illusory cacophony
so many call 'living',
yet, it's 'not knowing'
or putting labels on
Mystery pulsing through us
where great transformation occurs,
forget naming your course
saying what you want
and playing to desires,
beneath the linear game
from birth to death
a unified force exists
only your soul understands,
fully, beyond grasping intellect.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Storm clouds with colored sun ray shining through at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz.


This to shall pass,
yet we wonder when,
always it's more urgent
if life encounter disrupts
some peaceful, even keel,
with a nightmarish scenario
we pray will end
though dragging mercilessly on,
but other pendulum swing
brings our greatest delights
instilling such grand joy,
love, marvel, awe, wonder,
that we wish permanence,
hope for the continuance
of any miraculous moment
able to transform reality
into Heaven on Earth,
certainly this defines paradox
while change so constant
always sits on shoulder
reassuring shift will happen
in accordance with Destiny,
an underlying soul agreement
presented before my birth
where willingly I signed
to jump into fire
then rise like phoenix,
learning evolution demands I
eventually love what is.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Petroglyphs in the Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas, Nevada.


We really all are
in theater of life,
this absurd paradoxical world,
where sanity, insanity clash,
wondering which is which
and perhaps no different,
two sides, same coin,
with millions of facets
that make everyone unique
yet still the same,
born from Earth's DNA
plus common genetic ancestry,
the 'originals', without audience,
until creating it themselves,
then the storytelling began,
imagination running wild inside
needed expression, authentic transmission,
through early communicating grunts,
drumming, drawing, ritual enactment,
our 'two legged' development
exploring, discovering, expanding mind,
territory of interconnected reality
still perceived individually different,
which gave conflict rise,
who comprehends 'the Truth'
about our diverse existence,
whether miracle or chaos
containing meaning or not,
show still goes on
as every performer knows.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My Soul embodied Self.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


At edge of unknown
I face my life
feel an unexpected wind
blow promise, give goosebumps,
send shivers up spine
anticipating the unfolding adventure,
surprises filled to brim
bringing smile, prayer, gratitude,
to lips, brushing, caressing
the surface of potential
leading me blindly forward,
yet I follow, trust,
my Soul, the guide
having led this far,
surely, gently, with understanding
when I ventured off,
brazenly, thinking more knowledgeable
than many lifetime Friend,
myself, of High Order,
who at perfect times
directed me back again
onto path less traveled
saying, 'Here's your destiny.'
crafted by skills, talents,
no wandering can deny,
or rejection of 'Calling'
that returns to remind
'This is the place,
moment, for meeting Yourself.'

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Return

Honoring Sun at ridge clearing where I first lived in a small trailer.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

I Return

Again and again
call is heard
tucked into experiences,
it comes forward
subtly or loud
and with frequency
over seeming decades,
recognition is clear
when needing peace,
an easy flow
of undisturbed living,
there is melody,
key, rhyme, lyrics,
all combined together
singing emotions, feelings,
echoing in heart
saying 'Come here,
give me time,
presence, tantric essence,
commune with Existence,
write your future,
each living line
resonating with Source
through physical 'soul'
inhabiting this Earth,
be Mystery manifest
within society's cacophony.',
teaching, when confused,
I return home.


My personal Avalon, the ridge I live on.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Life is a meander
through fantastic changing terrain
while volatile fluid weather
blows, drenches, burns, chills,
within magnificent caressing beauty,
and we don garments
to ward off discomfort,
move away from storms,
are lulled by ease
into land of dreams,
the Avalon that's imagination,
wherein this outrageous Wonderland
many attractions catch eye,
invite us to stay
have dinner with possibility
enter rabbit hole potential
that slides through mists
upon our ancient knowing,
whose boggy damp hollows
can effect cellular vibration,
make blood run cold
from dread of implications,
all the effort needed
when mustering ourselves back
onto hallowed sacred ground,
this physical Earth world,
after passing beyond threshold
which separates the living,
straying soul, from Enchantment.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Young swallows near ready to leave their nest.


Within an invisible world
the Unknown, as future,
patiently crafts our parts,
understanding on profound terms
every aspect it's awakening
in bits and pieces
on journey through living,
each experience is important
for the overall feathering
which will enable flight
after thoroughly gestating lessons,
those grubs of fear,
worms that burrow doubt,
bugs from petty concerns,
there is comfortable nest
waiting to be left,
long distance to travel
toward mysterious territory ahead,
somewhere in it all
a great rhythm beckons
shaping our unique destiny
upon foundation of ancestors,
without rhyme or reason
unfathomable myriad life forms,
not to be denied,
planned out, made linear,
secure, free of falling,
risking, getting lost, failing,
while enduring essential incubation.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Foundation/slab with steel, concrete ready. Water tower super structure suspended above.
Lakeside Organic Farm, Watsonville, California


Life's more than gratifying
when coming upon others
who reflect our magnificence
while sharing similar perspective
as form of support,
able to recognize beauty,
miracle, love, and joy
in way we do,
following intellectual, spiritual paths
that illicit emotional cohesiveness,
through laughter, tears, compassion,
and it's the latter
which bonds friendships tight,
seeing in another 'yourself',
having felt familiar wounding
expressed by story told,
the ancient human myth
born of overcoming challenges,
succumbing to many also,
tempered in failure's fire
then rising as phoenix
stronger for the severing,
healing, and scarred reminder,
though in the aloneness
of Life's hard knocks
one can doubt worthiness,
question direction, inner stirrings,
yet somehow muster energy,
inquire Truth, experiences reinforced.