Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shake It Up

Plaque commemorating the final loss of the 'Jacobite Rebellion'.
Close to Inverness in Northern Scotland.

Shake It Up

Humans easily forget, fall asleep,
become victims as comfort kills,
frogs incrementally heated in water
until boiled, adapting by degree,
or if carbon monoxide poisoning
there is no warning, odorless,
as unconscious ignorance takes over,
even those supposedly more intelligent,
evolved, wise to tricky mind's
tools of ego inspired passivity,
typified as control though distracted
by paddling capitalism's stupefying surface,
shallow, stagnating, lifeless, without purpose,
not taking responsibility for aliveness,
citizens handing over their power
to entertainment, economic, government gurus
taking for granted our weakness,
just malleable clay to render,
yet, many are fighting slumber,
defiantly unwilling to support apathy,
witnessing dangers they awaken others,
continue changing, creating new world
without allowing denigration to root,
cover existence in survival motif,
instead, shake it up periodically.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

As Surprise

Using gift of gab.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

As Surprise

Often I don't know position
until worlds pour from mouth
giving me cause for pause
asking 'Is that really true?',
while I check with heart
feeling it's resonance of vibration,
my intuition searching for Essence,
and if about love connection
then tears show valid utterance
leaving all doubts to flounder,
lose mooring, within intellectual debate,
where genuineness sets me free
sometimes toward world not wanted,
one less secure, yet authentic,
setting me up to learn,
discover foundation I'll live by
no matter choices of another,
whether loving partner, friends, society,
trusting life will unfold perfectly
whenever living guided by integrity
welcoming, as surprise, each moment.

Friday, January 28, 2011

End Comes

Surprise tulip,planted by a friend, flowering next to my medicine wheel.

End Comes

Whether this latest poetry book,
Heidi's grandmother Rose passing on,
Antoinette's ex-husband who's on verge,
America's fall from #1 status,
myriad marriage and relationship completions,
or job finish creating void,
we see finality most everyday,
the blossoming flower now withered
reminds disintegration forever at work,
yet, if recognizing cyclical nature
seed of potent new beginning
is formed by aging thoroughly,
a coming to full term
through birthing and dying process,
same coin just different sides
to ultimately make peace with,
then fully living space between
pouring ourselves into unique husk
leaves legacy when end comes.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

At Hand

Overgrown parts from old non-functioning water powered grain mill in town of Bunnesan.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

At Hand

Human minds like to dream,
play with possibility and potential,
from youth it's expressive fantasy
often judged as wasting time,
being unrealistic, by staid adults
who've forsaken such for normality,
a sense of secure parameters
strewn with nuts, bolts everywhere,
believing in cold mechanistic worldview
that encourages military industrial complex
infecting society through cultivated fear,
using intelligence as motivational surrogate
imagining only worst case scenario
to avoid at all costs
which insures poverty of spirit,
because we've forgotten childlike magic
and inherent connection to Miracle,
entrusting 'Source' creates behind scenes
which supports goodness at hand.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inner Calm

Storm clouds over Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf and Santa Cruz Lighthouse.
View from Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California

Inner Calm

Even as emotions find surface,
whether to ripple or erupt
in great ocean of 'Soul'
deep in our darkest domain,
there lies Infinite tranquil environment
that's foundation for all activity,
how else do we discern
the changing tides of life
without waves to comparatively measure,
but without ego's demeaning judgment,
more, let it be observation,
witnessing our great stormy Existence
forever inundating us with diversity,
asking we shift and balance
remembering each important learned skill,
archetypal pattern, our humanness contains,
shares, while adapting as individuals
to peculiar circumstances we've chosen
becoming 'inner calm' playing field.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dear friend Heidi and I sharing a laugh years ago while visiting friend Danae on Kauai.


Old friends
share minds,
image filled
distant memories,
witnessing change
in age,
sensibilities, wisdom,
what's important,
accepting easily
these adaptations
listening stories
of transformation,
lessons learned,
new dreams,
delivered humorously
laughing antics
after tears,
troubles, resurrection,
transmitted through
heart language.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Successful installation of 'farm sink' on kitchen remodel of 100 year old Victorian.


It is full exhale
after some difficult completion,
with intentioned letting go
of held constructive tension
which closely resembles stress,
that begins celebration, appreciation,
until then I'm caught
in managing many potentialities,
exercising control over circumstances
as much as possible,
while also dancing poetically
around what wants manifestation,
not always clearly known
when surprises are sprung
on route to goal
entrusted by client wishes,
whereas clarity becomes crucial
before active follow through
bringing relief whenever successful.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Buddy Art Durand continuing epic journey after last camper upgrade.


There comes a day,
if lucky and persistent,
where idea set upon
as highly inspired dream
finds way to fruition,
yet, not without challenges,
those unimagined course changes
due to myriad circumstances
of timing, vibrancy, distractions,
so many different discontents,
mainly because virgin territory
is hard to fathom
with unfamiliar eyes, senses,
not knowing what's needed,
again dependent on intuitively
navigating 'emotional guidance system'
while defining unique parameters,
what will work brilliantly,
toward finally realizing manifestation.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Medicine wheel at 'Land of Shining Stones', with 'Ghost Ranch' in distance.
Ehama Institutes 'First Peace Gathering', Abiquiu, New Mexico


Ceremony is high practice
of stopping, dropping in,
becoming aware of place
in 'Universe' that exists
outside meager mind meanderings
filled with self-important thoughts
that define our lives
through needs, wants, desires,
forgetting demise will come,
death shall ask questions ...
Are you ready now,
was your will done,
is 'soul purpose' complete
with fully experienced life,
did you balance efforts,
take responsibility for choices,
appreciate miracles each day
while noticing Mystery's handiwork,
remembering Oneness with Source?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What We Can

Nigel, myself, and Rosie playing a 'Robert Burns' tune during 'Burns Night' celebration.
Kintra Community Hall, Kintra, Isle of Mull, Scotland. Winter 2007

What We Can

Such paradox, this life,
with it's omnipresent 'isness'
which defies humanity's categorization
of it being 'timeline'
filled by incrementally flowing
calculable past, present, future,
bearing malleable, controllable nature
where circumstances are adjusted
along a great range
until finally, 'no more',
unable to adapt further,
challenging any egotistical notion
that 'mankind' is omnipotently
at 'top of heap'
answering to no one,
while controlling 'God' entity
depicted in human terms,
really we're 'bit players'
in great theatrical 'Existence'
doing what we can.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Timetable

Stream without timetable and road alongside I motorcycled upon without a timetable.
September 2006, northwestern coast of mainland Scotland.

No Timetable

To those who marvel 'Mystery'
and see 'Source' in everything,
everyone, there's no predetermined 'Self'
bearing 'direct line' toward Evolution,
as if 'job' to complete
where each phase is estimated,
detailed, resourced, just waiting assembly
for 'worker bee' to finish,
so 'superiors', thinking they know
what's best outcome in life,
can be pleased with themselves
having 'envisioned' another's 'highest good',
when really it's arrogance, insecurity,
projecting their fear of cracking,
shattering, seemingly lost and unstable,
that paradoxically shines 'Light' through
touching every aspect of oneself,
less able when contained, controlled,
believing 'no timetable' spells doom.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clean Slate

Few things excite me more than a clean powerful motorcycle ready for enjoyment.
Here is my BMW R1100RT, vintage 2000.

Clean Slate

It's amazing how enjoying myself
by doing what excites energy
can wash away life's grimness,
recharging burdened soul, heart, mind,
where previous challenged struggles fade,
rinse off like road grime
from this body as vehicle,
transported into remembered miraculous world
when all before was gray,
muddy, with rain threatening everything,
certainly summer like days help
as if winter is over,
now eyes see amazing beauty
bringing smile for simplest reasons
while counting my prolific blessings,
the love I receive, give,
with friends, family, and sweetheart,
feeling powerful potent goodness flow
into consciousness creating clean slate.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ancestors Proud

The result of Irish, Scottish, and Romanian Jew ancestry.
(photo by G)

Ancestors Proud

I often forget in my aloneness
that always there is great company
of those who came before me,
whether just imagination or a reality,
looking upon my antics and life
as a culmination of their efforts,
refined by individuals evolving sensibilities, consciousness,
combined through generations of hard work
to create progeny that continues lineage,
gives hope, as example to children
who can believe there's brighter world
in future of unknown possibility, potential,
where faith is daring of soul
going farther that it can see,
which catalyzes an exponential inner will
able to overcome omnipresent human challenges
when wanting to advance myself above,
beyond the mundane, expressing unique soul
embodied as 'me' making ancestors proud.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


City of San Francisco, Bay Area and Oakland seen in distance on motorcycle ride.
(photo by G)


I imagine a future epic importance
as if world depended on me
to evolve, break through, manifest greatness,
prodding me to push edges, jump,
into abyss of unknown potential, alone,
being stripped, tempered, along the way
madly shoving off excess to fly
thinking lean and mean enables success
keeping focus simple, limiting any distractions,
narrowed to intentions of soul purpose,
where no one understands, can follow,
forgetting I'm not an island, independent,
remembering my 'relations' support me here,
from earth, air, fire, and water,
plus many refinements of my ancestors
birthed through parents into big family
not just of shared blood, genealogy,
but all people who've shared life
as adopted brothers, sisters, called friends.

Friday, January 14, 2011

In Lieu

My writing den.

In Lieu

I've come to realize
writing is constant companion,
my confidant when troubled,
blank pages great listener,
pen is 'talking stick'
used in ancient ceremony
whenever tribe gathered round
dropping into 'sacred space',
paying attention with 'heart'
to feelings needing expression
through words from 'human',
soul having physical experience,
so without 'life partner'
who would welcome discourse,
or children, even roommates,
there's me, dog, cat,
not a talkative triad,
rather I commune alone,
in lieu, with life.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

In The Groove

Dreaming more use this year of my cutting shed and workshop for woodworking projects.

In The Groove

If I get lazy,
falling asleep to importance
of following my dreams
by allowing for distractions
beyond capacity to recharge,
then ensnarement can happen,
tangled in distorted 'maya'
without strictness or discipline
as structurally productive routine
that renews continued attendance
toward manifesting what's desired,
granted flexibility is essential,
a pragmatically attentive ingredient
which diagnoses 'present condition',
what's possible within circumstances
measuring energy, clarity, enthusiasm,
discerning the appropriate effort
large, small, in between,
while in the groove.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Speak To It

German sisters traveling with parents via motorcycle sidecar.
Dingle, Ireland

Speak To It

As part of process
when raising one's vibration
up where 'joy' resides
first become distinctly aware
of your 'present condition',
whether micro or macro,
inner, outer, individual, nation,
there's often bottled energy
wanting expression, not stagnation,
which happens peering future
filled with imagined scenarios
including 'worst case' intangibles
catalyzing angst, fear, dread,
made known through feelings,
our 'emotional guidance system'
asking us to shift,
not dwell in madness
created by distorted thoughts,
instead claim powerful optimism
then speak to it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back To Soul

At 'Roaring Camp Railroad' acting engineer of old engine.
(photo by Richard Allan)

Back To Soul

Sometimes I misplace myself,
not this ego, psyche,
but 'True Spirit Self'
that is real 'home',
'center of command, authority'
who witnesses amazing world,
all the objects interacting
within gyrations of Existence
continually prompting 'WOW!' exclamations
for life's diverse synchronization,
from individual engineering standpoint
it reminds 'first peace'
smiling childlike awe, wonder,
when celebrating how blessed
I am as 'Me',
with sensibilities uniquely combined
'fleshing out' core structure
as 'Essence' inhabits bones
coming back to Soul.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Boats and 'lock' near Kilmartin, Scotland. February, 2007


Within the journey
life offers respite
after gathering courage
to tackle distasteful,
undesirable, challenging aspect
necessary to transcend
if intentioned goal
will find completion,
and energy needed,
mustered for perseverance
is within us,
so often hidden,
buried by reticence,
thinking imagined future
scenario dreadfully unappetizing,
yet, successful individuals
access electric reservoir,
release inherent resources
as phases demand.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Stopped by graves on Scottish mainland when riding through from Isle of Skye to Isle of Mull.


From birth canal
to death's passage,
life's beginning, end,
there is transition
in every aspect
of miraculous Existence,
journey is destination
as space between
moments of accomplishment,
whether success, failure
depending one's perspective
is all relative,
also meaning interconnected,
without any stopping
only slowing down
when lovemaking, meditating,
being supremely present,
holding onto nothing,
while ushering through.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


2006 winter water reflection near 'Lochbuie' on the Isle of Mull, Scotland


Life is a grand mirror
if we can stand back,
witness that everything surrounding us,
our circumstances, family, friends, lover,
where and how we live,
what we gather and arrange,
do for work, pleasure, community,
represent detailed list of values
deemed essentially important in degree
becoming prioritized during daily endeavors,
and age brings originality forward
with new interests depicting growth
while also letting go old
perspectives once held as sacrosanct
that often elicit commentary, criticism,
from those once in picture,
challenging decisions to continue onward
toward what calls individual soul
turning accomplishments into mere reflections.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bound Up

Bound up in motorcycle gear, overlooking Zion National Park cloaked by forest fire smoke.

Bound Up

It doesn't take much lately
to recognize I'm off balance,
feeling it in body joints,
hips, back, neck, and muscles,
contrasting my usual easy flexibility
that runs high physical energy,
and because of interconnected nature
mind, spirit, emotions are effected,
becoming angry from myriad thoughts
which cloak brilliance of soul,
taking on 'pressure cooker' qualities
sensing freedom is being obstructed
whenever I'm less than optimal,
call me sensitive in comparison
while imagining others endure more
with grace and sheer will,
contrary to angst that arises
when I'm discontented with life
bound up by own doing.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stay True

Picture of a 'Scot' in hotel on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Stay True

This is often not easy
though less so when older
able to say 'not interested'
as 'king' of one's domain,
where what once held sway
through desire, or peer pressure,
no longer carries distractive power
that usurped potency in past,
instead refined senses receive messages,
signals, beyond earlier mental conception
while deeper currents are recognized,
celebrated, for vitality and integrity
leading toward 'soul purpose' direction
which prods 'intention' to follow,
no matter if solitary route
when conjuring, creating, manifesting ideas
into form, as 'ultimate sharing'
with community, world, fulfills essential
wise mandate to 'stay true'.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

Part of farewell performance to close the 'world's smallest theatre.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

New Year

Four 'ones' in abbreviated date
speak to truly fresh start,
also to who comes first,
ideally each individual as participant,
star celebrity, taking lead role
in movie created by oneself,
written, directed, acted confidently upon,
choosing sets, co-stars, dialogue between
depending circumstances and decisions made,
overall fluctuating as comedy, tragedy,
thriller, documentary, fiction and non-fiction,
based on reality, intermixed dreams,
with love story elements included,
depicting protagonist, antagonist as diversely
moving through victim, villain, hero,
touching upon life's archetypal structures,
struggles, what constitutes our existence,
wondering how much personal power
I'll claim in New Year.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Process

Me, Mike, and Paul,hiking to top of 'Scridain', Feb. 2007.
'Loch Scridain', and 'Ross of Mull' in background.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

The Process

Journey is the destination,
nothing's complete until end
though that is arguable
when wrapping up projects,
a prized intended goal,
small daily chore, errand,
dishes cleaned, bills paid
for moment, then more
come down life's path,
most humans enjoy accomplishment,
feel godlike when creatively
turning idea into reality,
believing they're in control
until 'unfinished' piles up,
overwhelms, with unending desire
to attain future ideal,
'Manifester' getting things done
pointing to acquired results
now disintegrating, needing maintenance,
further becoming the process.