Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Faith, Courage, Enthusiasm

Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Faith, Courage, Enthusiasm

Often, movies leave a message
for me at right time
to address some plaguing concern
that has grip on psyche,
as with these three words
shouted triumphantly by exuberant protagonist
during end of 'Lake Placid'
actress Sissy Spacek starred in,
but actor playing son uttered
after viewers witnessed his redemption
from distorted tailspin to exaltation,
impressing 'phrase' as powerful equation
taken from Alcoholics Anonymous playbook
recognizing 'triad' as dream fuel,
wherein if any lose vitality
then beginning of end occurs
unless lagging aspect is restored,
so much 'reality' becomes uninspired
when practicalities rob future promise,
potential, imprisoned in 'safety' vault
because there's fear of Unknown
based on past unwelcome results
forgetting how wisdom attained felt,
risking significance for vibrant living
without dreading fall, catching fire,
makes life way more joyous
playfully engaging faith, courage, enthusiasm.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Week

Cobbled nunnery church for Augustine nuns built in 12th century, altered in 15th.
Isle of Iona, Scotland

This Week

Lots to complete before departure,
loose ends dangle like nooses
that'll constrict energy if undone,
wanting things left in order
when I fly into Unknown
wondering what's being 'called in'
during this cycle of life,
as my Soul witnesses all
the feelings, thoughts, ego antics,
and fears of possible defeat,
asking what will come then
in changes around beliefs, dreams,
these ideas I've cobbled together
about the way world works,
my contributions to it's evolution
with who, where, when, how,
all that rests in future
depending 'yes/no' decisions addressed,
while accomplishing business at hand
conveniently takes mind off anticipation
of best, worst case scenarios
revealed as reality or imagination
once I come back home,
hopefully having received 'true knowledge'
directing my life's 'hero journey',
it's trajectory significantly and radically
influenced months before this week.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stay Focused

A reading by a 'Mull local' at closing of world's smallest theater.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Stay Focused

It's easy to get ahead of oneself
using mind as movie projector for future
that anticipates, tied to desires and needs
with urgency, wanting full realization happening now,
so present moment suffers from the longing,
certainly this isn't bad to be dreamer
for excitement and joy follow any fruition,
and interplay of possibilities can provide direction
by visiting conjured scenarios with curious eye
while feeling into vibrancy or dread attached
whenever potential destiny choice is chewed upon,
listening near silent voice of Source whispering
as paraded images become a theater production
filled by characters envisioned who admirably play,
dance, vocalize their part in grand scheme,
where my Soul sits as producer, director,
following Guidance that's true only to me,
this takes acute attention coupled with awareness
which is life practice in 'presence' everyday,
each second conscious of society's great distractions,
any number of pleasures marketing their wares
even as past incompletions challenge vital progress,
creating tense environment between 'before and after'
challenging my ability to navigate what's new,
original virgin reality coming to meet me,
only wholly lived if I stay focused.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shows Itself

Buddha in side garden with plant acting as blossoming heart.

Shows Itself

So many possibilities,
very little time
we give 'opportunities'
to unfold beautifully,
like lotus flowers
in muddy water,
bringing startling perfection
by relaxing into
trust, when chopping
wood, carrying water,
knowing patience reveals
one's true direction
sooner or later,
there's deep recognition
if not hurriedly
desperate to 'arrive'
at preconceived time,
or pushing healing
while pursuing 'teaching'
before arrow's extracted
and wound's mended,
instead hold loosely
life's changing circumstances
with alchemist hands
forever curious as
Existence shows itself.

Friday, August 26, 2011

No Comparison

Headed to North Rim of Grand Canyon on dreamed motorcycle trip through Southwest U.S.

No Comparison

Is it really any wonder
why human beings prefer dreaming
over stark reality of surviving
in capitalist environment gone mad,
where overabundance creates sick leaders,
politicians, corporations, the super rich,
infected by greed never satisfied,
while lower classes get by,
barely or not, suffering together
they live values of sharing,
compassion, empathy, love, in family,
communities, while cherishing simple pleasures
present each moment, with gratitude
though praying for better life,
envisioning a future beyond strive
for every individual to realize
their great worth as catalyst
making small or large difference
using unique combination of skills,
talents, like none before them,
who are willing to leap
into Unknown, like Beloved's arms
waiting for embrace across ocean,
anticipating that goodness will follow
courageous risking toward high ideals
with no comparison to past.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

However It Goes

Peaceful in morning sun rays before medicine wheel 'tslagi'.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

However It Goes

To be at peace
with whatever unfolds today,
this moment, in future,
knowing much is uncontrollable,
even as I recognize
there is great power
in my hands, heart,
mind, and creative spirit,
takes trust relaxing into
primary relationship with Source
while attending 'medicine signs'
that Mystery continually supplies,
then my Soul interprets,
understanding there's always perfection
if I'll stay present,
learn from surrounding circumstances
constantly changing and influencing
what experience I'm having
for expanded personal wisdom
about Life's deeper mandate
filled with meaning, intention,
purpose, nothingness, beyond holding
which is transient Existence
expressed through evolving Beauty,
musical notes of Eternity
revealed, released, disintegrated, becoming
Truth however it goes.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Constant Adjustment

Brother Keith and I in lead boat adjusting to rapids in Tuolumne River, California.

Constant Adjustment

Life is nothing
if not fluid,
sometimes barely perceptible
then raging river,
catastrophe and peace
and everything between
vie for position
while dreams, reality,
teeter back, forth,
as new information
becomes revelatory truth
for moment, longer,
before layered upon
by another day
with it's twists,
turns, original perspectives,
born from peering
deeper into underpinnings
of transient Existence
forever expanding, contracting,
through living, dying,
never the same
from constant adjustment.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let Go

'Balnuaran of Clava' a 3 - 4,ooo year old prehistoric cemetery near Culloden, Scotland.

Let Go

As time gets closer
reality begins setting in
where dreamed 'All Potential'
takes backseat to pragmatism
as odds are weighed
for and against success
while fear, worry surface
in minds less accustomed
with trust in Universe,
more practiced with controlling
leveraged circumstance for protection
from any possible failings
and suffering that's attached
whenever 'coming up short'
of high perfectionist tendencies,
there's 'Life, Death' gravity
pervading all of Existence,
wherein cherished ones die
so often without warning,
or once vital love
transforms from inner stories
told employing outdated beliefs
making for 'serious' distortions
that cut off flow,
the grace always available
if we let go.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Basic Groundwork

Photo of early Scottish life in hotel on Isle of Mull, Scotland

Basic Groundwork

America is future oriented culture
whether conjuring images of 'Dream'
where capitalism promises infinite progress
with each generation boldly advancing
economically, rising in class status
satisfactorily fulfilling our every need,
or lately, fearing the worst
as basic assumptions and beliefs
are being upended by situations
too complex for adequate management
so future demise of nation,
humanity, and independence is predicted,
this anticipatory peering of projections
makes orphans of past, present,
the former underused for wisdom
that informs from lessons learned
enabling intelligent choice of direction,
while latter is 'playing field'
containing myriad possibilites available 'now'
in life territories wanting attention
because dysfunctions are sounding alarm
saying grand trajectory is flawed,
asking citizens to revisit what's
essential to living purposed Existence,
taking care of each other
attending basic groundwork of sanity.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stay On Top

View of high point 'Ben Mor' from 'cairn' on 'Scridain' overlooking 'Loch Scridain'.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Stay On Top

It's no easy task
keeping at peak performance
in myriad human endeavors
as stimulus constantly bombards
and effects playing field
plus individuals who strive
toward some self-appointed goal
that promises satisfaction, joy,
when all's said, done,
often coming up short
where compromises are made
to rework one's trajectory
while duties pile up
becoming 'have to' list
limiting freedom of movement,
though suggesting later rewards
for hunkering down, completing
even the littlest task
which begins snowball energy,
released, received, in bits
until momentum takes over
turning into dependable power
run through our system,
more capable of performing
admirably when life demands
we stay on top.

Friday, August 19, 2011


About to make ripples from a tree swing at upper Montezuma Falls swimming hole.
Montezuma, Costa Rica


All of life
constantly effects itself
whether magnificently grand
or microscopically minute
in physical form,
insight fired creativity,
word sound waves,
watery emotional currents,
there's seen, unseen,
influencing brain synapse
collecting, correlating stories
that shuffle along
corridors of memory,
often coloring them
with new insight
gleamed from experiences,
tying threads together
while mapping territory
of what's possible
after reinspecting interpretations
based on past,
then tweaking perspective
to open avenues
surprises can fill,
when diving in,
consciously making ripples.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spur Of Moment

A 'discovery smile'.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Spur Of Moment

Carpentry has taught me much,
though what's very important is
the ability to follow impulse
that strikes chord within me
recognized as Soul's wise Guidance
informed by Mystery's Source connection,
it's beyond reasoning empirical mind
or body utilizing senses, emotions,
as diagnostic system so valuable
to understand states of 'being'
even when all are used
in any decision making process
where 'feeling' at end dictates
whether there's 'Yes!' for action,
decidedly different from pinprick pain
and joy induced by surprise
which satisfies some unrealized desire,
imagine more an 'ah-ha' knowing
capable of lighting up cells
becoming tidal wave of electricity
bringing 'discovery smile' to face
thrilled to have stumbled across
a solution for perplexing problem,
seemingly bringing a paved path
of graceful execution into Existence
until life offers next opportunity
for spur of moment insight.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally On Track

Outside of Londonderry area in Northern Ireland.

Finally On Track

Does each 'spirit' have destination
it preconceived before birth entry
into physical world of challenges,
confusion, chaos, that disorients ability
for homing in on target
seemingly cloaked with invisibility shield
our 'human' senses cannot fathom,
though equipment needed for re-discovery
is something we assemble inside
as individual developing unique antennae
out of judged failures, victories,
every experience waylaying or refining
this navigational instrument called 'consciousness',
mysteriously tuned into primal agreement
to learn, grow, expand, delight
ourselves on surprising 'hero journey'
capable of identifying graceful passage
through land, waterways, that disrupt
panoramic overview of gleaming 'nirvana'
whenever inhibiting smallness creates rapids
of fearful worry, countering confidence,
peacefulness, excited restfulness, with longing
for fruition in all territories
our ego incarnation deems worthy,
until 'soul wisdom' supplants adolescent
adrenaline thoughts habitually conjuring inadequacy,
holistically pointing toward life purpose
putting us finally on track.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Self-portrait on third story of water tower I remodeled at Lakeside Organic Farm.
Watsonville, California


These arrive on daily basis
in myriad forms and expression,
some simple, others quite complex,
depending the realm challenge occupies,
whether strenuous in mind, body,
spirit, or emotion, there are
delicate intricacies to sensitively calibrate
while performing life's mundane activities
especially if recent injury hampers
usual range of inherent productivity
thereby requiring a concentrated awareness
of less than flexible area,
this is when self-care involves
utilizing healing modalities to re-connect
with innate ability for mending
what fabric has been torn
which creates a vulnerable environment
where other tearing can happen
becoming frayed mess of confusion,
ideally there's time 'off field'
allowing opportunity to control motion
take care of neglected details
long overlooked when 'on go'
until work and financial responsibilities
demand re-entering world of potential
filled with tests to resolve.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Scott Corrigan and I with 'The Great Glen' behind that evoked earliest Scottish homeland.
2004 on 50th birthday trip to the British Isles.


Everyone has great say
in how life responds
to our daily efforts
depending what's consciously intended,
pursued vigorously with patience
keeping eye on prize,
this is about manifestation
coming from attentive acuity
toward 'what is' now
born through past antics
as new dreams emerge,
often there is disintegration
necessary to make room
for next marvelous surprise
waiting as winged possibility
after dissolution is made
in beliefs, attitudes, opinions,
and images long run,
pursuant to thorough introspection
that investigates thoughts, feelings,
their intertwined symbiotic nature
housed within auric field
of each soul entity,
at once uniquely independent
while completely inseparable from
the wholeness of Source
evoked by being, becoming.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Scottish grave with a view of 'Scridain' from 'Ross of Mull' alongside 'Loch Scridain'.
Isle of Mull, Scotland


Most often we're asleep
having forgotten the magnitude
and fragility of Existence,
taking much for granted
without awe, wonder, reverence,
deeply appreciating while discovering
value of what's presented
in way of 'goodness'
surrounding health, wealth, happiness,
until Life rushes up
to impact us awake,
it could be birth,
death, someone in hospital,
pet needing special care,
or injury to oneself
that upsets applecart world
of confidence in Universe,
reminding it's quirky Nature
where 'bad' things happen
when living is great,
bringing gifts of humility,
self-care, new perspectives, curiosity,
testing soul's equanimity, strength,
ability to sensitively understand
environment of changing circumstances
inserted daily, irrevocably so.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Change Agents

Cave with ancient 'yoni' and 'cup' carvings on sidewalls.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Change Agents

We are all this
whether embraced or not,
every footstep that falls
on sands of time
leaves imprint depicting passage
for moment or longer,
more so in hearts
touched along the way
that vibrate peaceful aliveness
in shared sentient encounter
mirroring Nature's mothering influence
which furthers evolving life
by feeding essential Beauty
to everyone who'll partake,
waiting patiently for recognition
of transformative power available
through eyes, ears, body,
breathing Life Force in,
out, as lungs become
alchemist tool that shifts
consciousness and energy associated
with every 'being' state
deemed beneficial, degrading, neutral,
ably effecting molecular makeup
passed on through generations
birthing loving change agents.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peaceful Acceleration

Appreciatively breathing in ocean that is magnificent Life.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Peaceful Acceleration

Time is an odd concept
driving modern humanity's headlong progress
to plan and orchestrate Existence
while accommodating ever changing values,
then measuring results proving worthiness
of energy expended toward rewards,
often an eye on future
takes away awareness of moment,
what's truly calling our attention
as part of essential groundwork
needed for harvesting benefits later
since real riches are realized
and expanded exponentially by being
fully engrossed, curious, adventurous, appreciative,
with each tick of clock
when breathing into emotions surfacing,
playfully imagining what positivity manifests
after showing up fully 'now'
where storied life is written,
the rest reveals itself naturally
becoming boldly imbedded in memory
whenever ultimately important 'Soulful Presence'
is mustered through our consciousness
distinguishing itself within degreed detailed
whether actively engaged, or witnessing,
unique paradox of 'peaceful acceleration'.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What It's Like

As rebellious 'Celt' with facial hair after 'choosing' 2006 tour of Scotland on motorcycle.

What It's Like

I have memories of 'no choice'
during those years attending elementary education,
junior high, then finishing high school,
living in family with seven children
where mantra given to us was
'You want something, then work hard,
save your money, while being happy.'
because handouts would not be forthcoming,
this is when employment became necessity
without college being break between worlds
of teen to adult finding career,
along the way weekends symbolized freedom,
getting wild, imbibing in 'virgin experiences'
using drugs, alcohol, with other 'prisoners'
in capitalist system not voted for,
or asked about, if we agreed
with spending life earning almighty dollar,
kept in line through threatening laws,
societal norms youth pushed up against
powered by discontent of suppressed class
unwilling to accept the status quo,
somehow I was lucky to survive
risks taken, rebelling most of time,
still do, believing people can change,
uplifting this world when raising consciousness,
discovering what it's like to choose.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Completing 'tslagi' in my medicine wheel.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Dissonance hides and reveals desire,
shakes up vibrations to re-attune
our action oriented energetic intentions
toward pristine Universe catapulted into
running parallel to present one
a surprising consciousness shift delivers,
this sometimes takes years, months
days, or moments in perfection
and service to evolving Mystery,
as each human finds way
through any door that's 'chosen'
whether surviving horrific abusive experiences
or being cherished while loved
from distance, close up, inside
the folds of your skin,
where it all boils down
to equanimity, peace of mind,
embodying 'Presence' that is 'Source'
connecting with 'Itself' through 'You',
everything waiting for focused attention
unique 'Soul' brings to party,
outshining ego caught in shadows
of tall expectations and assumptions
thinking it knows secure path
beyond turmoil in chaotic world,
even though openness brings alignment.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

World Slows Down

Kevin and Steven, neighbors for years and dear friends since 1974 meeting in Santa Cruz.

World Slows Down

Values dictate our existence
as blinders come on
when humans are focused
on what's imminently important,
capitalism has pricked us
with sleepwalking consumerism needle
having poisoned our perceptions
to believe material things
bring peace of mind,
if so, short lived
until next acquisition occurs
forever marching to drummer
of hardhearted puppet master
no one need follow,
we awaken when sharing
life experiences with friends,
family, lovers who exhilarate
and exalt personal connections
from activated emotions, mind,
soul, to appreciate miracles
inundating daily magical realm
that reminds at core
this is all dream
we design in story,
orchestrating pace through Presence
wherein world slows down.

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Happening

Graveyard next to restored 'Columba Church' with Kintra on Ross of Mull in background.
Isle of Iona, Scotland

It's Happening

Such excitement courses through
once obstacles are removed
from allowing dreams room
to expressively dance, sing,
without fear, doubts, logistics,
having their naysayer ways,
it's crazy making good
when actions match intentions
following heart, soul connection
with 'Universe, Self, Another',
as catalyst that catapults
one's wildly precious life
into Unknown Mystery theater
where 'probability, possibility, potential'
become the 'Three Musketeers'
able to vanquish complacency
so deadened with inertia
on hollow gray road
that's cradle to grave,
we must employ courage
whenever images of defeat
send tentacles to strangle
high aspirations before birth,
using tired old arguments
society's pain body holds
but cannot sustain when
Freedom declares 'It's happening!'

Coming Out

Perfect flowers for hummingbirds at the UCSC Arboretum.
Santa Cruz, California.

Coming Out

Eventually truth finds light of day
for health of person or society
otherwise misconceptions run a fraudulent world
easily collapsed when illusion is revealed,
people in relationship want vulnerable transparency
so imagination doesn't undermine what's real,
some say art as creative act
in not complete until shown around
witnessed by many without guarding oneself
from critiques that are less than
what originator thinks it's worth is,
there are also dream seed secrets
held in vaulted psyche of alchemist
who pours images, emotions, and soul
as concoction into boiling steamy cauldron
simmering juices of what's bodily possible
until clay base is left behind
ready to enter mold, become form
of future unfolding forever slowly, revealed
in right timing when utilizing patience,
this likens plant growing through cycles,
each one intrinsically necessary, essentially valid,
where interruption of any brings distortions
needing adaptation to reconnect confused threads
pulsing life force in direction wanted
finally coming out as flowering perfection.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Dip

A festival at San Lorenzo Park. Santa Cruz, California.

Quick Dips

I'm a blessed man these days
to be loved by extraordinary woman
so available to listen microscopic truth,
be compassionate, while supportive with encouragement,
sharing soul space like none before,
there is also friend who cares
following my blog, often checking in
when touched or sensing a downturn,
and he's one of many more
that would be there for me
if crisis hit out of blue,
can't forget blood sisters, brothers, mother,
where if push came to shove
would helpfully do what they could,
including uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins,
imitating loyal clan members of old,
even acquaintances, school mates, past lovers,
folks influenced by my radio years
who'd shed tear, send up prayers
at hearing my demise, or challenges
around health, misfortune, effecting essential wellbeing,
these thoughts bring me back home,
again remembering amazingly interconnected shared life,
how I'm also there for others
in needy times, giving my gifts
so feeling alone is quick dip.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stay With It

Softball team with nephew Tyler, waitress Lindsay, niece Adrienne, at 'Clouds' restaurant.
Santa Cruz, California

Stay With It

Many worlds are inhabited by humans,
each carrying perspective brought up on
as opinions, attitudes, images, and beliefs
giving more or less attention toward
earthly realm of money, material possessions,
mental sphere playing with concepts, logistics,
emotional river flowing love, suffering, redemption,
and spiritual universe dancing unseen energies,
all funneled through unique physical form
with sensitivities running gamut of degrees
where vibrations that attract vary greatly
emitting glow or scent others share
which identify far flung clan members,
ably helping us to realize importance
of how life well lived influences
while inspiring others to do same,
but differently, as unpredictable 'soul' being,
becoming, one of kind rare creation
making way through forever unfolding Mystery
utilizing friendship, humor, affection, compassionate understanding,
plus so many other caring qualities
to navigate course of our lives,
it's not easy making progress here
experiencing with others, witnessing births, deaths,
getting caught in difficult transformational currents
requiring we bravely stay with it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Kite surfers at Wadell Creek, north of Monterey Bay in the far distance.


This can happen after events
long looked forward to occur,
when left alone with mundane
trappings of one's ordinary life
though miracles continue incessant march
toward creating original diverse Existence,
sometimes information received colors past
experience we previously thought successful
as work performed lacked ability
to stand test of time,
wherein relationship trust is broken
bringing exalted ego crashing down
which opens cracks for doubts
thought of as permanently vanquished
only to find out otherwise,
it's phenomenon around pendulum swing
saying 'highs' will deliver 'lows'
within paradoxical yin, yang world
always giving us the practice
of rediscovering equanimity, no matter
what surprises change circumstances that
provide more opportunities to adapt,
pick oneself up from ground,
dust off, take stock, strategize,
while committing to correct wrongs
that deflate sense of wellbeing.

Monday, August 1, 2011

When Done

Dining set up for wedding at my neighbor's home.

When Done

Great anticipation can drive people
to accomplish much with little
in way of time, money,
resources, spurring on creative invention
out of desperation in circumstances
likened to war, financial ruin,
where complete upheaval envelopes countries
as citizens bond, becoming unit
ready to defend national identity
after initial separation, isolation, shock,
there's phenomenon of looking ahead
when visions of goodness inspire
humans to move in directions
that benefit future world inhabitants
and those suffering greatly now
with social constructs which enliven,
these include time tested ceremonies
celebrating births, graduations, marriages, holy-days,
seasonal equinox, solstice, midpoints that
provide for continued essential purpose
whenever divisive living gets best
of our integrity, undermining vitality,
instilling stress, fear, as motivators
or whatever expectation delivers impetus,
afterward we can remember lessons
life taught us when done.