Sunday, October 31, 2010

Being Man

Baptized by the waters of life in Monterey Bay.
Santa Cruz, California
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Being Man

A key has turned inside
to long buried treasure chest
holding sacred scrolls of transformation,
it has taken a lifetime
of digging through doubts, fears,
desires to be fully accepted,
heralded, for my unique characteristics
while society, peer pressure, shaped
creating less than authentic me,
and it's been selfish unraveling
that's revealed 'robes of distortion',
personas, my judgmental perfectionist tendency,
thoughts 'I am an island.',
many layers hiding heart, soul,
believing such until broken asunder
because my spirit refuses defeat,
will not die until expressed
in it's totality this lifespan,
finally joining great ancestral lineage
serving magnificently while being man.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


On way to New Mexico from Crawford, Colorado.


There's increased vitality in me,
dare say a glowing vibrance
as if drinking magical liquid
from 'healing well' of Ancients,
it's an elixir, tonic, potion,
giving me mysterious alchemical powers
able to see life unveiled
for sheer miracle it is,
having no separation or boundaries
through all of Divine Existence
even as Creation births form
in every manner of diversity
incorporating elemental Earth, Water, Fire,
Air, and others as One,
creating this fluid Life river,
now witnessing the huge expanse
I share Living Essence with
seeing there are no obstacles
to acceleration of Soul's flight.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Soul Realm

Mid cutting my hair with Jani's son Luther before motorcycling England and Scotland.
St. Agnes, Cornwall, England. Spring 2004

Soul Realm

Cut my hair yesterday
as symbolic letting go
that relationship with partner
needs a particular manifestation
in how, when, where,
or any other arena,
really getting the fluidity
Mother Nature models daily,
life change is dependable,
living is a river
full of adventure, excitement,
when buoyed by love
for self, others, Creation,
plus 'truth that frees'
on simplest of terms
which opens surprise potency
understanding seed, blossom, fruit,
each of us unique,
unwilling to restrict anyone's
liberating 'soul realm' expression.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Chapter

With fascial hair upon arrival in Kintra, Isle of Mull, Scotland. Sept-Feb 2006-2007

New Chapter

Each day begins another,
never same person twice
always something has changed
to lesser, greater degree,
hair grows, falls out,
original thoughts can enter
born from previous experience
just 24 hours ago,
Sun moves on horizon,
weather, work, people, health
arrive in different ways,
and sometimes from accumulated
life lessons, epiphanies happen
through slow revelatory transmission
arriving potently in stages,
where if practicing patience
plus diligent detailed awareness
a witnessed transformation occurs,
becoming new chapter lived.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My favorite oak at end of ridge that provides 'tree swing' service.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Life demands I open,
break through, dissolve layers
that keep me captured
in past spun web
tied with societal, familial,
worldly notions about interplay
between heart, soul, body,
mind, when relationship enters
running gamut of emotions,
thoughts, into chaotic cacophony
until I breathe, breathe,
release shoulders, fill chest,
tap into omnipresent Source,
Soul, feeling the Unknown
within each Sacred Moment
of now, now, next,
realizing I'm the 'chrysalis',
caterpillar, and butterfly on
journey of loving expansion.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Long winding road in the Lake Country part of England.


Again I wonder life's workings
leaving behind idea of 'knowing'
what's 'true' in certain terms
for me 'now', and future,
reminded how time changes things
when adding more insightful revelations,
I think I've secretly searched
ahead for long winding path
that could last into decades,
comparing my fits, starts efforts
toward less than grandiose dreams
to others' plans of retirement
with material and financial comforts,
but my deviant dissenter nature
mostly choose wild freedom instead
equating adrenalin surge as 'living'
and presently it feels opposite
where deep expansive 'soul peace'
supplies the trajectory revealing direction.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Into Me

Opening to waters of life. Monterey Bay at Santa Cruz, Calif.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Into Me

Something is happening inside
as possibilities bounce around
from thought to feeling,
trying on various scenarios
while imagining my future
with partner and children,
but mostly noticing expansion
created from the willingness
to entertain 'real love',
beyond society's sexual notions
of lust, longing, completion,
and it's decidedly different
than previous body states
because great believable ease
accompanies visioned life structure,
what I'd do daily
in service to family,
community, and larger world
doing all that's needed,
wanted, revealed into me.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

At Home

My backyard a few years ago with 'medicine wheel' in forefront.

At Home

Called off work yesterday
as rains are coming
instead toiled on land
moving soil into beds,
prepping compost, improving order,
re-covered beams with plastic
also radial arm saw,
sliding glass doors, windows,
did laundry, organized shop
going through cabinets, cupboards,
redistributing, making more room
for art, future projects,
shared space with partner,
I walked around outside,
saw resources waiting use,
imagined new storage areas
as what wants built
leapt out, calling for
plans, action at home.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


At Celtic inspired chapel in Compton, Surrey, England, spring 2004.


It's not about 'me'
is what 'soul' conveys
when viewing the magnitude
of this encompassing Universe,
though, yes, 'I'm' here
as singular embodied entity
with 'ego' and desires,
but only stepping stone
for humanity's great advance
toward a conscious evolution
promising Heaven on Earth,
after we learn process
that discerns the truth
whenever asking 'What's important,
needed?' for Great Turning,
inside oneself first, foremost,
ushering empowered connection within
out through larger world
while being of service.

Friday, October 22, 2010


With 'Tulku Orgyen Phuntsok' from Pema Kod 'hidden land' in India.


Life is about unifying
all the myriad aspects
of what 'humanness' means,
many find it easier
to keep input minimal
having control over 'messiness'
for semblance of sanity
'chopping wood, carrying water.',
perhaps monasteries house lightweights
who can't handle cacophony
born out of diversity,
the raucous creative energy
little 'love bundle' children
spill into mother's lap,
or challenges of intimacy
when newly activated lovers
willingly share comfort, discomfort,
while aligning chakras, balancing
kundalini through soul integration.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Equilibrium

Standing in front of 'redwood round' with dated 'rings' showing history of the world.
(photo by high school friend Barbara Bradshaw)
Henry Cowell Redwoods, Felton, California

New Equilibrium

Whenever a powerful force
enters receptive static environment
there's cause/effect ripple
that undulates into more,
traveling out beyond perceptions
of time, past, future,
all the while influencing
gamut of concentric circles
like tree ring age
containing years of living,
every storm, sunny day
imbedded in cellular memory
becoming accumulated unique entity,
same when love enters
pressing myriad life energies
into clay of humans,
then opportunity to awaken,
open, expand, integrate change,
often catalyzes new equilibrium.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Falling into Monterey Bay at Seabright Beach.
(Photo by Art Durand Photography)


New circumstances can often threaten
one's inner 'first peace' equilibrium
if less than thoroughly rooted
in Soul connection to Source
as essential link with Cosmos
that gives 'disruption' proper perspective,
"Don't sweat the small stuff."
is remembered high school phrase
"And it's all small stuff.",
this enduring response rendered adjustment
which enabled a reeling in
toward sensible place within Universe,
reminding my temporary fleeting nature
easier to embrace through humor,
curiosity about disturbing mind friction
than endeavoring to control Life
spontaneously erupting into physical realm,
unveiling attitudes, opinions, images, beliefs
needing reflected upon when disoriented.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Climbing 'Ben Mor', the only 'monroe' (3,000 ft. or higher) on Isle of Mull, Scotland


Possibilities can percolate
when saying 'Yes!'
to any adventure
as unforeseen juxtapositions
leap into place,
thoughts once alien
find familiar groove
in mind's forefront
while dreams envisioned
start attracting resources,
those unique ingredients
wanting to be
assembled for joy's
natural catalyzing eruption
whenever taking action
toward anticipated goal,
so wonderfully aligned
with 'soul destiny'
enthusiasm keeps rising.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Layered Contradiction

Looking across layers of geology to Georgia O'Keefe 'Ghost Ranch' territory.
Abiquiu, New Mexico

Layered Contradiction

World's full of them,
more revealed each day
while old paradigm thinking
of linear left brain
bows to creative right,
where studies and polls
out to garner support
find counter intuitive results
that surprise and astonish,
proving again to 'assume'
turns 'ass-you-me',
bringing dissenters delightful incentive
for unwilling stasis acceptance
anticipating remarkable discoveries ahead
which will explode belief
around 'control equalling security',
plus 'exposed weakening fear
endangers intimacy, harmony, safety,'
as untruthful layered contradiction.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Portal Passage

Rock portal in arroyo basin next to the 'Land of Shining Stones'.
Abiquiu, New Mexico

Portal Passage

Life isn't really predictable
even moments from 'now'
feels preposterous when trying
to nail down specifics,
often easier naming negative
future 'don't want' list
as 'past' looms large
because sour results prevailed
leaving mind impacted, imprinted,
strewn with emotional debris
which blocks clear vision
toward horizon of dreams
waiting as potential destiny,
this electrically charged minefield
needs sweeping disarmament, defusing
any 'fear powered' circuits
when preparing Sacred Ground
for claiming expansive Love
after one's portal passage.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Buddha statue in back yard holding white sage top.


Called tree of Buddhism
all fruit flows from
'Bodhichitta', it's 'heart holding'
everyone as suffering souls
who need caring communities
of spiritually grounded individuals
to provide empathy, service,
for furthering each other
in strides toward enlightenment
with Buddha as model,
this attribute joins spirits
creating mass conscientious consciousness,
and if following 'precepts'
brings ultimate transformative potential,
focus, energy, and sensibilities
necessary for sustained peace,
realizing 'Another is myself.'
as living sentient creation
worthy of merciful compassion.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yet Created

Corner of 'studio/workshop' where ideas become drawings for future creations.

Yet Created

This is what excites me
amid society's taking for granted
Nature, and our miraculous Existence,
that something new finds form
through sound, feeling, visual perceptions
as if from thin air,
it thrills me no end
each individual has stirring potential
for birth of joyous life
filled with their unique manifestations,
perhaps that's just my projection
because I enjoy cultivating change
by bringing ideas into reality,
what also sparks godlike abilities
is entering into intimate relationship
where two souls wax alchemical,
combine energy, sensibilities, heart, intellect,
which generates exponential powerful possibilities
yet created on Earthly plane.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Constant Adjustments

Diversity at a San Francisco Giant's baseball game.

Constant Adjustments

Generations of human beings
as ancestors and parents
have sacrificed, worked hard,
in desiring better existence
for those following footsteps
leaving life more manageably
dependable for future offspring
often in material wealth,
forgetting wisdom treasure chest
that struggle generously bequeaths
when peering beneath circumstance
to discover spiritual transmission
all of Creation suggests
through diversity and adaption,
imbibing freedom without mandate
though structural universal principles
apply to changing reality,
reminding underpinnings of Mystery
within daily constant adjustments.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On Purpose

Great friend Art Durand excited about finally putting his remodeled camper on his truck.

On Purpose

Luck comes from truthfulness,
sincerity, authentic life engagement,
where what stirs soul
is encouraged, finds expression
through everyday small acts,
yet often when alone
cynicism can enter psyche
dampening impetus to create
thinking who really cares,
what differences are made
when producing without witness,
no one appreciating persevered
progress with caring heart,
so thoughts of ridiculed
meaningless pursuit without redemption
won't last, can vanish
just from being seen
pursuing inspiration, reason enough
for 'on purpose' living.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Lower Montezuma Falls
Montezuma, Costa Rica


Like leaves in October
protective layers find descent
revealing past scarred wounds,
stems from prior fruit
shaky fingers trail over
in 'mind's eye', wondering
am I courageous enough
to willingly re-enter arena
where piercing happened before
when leaving myself vulnerable
bearing innocent open heart
and soul of dreamer,
often ignored realist demands
recanting stories of hurt,
humiliating failure, rejection, demise,
my seemingly utter incompetence
within female intimate relations,
tales deaf to ears
under love's falling waters.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

For You

John and Belinda's new home and carriage doors I built and installed.

For You

This world awaits recognition,
wants to know itself
through activation by witness
who observes, touches, appreciates,
realizes that like art
one's 'completion' means sharing
your diversity with audience,
bringing inner creativity out,
and Existence has room
in expansive All Potential
for any expression possible,
patiently situated beyond veil
as 'thousand million destinies'
willing, able, to manifest
form through idea, actions,
becoming embodied life miracle,
what was empty space
is now 'soul filled'
by you, for you.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Performance

My partner and my always performing 2000 BMW R1100RT.
Pescadaro, California

No Performance

This is so very different
than past 'giving to get'
in it's overt, covert forms
when intermingled with lusty notions
of wanton desire for sex,
confusing heart space with adrenaline
that accompanies a new adventure
which bleeds into needing more,
then turns toward circumstance control
to continue supporting distorted infatuation
all the while missing question,
response, connection to 'What's this?',
instead I'm pioneering virgin territory
opening to present moment awareness
with such depth of Spirit
where I enter into Mystery,
divine union with partner, as
enmeshed Souls loving without expectation,
no performance, only essential authenticity.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Small Increments

Monterey Bay and end of Santa Cruz pier from Boardwalk Beach.

Small Increments

Americans shoot for the moon
imagining meteoric rise to heights,
and capitalism promotes the same
giving credence to aggressive promotion
for success within insane system
propelling politicians, entertainers into stardom,
ironically casting dissenters as crazy
those opting out of madness
on micro and macro levels
while woven into interconnected world,
in reality it's questioning oneself
everyday on most minute choices
that creates shift, ripples water,
then becomes life changing wave
wherein hindsight we witness trajectory
fueled by patience, understanding, growth,
realizing sense of soul's destiny
which keeps directing us forward
with small increments of faith.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Statue of intimacy.


Many like this word play
so direct in defining 'intimacy'
when attentively turned upon oneself,
affectionately focused toward cherished other,
or drinking in precious world,
there is peering beneath surface
witnessing one's accumulated 'personal nature'
often purposefully hidden for distrust
thinking no one would understand
inner workings of troubled soul,
even though we all are
within differently oriented varying degree,
I enjoy believing highest blessing
is engaging another's aligned heart
beating rhythm of love's vibrant
syncopated electric energy when together,
and apart, just from thought
of sharing breath, kiss, touch,
life's interwoven 'into-me-see'.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Name

Winter view from the 'one lane track' a couple miles from my 'croft' in Kintra.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

No Name

Words pale to describe
Love, Existence, Source, God,
yet poets still try
when wanting to weave
thread that connects heart
with incredible aliveness felt
in deep appreciative connection
to joy surging inside,
verily Heaven and Earth
combined in smiling human
having discovered friendly universe
full of magic, miracle,
which gift blessings galore
once opened to receive
bounty from saying 'Yes!'
while embracing simple truth
through presence each moment,
'awakening, opening, transcending, remembering,
honoring, dreaming, walking, guarding,'
what 'no name' contains.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Pool overflow from 'healing well' near north coastline of Wales.


So much stays hidden
traveling dark underground rivers
until emotions finally escape
through wound as access,
bubbling up like spring
to appreciatively drink from,
bathe in, wash clean
life's mud encrusted jewels,
by letting flow go
past resistance or reticence
when exploring the waters
that reveal what's true,
only hinted at before
from rippled feeling inside,
and it takes courage
to test status quo
where tension builds energy
waiting to create change
surfacing miracle of healing.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Full Days

'Oh, bed!' with 'Wing' taking advantage.

Full Days

I remember years past
of constant work, play,
during spring, summer, fall,
pouring myself into bed
bone tired, yet happy,
verily giggling the 'mantra'
'Oh, bed!' 'Oh, bed!'
in anticipation of rest,
and how busy cycles
reap benefits and rewards
while also straining constitution,
where waking body sore
has me reflecting distance
traveled last week, evenings
with Toastmasters, softball, radio,
Ken's fundraiser, movie, daily
repairing client's deck railing
as home lacked attention
from full days away.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Community People

Scottish birthday celebration in Pennyghael Community Hall.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Community People

Last night walking Seabright Beach
'Wing' dog leading the way
I realized my immediate family
and ancestral lineage as gregarious
outgoing lovers of humanity, life,
involved in team sports, organizations,
like Dad's 'Knights of Columbus'
my Grandpa Rudy's 'Lion's Club'
Mom's volunteering in 'Grey Bears'
child rearing siblings' school participation
brother Keith's softball, volleyball groups,
where I looked at myself
becoming amazed by the 'circles'
calling me 'member' over time
while learning, growing, then leaving,
moving onto next waiting collective
that was aligned with interests
never really leaving the previous
when remembering enlivened community people.