Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moon Movements

Full moon and beach fires, Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz

Moon Movements

My Scotch, Irish, German blood
rejoices in a gray day
where coolness brings ancient remembering
into brain cells firing synapse
as scent raises the hair
on back of neck, arms,
getting 'kundalini' rush of energy,
smile on face, thrilled heart,
pumping clenched fist into air,
hollering 'Yes!' into foggy mists,
feeling my ancestors behind the veil
standing with me as if
today was battle for freedom,
a great turning in history,
this seasonal shift, a 'rune'
that forebodes a decisive change
for which I must ready
gathering my resources for siege,
one I receive or deliver,
all the while holding countenance
of inner strength, peace, perseverance,
confident I will be victorious
by enduring any physical challenge
while deeply connected to Spirit,
the Guidance, that wizard soothsayers
utilized when foretelling wisdom stories
depicting moon movements and heroes.

Tender Ripples

Kayaking on Castle Lake in Mt. Shasta, California
(photo by Gentle Thunder)

Tender Ripples

We do not know
the effects of action
how others are touched,
by listening, or words
spoken from compassionate heart
that feels deep connection
within presence of another,
it is subtle nature
of 'tendrels' that vibrate
which caresses one's soul
helping to seal leaks,
heal wounds, bring solidity
 to those who suffer,
just by witnessing  plight
seeing struggle as ours
wanting their freedom, happiness,
so as to blossom,
create their own waves
able to assist others
in cleansing what's dirtied
from neglect and inattention,
where shining can occur
as flickering, dancing, sunlight
reflecting off mirrored pond
when someone throws influence
into waters of life
sending out tender ripples.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Honor Labor

Working on my land with my helper Michael Ruescher

Honor Labor

Often, it seems equated,
life is hard work
forever asking for exertion
a conscious paying attention
to myriad 'busy-ness' interests
impossible to disconnect from,
just be, breathe, appreciate,
many times there's possibility
for choosing alternative reality
that slows monkey mind
jumping limb to limb
where we can transmute
our understanding of activity
into what nurtures us,
fills chalice with joy,
love of life, ourselves,
others, Nature that surrounds,
so what is wanted
becomes what is needed,
in simplest of forms,
and that manufactured discontent
created by advertising moguls
dissolves into peaceful observance
when societal fear, stress,
is recognized as obstacle
designed to spur consumption,
forgetting to honor labor.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Kindness

My generous benefactors, Joey, John, and little Sammy, 
when visiting Edinburgh, Scotland in 2006/2007
(congratulations on their second son born 9/22/09)

Great Kindness

This evolutionary agent
is both elusive
and equally prevalent
effecting most people
in some degree,
whether with frequency
or rare event,
not easily forgotten
when really experienced
with all senses
allowing for permeation
to core being,
it is attention,
a real presence
of having landed
as 'living human'
embodying beautiful nature
released into happiness,
by sharing ourselves
becoming 'One' with
another as 'I',
without any separation,
only of service
for everyone's freedom
from earthly predicaments
where conjured protection
deflects great kindness.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Think In Beautiful

Local inhabitants of  Isle of Mull, Scotland, at the foot of snow covered Ben Mor.

Think In Beautiful

The human mind is amazing
that it can fool so totally,
create a story feeling more real
than the Truth of All Existence,
'We are drenched in magnificence,
miracle, magic, astounding perfection!',
and yet, because our perceptions aim low
toward learned doubts and fears
there is 'blind eye' of recognition
searching frantically for what can quench
be able to satiate this deep hunger,
a yearning of the Self to be whole,
united, at peace with 'what is',
but being the answer is so prevalent
inundating every cell of creation
most people cannot see the forest
for the trees that interrupt understanding,
obscure the grand expansive view,
with 'good eye' we finally see
if only for a quick revelatory moment,
beyond the veil of our discontent
this oozing vital matrix stands exposed,
without separation, or contrived measure,
then we easily reunite with ancient ones,
witness and immerse ourselves in diversity
each shimmering aspect of life shining sacred,
becoming One, we think in beautiful.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Perfection

Old volcano core and rainbow in Crawford, Colorado
near my old buddy Phil Hassinger's ranch.

More Perfection


Wherever you are,

no matter circumstances,

whether joyous, sad,

birthing or dying

some 'self' aspect

while contemplating life,

taking introspection time

to recognize position

judged good, bad,

we find ourselves

right here, now,

no other place

has us captured

in world reality,

expectations try hard

to deny truth,

what is transpiring,

but it's power

is limited, shallow,

effecting only mind,

as body stays

with spirit, emotions,

watching intellect wrestle

devising it's escape 

that's so impossible

until finally accepting

more perfection daily.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life Spurs

My friend Tom Beck on his 1946 Indian at 2009 'Soquel Motorcycle Festival'

Life Spurs

We're being ridden,
are the ride
and rider also,
though there's pause
to survey direction
or re-adjust saddle
evaluate our position
while aligning posture,
it's still considered
essential in sequence
within whole journey,
even when dismounting
setting up homestead
making a stand
rooting in ground,
there is motion
forever changing circumstance
to test balance
challenge one's stamina
as to if
core courage nature
can endure hardship,
brambles, thorns, cuts,
when blazing path
through unknown territory
boldly persevering as
life spurs on.


Floating in Mystery at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


That I'm allowing myself
to float in Mystery
letting the unknown be
without my usual antics
is a big measure
in how I'm shifting
utilizing a feminine holding
even though strangely uncomfortable,
I get it's worth
though criticism threatens it,
this form of peace
and trust in process
feeding my 'poet philosopher'
who is witnessing all
feeling the ego dying,
each little gasping breath
leaving only my presence
asking what's really real
finding nothing to grasp
while love bubbles up
for each temporary moment,
the thrill of diversity,
of miracle, and 'projection',
certainly the ultimate illusion
which takes courageous intent
when facing odd truth,
'spaciness' is life's essence.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Away

Boulder on Tuolumne River, California

Time Away

Often I'll stray
from concentrated focus
on what's desired,
coming back to
present moment joy,
that which lifts
my heart up
like Abiquiu did
in extraordinary way
taking full advantage
of changed scenery
making new friends
while expanding spirit
immersed in interconnection
Life's infinite oneness,
returning to home
with engaged presence
having entered flow
without old expectations,
allowing river current
to become me
no longer straining
being at peace,
witnessing the effect
each living motion
has on others
rippling time away.

Stand the Heat

Petroglyphs in the Valley of Fire near Las Vegas, Nevada

Stand The Heat

Accepting, means everything,
loving what is,
All as Spirit
conjured up diversity,
forget the qualifications
see God everywhere
in all beings,
so I smile
love the stranger
strike up conversations
gift my love
as it overflows
from my bounty
fed each morning
within medicine wheel,
my daily practice
of acknowledging blessings
this miraculous life
the constant abundance
through all aspects
where nothing's denied,
just often misguided
by thought, actions,
stories made up
about interpretations, doubting,
whether I can
stand the heat.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Moments

My garden in it's prime

For Moment

Everything dies,
reminded watering
aging plants
cycling fruition
picking bounty,
I'm same
once peaking
now less,
physically, yes,
spiritually, no,
mentally, expanded,
emotionally, available,
still virile
willfully vibrant
attracting women
to engage
as friends
possible partners
in stints
long, short,
while realizing
nothing lasts,
better appreciate
good fortune
blessed life
love coming
for moments.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Worries

Waterfall descending from Scridain, Isle of Mull, Scotland

No Worries

I get it now
being so at peace
with my Infinite connection
that I'm in service
to the Great Unfolding
minus any hampering expectations,
releasing need for control
as if I know
what's best for growth,
instead filling this chalice,
my magnificent heart container,
from the constant outpouring
of beauty that's 'Creation'
imbued with Spirit love
for all in existence,
here is the fountain
overflowing into my soul
when willing to open,
be part of, cascading
great waterfall quenching all,
becoming crystal clear pool
and quiet reflective mirror
others can draw from
without depleting my vitality,
more so, recharging us
in dance of evolution
when there's no worries.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Abiquiu Poems

Site of First Peace Launch, Abiquiu, New Mexico
Poems below penned during week of ceremony

Before, During, After 

In this most remarkable world 
there is the rare and exotic
each species with it's characteristics
shared by members, though unique,
in every individual manifestation,
whose mixture of sensibilities
determines their evolutionary path
with corresponding lessons to learn
according to needs, speed, willingness,
abilities, plus instinctual disposition,
while the human being stands out
having invented concept of 'time'
using it's capability to plan
along self-created linear pathway
often determining happiness by results,
some expected finish point culmination
set as an optimal success story
conceived mentally as greatness,
but life usually delivers something else,
many dreams don't find fruition,
come about as less than desired,
yet, in miraculous theater of absurd
hindsight reveals hidden glory design
realizing innate wisdom of creation
when viewing from 'what is' perspective,
a removed measuring of moment's worthiness,
experiencing before, during, after, as perfect.


Ageless land
eternal Spirit
essence wind
seamlessly enter,
swirl, cleanse,
lift dusty
layered thick
muffled messages
confused signals,
heart, soul,
body, mind,
request clarity
piercing recognition,
bird call
reptilian movement
flower bloom
cactus prick
extraordinary vista
quiet moments
shared quests
alone time
smiles, laughter,
coaxing, demanding,
our 'being'.

In This World

Creation is nothing short of phenomenal,
to sit at arroyo edge in morning
with shades of orange, green, tan, brown,
painted by hand of Master Artist
depicting myriad shapes and form
sliced by snaking stream bed to blue lake
dotted with shrubs, trees, cactus, scrub,
all reveals the magnificence of Mystery
imbibing existence with life giving breath,
even while taking it away in 'awe'
for every aspect, creature, human,
that expresses itself in unrepeatable beauty
as manifestation of the Divine,
here there is no war, no separation,
only ultimate perfection of 'what is',
sitting upon ageless bouldered stone
I become one with each sound,
bird twits, generator, music, chanting,
yoga teacher voicing her instructions,
feeling the dawn breeze cool my hands,
invade my sweater, as sun warms my back,
while winged ones pass by with grace
young chipmunk traverses rock near me,
seemingly invisible I smile, marvel
this miracle, as another chipmunk comes by,
then first returns, gazing, we sense one another
at home in this world, this moment, together.


Really, there is no escaping,
it is happening all the time
whether we like it or not,
the sun gives to the plants
as ocean supports aquatic life
air sustains so much existence
while Mother Earth houses us all
passing on information for survival,
sustenance, abundance, diversity,
through cycles of evolutionary change,
most of creation gets the message,
but humans,... well, we need help
when falling asleep to responsibility,
then complaining about any trouble
their blind ignorance has generated
by abdicating choice to others,
oh, they'll say no one told them,
didn't receive the office memo
so absent from consumer spending,
even when shown sound evidence
it'll be denied for various reasons,
political, personal, national skepticism,
layers so thick no intelligent grasping
can pierce the bigotry of disbelief,
and spiritual connection is often devoid
from solemn 'religious' practice of absolution,
clearing guilty conscience of overlooked transmission.

This Moment

I can afford myself
in every opportunity presented
the space and grace to respond,
not react, by taking full breath,
opening to Spirit connection,
then allowing my senses
their power to awaken
where I am at,
what is true now,
and with compassion, empathy,
love for self, others,
begin the essential transmission
that informs this world
of my deep intentions
as sacred human being
willing to transcend patterns,
effect habits, behavior, outcome,
for growing, glowing, going,
toward that which serves
while remembering to learn,
not forget, it's me,
from centered self authority
who dreams my life,
honoring past, present, future
when walking my talk,
this moment, guarding vitality.


Drum, viola,
morning sounds
stir blood
ancestral lineage
Celtic roots
in village
reminding past
of clan
brothers, sisters,
mothers, fathers,
friends, allies,
sun rises
like then
to practice
that awakens
the people
giving gratitude
another day
for being,
and becoming,
closer family
sharing abundance
personal gifts
sincere service
toward love
joyous life
fully transported.


In the next moment
we arrive to greet
ourselves coming forward anew,
it's a wonderful paradox
even while honoring 'now'
in this miraculous body
with it's interdependent composition
of mind, spirit, emotions,
that we cannot hold
onto anything in life
as it forever changes,
yet we can dream,
help direct fluctuating existence
by doing those things
which resonate at frequencies
aligned with joyous soul,
laughing as Mystery orchestrates
the sublime musical score
humans perform as instruments,
whether playing, curiously adventurous,
or fearfully, tightly constricted,
everyone chooses their path,
many times by default,
but to courageously walk
singing your unique song
while guarding vital integrity
brings peace into future.

We Go

Leaving the nest of ceremony,
awakened, opened, expanded,
like birds testing their wings
brothers and sisters say farewell,
try to express the feelings
their hearts overflow with,
love, joy, respect, admiration,
already missing the synergy
that deep ceremony catalyzes,
injects into the soul of 'co-hearts',
those who have risked transcendence
by remembering our sacred connection
and honoring every unique manifestation
having dreamt this time together,
as family, a community of visionaries,
who believe peace is possible
through incremental steps of co-creation
while consciously walking our talk
when re-entering the familiar world
of demands, challenges, and responsibility,
being pushed and pulled by circumstance
on Earthly ground of physical realm,
this is when rubber meets the road
where intent to shine great light
is met by dark corners, rock cobbled paths,
accidents, if not maneuvering skillfully,
guarding spirit fire, as we go.

Deep Essence

Back home to land
that holds me lovingly
with roots so strong
where all is familiar,
yet miraculous and new,
as I walk reborn
seeing with virgin eyes
content from inner peace,
now the ride continues
viewing territories of life
what will change dramatically
through ending, or beginning,
and refining of gifts,
choices must be made
from clear heart space
while guarding 'spirit fire'
which sustains all action
when awakening to potential,
beauty that can happen
in good, balanced way,
knowing like minded others
are also walking path
toward joyous, enlightened world,
brothers, sisters, healing wounds,
finding their strength, genius,
to add to puzzle
reflecting humanity's deep essence.