Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Go Mythic

Flying off the rope swing while getting ready to dive.
 Upper pool at  Montezuma waterfalls, Costa Rica.

Go Mythic

Is this for everyone,
to enter alchemist realm
have veil become thin
between physical and spiritual,
where ancestors, Nature, confer,
send signs, messages through
that lead toward Destiny
if one is courageous,
can embrace soul journey,
their part to play
in epic human history,
especially at this time
as capitalist dream fades
and Aquarian Age begins
ushering in more cooperation
urgent to make changes
from developed evolutionary consciousness
within our own selves
by cultivating inner equanimity,
the essential 'First Peace'
able to access wisdom,
intuit appropriate right action
in any given situation,
being the Light Emissary
who sees miraculous expanse
of what's wanting birthed
which will reverberate exponentially
effecting past, present, future,
when we go mythic.


The sunrise view from my bed in the Balinese House, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Anamaya Retreat and Resort Center, Montezuma, Costa Rica


There's always beginning,
each day arrives
after nightly dissolution
where physical reality
blends with dream,
I can wonder
what's more real
when past, future,
usurp the present
through thought transfer,
always on edge
never quite grounded
living between worlds
of disintegrating truth
changing over time,
making me wonder
nature of illusion,
feelings, sight, sound,
unable to grasp,
but for moment,
extended if continuing
to choose sameness,
sticking with agreements
about social constructs,
prioritized important living,
our belief systems,
yet, transformation happens,
is inevitable evolution
I enter daily.

The Doing

'Palm thatchers' covering roof of  new massage  treatment room.
Anamaya Retreat and Resort, Montezuma, Costa Rica

The Doing

Having ideas come easy,
those visions and dreams
of what could be
that excite the senses
stimulate thoughts of possibility
feeling potential well up
as if already accomplished,
where confidence is spoken
about what will happen
and people give accolades
when wanting such results
to be manifested, physically
spread all over world,
but uttering is cheap,
many people, Presidents, talk,
give quality lip service
with no real action,
so it's always been
polish leaves the apple
every time it's tossed
into air of prejudice,
landing bruised by doubt,
one's inability to cherish,
nurture, quietly aim toward
simplest work of completion,
becoming Godlike by creating
something out of nothing
despite thick, dense world
which challenges the doing.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Take Time

My friends Kirsten and Rick in Kauai, Hawaii,
the day before their wedding, June 26th, 2005.

Take Time

The space between
life's big events
is discovery arena
where presence lives
in subtle gestures
and beautiful nuance
so often overlooked,
it's allowing for
extended lingering moments
as new perspective
finds inside lightness
encountering the feelings
which encourage understanding,
do not mistake
this with laziness,
procrastination and such,
more, it's percolation,
waiting for ingredients
that show direction
into richer world
of our creation,
never experienced, seen,
if headlong pursuit
keeps things whizzing
too fast, blurring
our life here,
not really lived,
remembered, until choosing
to take time.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Key

Bryce Canyon, Utah

The Key

Various options appear
due to feelings,
ideas, visions, dreams,
amount of energy,
or present mood,
whether big, small,
projects present themselves
such as chores,
daily care routines,
the weekly laundry,
plus cleaning house,
writing out bills,
often without inspiration
if we succumb
to societal belief
'Life is hard,
then you die.',
that it's drudgery
without much joy,
yet, if dissatisfied,
willing to experiment,
new ingredients transform
old thought patterns
making us adjust,
climb emotional ladder,
until coming across
fuel and spark
igniting inner fire
as the key.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


'Loaded for bear' on a 2008 month long trip into the Southwest, United States.


What we find in life,
or how it's experienced daily,
depends on so many influences
like rest, diet, work, thoughts,
past traumas and joys remembered,
whether we can love ourselves,
greet one another with equanimity
no matter the world news,
what's happening near and far,
yet inner cultivation of consciousness
may have the greatest impact
when coming back to peace,
yourself as uniquely expressed soul
in this shared miraculous existence,
often conditions for revelation change,
some drink, or smoke pot,
others run, bike, use exercise
to engage new expanded sensibilities,
while yoga, meditation, also help,
travel can work amazing wonders,
a motorcycle ride, river rafting,
paddling a kayak in ocean,
any circumstance that startles us
from mundane, habitually patterned outlook,
as last night clearly demonstrated
watching sunset, surfers, from Wharf,
Olita's, witnessing seagulls and pelicans
circle below and above me,
opening perceptions around graceful living.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Familiar Grooves

Photo from FireHawk Hulin

Familiar Grooves

It's a reoccurring pattern
dug deep in gray matter
maybe part of original clay
my earthly DNA genetics
that recognizes certain things,
places, women, even weather,
as a resonating attractor
with old response patterns
of the hunt when wanting
a relationship, travel, motorcycle,
or inspired to create, manifest
something new at home,
but it's in love arena
where my approaches pale
failing to bring desired results
when projections run wild
my mind caught in possibilities
trying to 'figure' best route,
and it's a pitiful example
coming up as inauthentic,
disingenuous, that is felt easily
by sensitive feminine nature,
while, with bravado I dove,
in past, to certain carnage,
lonely heart strewn in heap
the wreckage from confused action
seen by gawkers, passersby,
friends, family, who shake heads
wonder my insane familiar grooves.