Friday, September 30, 2011

Small Advances

My wee home in distance beyond my neighbor's house and out buildings.

Small Advances

I love where I live,
blessed to be on land
of great beauty and horizons,
lovingly held by strong trees
daily emitting their symbolic wisdom,
plus birds, animals, plants surrounding,
and the potential just waiting
in workshop, writing den, home,
this nest of continuous transformation
adjoined by neighbors, friends, community,
where my eccentricities are accepted,
though, fair enough, rarely understood
as often I don't either,
especially during transitions that test
my mettle when contraction, expansion,
separate skin of old self
from that being newly born
when lethargy opens to emergence
of idea supplying enough energy
to begin simple action toward
doing something constructive for joy,
delivered during process of completion
and at end bringing satisfaction
because movement finally did occur,
turning into momentum after rising
up from where I'd fallen,
making small advances into future.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Stem of an ancient volcano near Paonia, Colorado.


Disruption, eruption, life in flux, chaos,
everyone being challenged to re-evaluate position,
what they know, or think so,
somehow opening to new circumstantial perspectives
because the old ones aren't valid,
revealed by results laid at feet
that even most stubborn must recognize
when attempting square hole, round peg,
this can threaten the sacred pillars
holding up nation, community, family, oneself,
where Existence looks like random experiment
gone bad in God's heavenly laboratory,
the concept of which threatened also
if entertaining thoughts about strict evolution
as atheist believing in empirical model
installing western intellect above any sacredness,
mysticism, miracle, quantified by bland terminology
saying such phenomenon hasn't been investigated
to point explaining surety, but will
in future if mankind can survive,
yet, is kind of world remaining
one worth living in without spirituality,
not talking dogmas prevalent in religions
mimicked in economic, political, philosophical systems,
instead more 'Big Mind', 'Soul Consciousness',
imbedded in 'Source' weathering any upheaval.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My shadow side at workshop window.
(photo by Art Durand Photography


Monday night attended 'Money Mystics' talk
after interviewing the speaker Sunday morning
on my KZSC public affairs program,
perfect timing as debt still continues
because of decisions I've been making
around work, travel, dream pursuits,
relationship, what's important for life quality,
though jury is out on latter
as living on financial edge frays
parts of my psyche with discontent,
no longer smug from rebellious pride
that I'm succeeding by being 'alternative',
disheartened every time existence demands subservience
to living within means of capitalism,
a system I've never cared for,
discovering yesterday evening this shadow side
of disowned ego aspect that sabotages
any venture leading toward economic prosperity
for fear I'll become 'infected addict'
joining homogenized ranks of submissive populace
whose worth depends on monetary abundance
herded like sheep into box stalls
by financiers running crooked con game,
yet finally glimpsing I'm prison warden
limiting myself with misguided attitude suppressing
ability to really engage non-conformist potential.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Out Of Sync

Symbolic photo of wondering which route to take on the dusty backroads of my mind.
(photo by TD in Finland)

Out Of Sync

There are times when I feel lazy
while hard to stoke fire in belly
for any unfinished old projects, pressing business,
or to start something original and extraordinary,
where I begin loose self diagnostic process
that goes from compassionately discerning to judgmental,
evaluating where I have recently come from
with energy expended bringing 'less than' results
compared to dream scenarios of total fruition,
followed by peering future yet to form
recognizing what I neglected is home waiting
concerted effort toward coming back into alignment
which can overwhelm me in present moment,
kind of sit heavily on my chest
creating a depression like funky lower vibration
verily smothering any impetus for continuing valiantly
as rebellious lone wolf living life differently
than people judged unwilling to risk failure,
because fear punctures hole in stomach chakra
draining necessary Life Force required for successfully
persevering through daily challenges both big, small,
yet, for awhile, I enter powerless world
questioning my existence during relatively lethargic weekend
wallowing in unproductive distractions of rare malaise
feeling into body for some guiding impetus,
identifying reoccurring pattern as remembered pendulum swing
when out of sync from accustomed potency.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Spitzer family and friends the morning after Mom's 88th birthday celebration.
Jack London Square, Oakland, California


Wisdom to live by is essential
for a populace when making decisions
on micro level of daily action,
and macro, within political arena,
it's sad to hear everything but
in avalanche of media sound bites
that confuse citizenry over what's true
played to engage reaction, not response,
which would require intelligent measured discussions,
compassion for another's experience, being humane
when considering effect on livelihoods, environments,
species extinction, qualities of healthy life,
all the different ways we interact,
there are many collections of knowledge
gleaned from world's great spiritual masters
hidden away in privileged private libraries
only accessible to those with money,
time, and initial well educated upbringing,
who believe there must be more
to life than just base essentials,
if lucky, a family has tradition
based on integrity, high moral standards
of love, forgiveness, respect, shared joy,
utilizing mottos directing members toward fulfillment,
'Moderation is the key.' 'Be happy.'
'Follow your bliss.' and 'Stay balanced.'

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Minna Canth monument, early advocate for women's empowerment.
Kuopio, Finland


We are all in this together,
every individual adding to consciousness shift
hopefully on evolutionary road toward unity,
instead of small minded adversarial backbiting
that can happen while fearing loss
to one's cherished security and comforts
when promise of ever greater wealth
with higher living standards turn false,
where young adults completing college education
move in with struggling parents minus
prospect of job coming anytime soon
because lost confidence in system prevails,
and rightly so, due to repercussions
being acutely felt, seen, and experienced
as downside to mankind's capitalist experiment
fueling headlong pursuit of sacred cow
'progress', meaning something different to everyone
depending the predicament they're now in,
too many 'have-not's' without faith
resigning themselves to being pauper pawns
for mean spirited masters of finance
who think feudalism will be wonderful,
plus having money proves one's intelligence,
yet forgetting common sense wisdom that
management intimidation, slavery, greed, doesn't work,
only educated, informed world citizenry persevering
collectively toward sane goals can succeed.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Daily Shifts

Another angle of 'Cheemah, Mother of the Spirit-Fire' statue.
Jack London Square, Oakland, California.

Daily Shifts

Here it is, Autumn Equinox again,
with too few nuts squirreled away
while U.S. economy continues to falter,
where I sense stress in others,
myself, world in upheaval about future
filled by oppressive uncertainty looming large
in minds of those once prosperous,
or seemingly so on financial graphs
having now gone south, unlike birds
instinctively readying themselves for long migration
who understand survival at core level
within every cell of their makeup
waking each dawn to same directive,
shake feathers clean of the past ,
beat wings in air for flight,
be absorbed by miraculous present moment,
let future rush under as gusts
lifting them up on adventuresome journey,
adapt to changing weather, environment, landscape,
fearlessly calm going about one's business,
hunting, hopping around trees and branches,
then moving onward to next horizon,
doing what's needed throughout timeless dance
as unique individuals within great flock,
also teaching humans value of pausing
to appreciate seasonal and daily shifts.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mother Of Invention

Monument to peasants of Finland.
Kuopio, Finland

Mother of Invention

It's said 'adversity' births new worlds
where 'tension is energy creating change',
not always comfortable when bringing results
that range from beautiful to horrific
invariably with hidden compensation for latter
if we willingly follow the directive
sad situations imply, to make effort
at unearthing valuable wisdom from lesson
laid at our feet as impetus
for furthering an inner evolutionary process,
more easily advanced when we accept
individual responsibility in authoring present situation
even if disgusted by the circumstances,
this takes courage to clearly discern
one's specific culpability, hopefully discovering key
unlocking door of greater personal understanding
ably integrated as tool in future
because lived through challenge impacted consciousness,
became new fork within brain synapse
whenever a similar choice point arrives,
providing practice of active self diagnostics
above fray from elevated 'soul perspective'
interwoven with Source filled miraculous Existence
which diffuses escalating life/death gravity
into multifaceted hide and seek game
Earth provides as 'Mother of Invention'.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Heats On

'Cheemah, Mother of the Spirit-Fire' statue in Jack London Square.
Oakland, California.

Heats On

Back home to hot Indian Summer
that's different from cool Finnish days
I'm reminded simmering weather adds difficulty
when wanting to work on writing,
land, projects needing clear brisk thinking,
especially around concepts aiming new approach
toward myriad incompletions which stand alongside
opportunity strewn path promising grand future,
these 'yet to be done' eddies
act like innumerable swirling black holes
threatening to usurp energy for creating
surprising reality imagination only hints at,
where original ideas can inspire passionate
direct action empowered by clear heart
generating impetuous fire burning away inertly
old habitual behaviors seeming so insurmountable,
this calls for discipline yet unborn
only hoped for possibility to embody
by throwing no longer formidable impediments
into cauldron bubbling with molten Potential
which begins tempering, becoming Excalibur Sword,
or Thor's Hammer of 'True Self',
strengthened by every defining blow absorbed
within physical dream of scaling mountaintop
as Phoenix Rising from yesterday's ashes,
being the Sun when heats on.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coming Out

'Coming out' naked at dawn, cooled after first Finnish sauna experience.
Lake Iisvesi, Finland
('Hero's Moment' photo by TD)

Coming Out

There's something powerful in being seen
for who one is at moment
on long winding road of Life,
where people met reflect goodness back
with every smile, twinkling eye, laugh,
especially if heartfelt appreciation is spoken
specific to vital qualities, abilities, emerging
beyond normal patterns identified for years
as that 'being who you are',
this is discovery not revealed readily
if kept busy with mundane duties
or unwilling to risk past significance
because afraid of new world entering
through backdoor following natural easy inclinations,
those simple activities that bring joy
in between all the habits demanding
attention when clothed in old personas
worn thin from overuse for security,
it's allowing Soul Light to shine
original, naked, rare, with real Love
which oozes inspirational enthusiasm toward others
living in this Mystery we share,
all of us awakening each day
to virgin opportunities promising great surprise
when learning more about elusive 'Self'
by coming out into Great Unknown.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Focused Energy

'Mumsie' surrounded mostly by singing grandchildren hungry for cake and ice cream.

Focused Energy

Unexpected upon long return flight home
from visiting loved one in Finland
I oozed power, clarity, following day
up before 4 am., blogging, writing,
starting laundry, watering garden, making smoothie,
speaking medicine wheel gratitude, business calls,
grocery shopping, looked over job possibility
after delivering pickup for brake repair,
dropped petsitter at S.J. bus station,
prepped for celebrating Mom's 88th birthday
that is friends/family reunion Saturday,
dinner followed late afternoon banking when
stumbling upon Greek Festival food boothes ,
found hummingbird card while searching gift
on Pacific Garden Mall for 'Mumsie',
deciding instead to sing 'her' song
with guitar in crazy improv style
honed by practice of Ipod recordings,
which I'll do for epic story
of 'Dotties' life that'll easily flow
from heart, to head, through lips,
into ears connecting with 30 souls
having prior to supplied adjective each,
maybe more, to describe 'Spitzer matriarch'
who'll undoubtedly laugh, cry while listening
lengthy meandering tale embellished with humor
about Dorothy's existence and focused energy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Train taken at Helsinki station on course set for Kuopio, Finland.


This is Soul's subtle communication
that forever looks for match
with synergistically aligned creative power
emanating from Source into humanity,
where individuals can pay attention
to 'feathery resonating hummingbird frequency'
finely tuned into Inner Guidance
revealing clear heart/mind knowing,
which points toward energy emerging
able to deliver 'Dream manifestation'
while using self diagnostic tools
born from generations gone before,
without, there's slow reinvention process
trying out hit, miss strategies
unable to unite heaven, earth,
yin, yang, man and woman,
on path only few embody,
though more are desperately needed
who can interpret unfolding signs,
plus have enough courage, vision,
for realizing their strengths, weaknesses,
overcoming obstacles deterring full fruition
upon undetermined course toward Destiny,
authored in surprising history books
spirits happily write when together
they raise vibrations on Earth.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Make Believe

Danced at this club called 'Puikkari' with TD on last night in Kuopio, Finland.

Make Believe

We embody the surprising stories
our many selves conjure up
through stages of evolving process,
childhood, adolescence, young adult, maturity,
taking us into golden years,
wherein hopefully wisdom reigns supreme
while magnifying willingness to explore
realms of imagination yet untapped
within understanding our unimaginable Power,
how each of us directs
unique Existence housed in memory,
that we're never too late
when wanting new chapter written,
though some abilities may pale
others are knife edge sharp
ready to cut away obstacles
once formidable when last approached,
advancing beyond limited dream borders
using different criteria to choose
approach, involvement, completion, in territories
Life offers along the path,
every Soul influences daily orchestration
according to mysterious inner compass
as creative writer, producer, actor,
setting scenes, lights, timing, dialogue,
turning make believe into reality.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Refreshingly bracing morning swim in Lake Iisvesi after my first Finnish sauna.
(photo by TD)


'No' is as important as 'Yes',
each pointing toward direction of travel,
the former aims correction through negation
sometimes unearthing information that shifts perspective,
perhaps removing block to genuine advancement
along lines high dreams have carved
while expanding essential knowledge of Self,
often it means 'dodging a bullet'
characterized as litany of bad occurrences
because foundational base wasn't deeply anchored
in bedrock of authentic Soul pursuit
discovered as much by accident when
pruning, cleaving, clearing various surrounding territories
overgrown with attitudes, images, opinions, beliefs,
fed by family, peers, education, media,
all of society with it's philosophies,
norms, ideas about love, life, success,
where debris removal reveals survey marker
on path easy to positively affirm
without comparing, compromising, or regretting
what might have been if different,
though it wasn't, wherein acceptance enters
as celebration for one's unique sensibilities,
skills, talents, composing gift to world
that's beautifully in everyone of us
brings more clarity to multifaceted Mystery.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trust Process

Excavation for parking garage in downtown Kuopio, Finland.

Trust Process

It's been said 'Journey is destination.'
where each second, minute, day, compose
tapestry of Existence, step by step,
on course between cradle and grave,
every breath carrying Life as cargo
before death's uncompromising hand ends story
that is written in tombstone dash,
this delivers great importance to moment
creating sober gravity of epic proportion
within choice points presented, large, small,
left or right turn, forward, reverse,
reminding there are few easy answers
whether it's beginning along a course,
completing a segment aimed toward conclusion,
or deciding to carry on valiantly
even if unclear as to what
a gainful lasting result might be,
certainty in 'knowing' is often rare,
fleeting at best, since change occurs
along path of dreams so susceptible
to turbulent winds invading daily consciousness
in form of reality's pragmatic concerns,
yet, all circumstance presents an opportunity
for expanding wisdom along the trail
bringing compensation for challenging times experienced,
becoming success, encouraging we 'trust process'.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Engaged Witness

An engaged witness at one of Finland's many lakes.
(photo by TD)

Engaged Witness

It's impossible to be detached observer
while visiting loved one's family, friends,
on land, in towns holding memory
from days minus a newcomer's presence,
there's no getting around added influence
as potential partner comes onto scene
meeting and greeting an established community
who want happiness for their member,
especially if sincere transparency is valued
by pair who seek possible togetherness
because life, love is about interplay
between minds, bodies, hearts, and souls,
always richer when responsibility is taken
when revealing 'truth' as relationship transpires
which encourages growth, and expanded understanding
through rough spots born from misinterpretations,
whereon other side humor, laughter, return
deeper, stronger, fuller, having somehow survived
hard choice points unique circumstances create,
but this takes an aware practice
that willingly reviews happenstance of yesterday
to mine jewels in shared experience,
whether from mud, or clear waters,
becoming bountiful harvest for essential work
of showing up, vulnerably exposing core
with sincere authenticity as 'engaged witness'

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sudden Change

Full moon over peaceful Lake Iisvesi near Rautalampi, Finland.

Sudden Change

In Finland golden birch leaves drop
on green grass yielding to brown
as lake waters shrouded in mist
ripple upon shore from invisible wind
orchestrating gentle caress of tree limbs,
it's presence known only by effect,
what's seen, felt through human senses
though Nature is intimately familiar with
Her cast of characters, emerging dialogue,
performing different acts in unimaginable scenes
played within theater of the miraculous,
no two performances ever to repeat
when conscious homo sapiens witness 'premier'
of unveiled brilliance entering surprised heart
tuned into Life's undulating sublime rhythms,
gifts special to native of land
distinctly hearing moon, galaxy, Northern Lights,
whisper call for walk in Mystery
during night along silent, peaceful lake
ably mirroring a pulsating 'aurora borealis'
marveled by woman who awakens others,
their heads tilted to view sky
dancing with expanding, contracting emerald effervescence,
awed by confluence as shooting stars
create opening for prayerful wish of
positive sudden change in world, ourselves.

Local Color

'Rye porridge' being served at Harvest Festival.
Koli, Finland (photo by TD)

Local Color

I love being off beaten path
traveling backroads of mind or world
exploring Existence with a pioneering eye
to experience something not read about,
perhaps only hinted at in brochures
when going to visit distant lands,
though it helps immensely when blessed
by guiding hand knowing the territory
especially if companion is dear friend
who shares language of mind, heart,
spirit, while able bodied, up for
grand adventure with innocent from abroad
who stirs pot of what's routine
by sometimes delivering different perspective,
this is true whenever I'm visited
at home by distant loved one,
often surprised as reaction or response
gifts an expanded understanding of humanity,
life, how I see myself, others,
the surrounding landscape, spurring creative ideas
as to unique way of engaging,
revealing, enlightening staid conceptions I hold,
perhaps I also bring refreshing outlook
remembered by those so kind, generous,
loving, who gave precious time
showing me local color and culture.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Feeling Into It

Atop 'Koli', also known as 'Crystal Mountain', in 'Pielinen Karelia' area of Finland.
(photo by TD)

Feeling Into It

My decisions very often involve this
whenever I look back on strategies
used while performing creative construction work,
choosing direction of activity on land,
what event in town I'll attend,
or discovering dreamscapes worthy of pursuit,
and most importantly, avenues toward love,
it's something I've come to trust
having somewhat learned language that translates
these subtle sensations surfacing from within
becoming grand form as feelings, emotions,
though initially tuning into peaceful 'Soul'
navigating me through world of Mystery
that has knowledge beyond mere 'intellect'
holding blueprint to possibly great unfolding
'map of potential' brain can't decipher,
where I must patiently pay attention
each moment, aware of ego gyrating
with dialogue around needing to know,
wanting it's timetable fulfilled, solidly so,
for plans to be made efficiently
while denouncing any ambiguity as proof
of 'spiritual procrastination' not to heed,
who knows, perhaps mind is master,
yet I've seen, experienced, the results
when talked into living counter my
Truth, without really feeling into it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Monument to origin of 'shoe cobblers union' in Kuopio, Finland.


History tells of long struggles
with monuments to those fallen,
having given life for betterment
of family, friends, community, nation,
reminding we are the beneficiaries
enjoying inventions and accumulated progress
born of efforts from others
who left legacy large, small,
mostly unheralded, lost through time,
yet, for moments during journey
from cradle leading to grave
someone gratefully acknowledged their contribution,
or more importantly, they did
as individuals having inner dialogue
encouraging themselves to sally forth,
toil onward while giving gifts
born of their unique sensibilities
none other has identically inhabited
before in world beautifully diverse,
terribly transient, that buries everyone
while it forgets over years
one's accomplished existence that influenced
those whose footsteps came behind,
though no reason to surrender
when questions of 'What's worthwhile
to create?' involves enduring obscurity.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


View from restaurant atop 'Puijon torni', the 'space needle' overlooking Kuopio, Finland.


I've landed in new world
of Karelian pie, vendace, reindeer,
roe, salmon, berries, and lakes,
islands, trees seen to horizon
from restaurant atop 'Puijon torni'
on hill overlooking Kuopio, waterways,
the university, and surrounding area
as floor revolves in circumference
every hour inside round observatory,
outward slanted flat glass panels
allow commanding eagle eye view,
more so on unprotected top
being windblown beneath cloudy skies
rippling blue gray at sunset,
a low light-kissed beige band
illuminates westwardly toward Sweden, Norway,
not visible beyond Finnish landscape
dense with myriad green foliage
even on small earth dabs
amid languid liquid silver ribbons
that create miles of shoreline
known by tribes over centuries,
whose courage, ingenuity, resourceful independence,
were birthed by Nature's challenges
inspiring songs of enduring land
rarely evident upon newcomers arrival.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Could

Entry into my rustic domain.

What I Could

In the air, it's final,
bags were packed, home cleaned,
Wing, rugs, given flea treatment,
Sean apprised of responsibilities, work,
how to handle pets, garden,
my domain, left for adventure
into Finland and persistent Unknown,
bringing imagination, reality, promise together,
I've labored to make money,
time, for exploration of Dream
with amazing woman, myself, Universe,
that could include changes around
relationship, career, where home is,
what I deliberate about when
seeing, hearing, feeling surrounding Mystery
all so newly original, virgin,
entering Source manifestations with Presence
only Soul Essence can muster,
open to what is available
without judgment, comparison, or measure,
engaging a beginner's mind perspective
able to observe minus chatter,
no good, bad, past, future,
at ease taking in Life,
where ego is in service
doing what I could beforehand.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Soul's Home

At home in my medicine wheel breathing during 'tslagi'.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Soul's Home

Eckhart Tolle says this moment,
now, between past and future
is abode for spiritual essence
connected to ever moving Source,
as ego constructs everything else
in way of cognition arriving
with attachments to physical results,
all desires we want manifested,
measuring progress, comparing, judging others,
ourselves, according to social norms,
he describes breath as doorway,
feeling inhalation, exhalation, lungs filling,
emptying, hearing air move through,
sensing nostrils flare, lips part,
belly expands, contracts, in, out,
where thoughts stop when 'being'
one with Life Force entering,
leaving, as virgin first, last,
letting eyes see without naming,
relaxing into an unbounded Oneness
which opens to transcendent capacity
when realizing everything is alive
sacredly beautiful conglomeration to celebrate,
even as distorted human endeavors
threaten the deep equanimity inhabiting
our 'Soul's home' inside us.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Here Then Gone

Old 'rescued' cat, 'Paint', short for 'Painted Fire', recently deceased.

Here Then Gone

Everything is temporary
as change happens
in all territories
defining miraculous Life,
this brings comfort
when thought of
while enduring hardship,
or delivers melancholy
after deep appreciation
of love, beauty,
remembering nothing lasts,
but that's ego
playing pingpong game
between past, future,
barely visiting 'presence',
the 'soul's home'
weaving each 'now'
into rich tapestry
determining enlivened Existence,
old wise folks
know of transience
from losing partners,
friends, youthful vitality,
over the years,
some laugh easily
not 'holding on',
ready to be
here then gone.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Small Minded

Castle stumbled upon on back road between Edinburgh and Oban in Scotland.

Small Minded

Fear constantly looks for crack
in seemingly armored solid stance
backed up by philosophical beliefs,
armies of opinion, attitudes, stories
our imagination projects for protection
as safe harbor from Unknown,
whenever tentative grasp on Mystery
implodes then ego tries controlling
means toward success of endeavor
so grand that it's unmanageable,
even more with defense undone
where doubts, distrust, old distortions
storm castle walls, laying waste
allies of faith, courage, enthusiasm,
raping and pillaging all goodness
becoming another 'dark night' onslaught
that strips down to core,
again facing cold hard reality
standing over another fallen dreamer
taunting them to try again
without 'securities' so easily vanquished,
spitting in eye with disgust
challenging resilient 'soul authority' within
to fight for life, love,
beauty, all that's essentially dear
inside heart of Self, humanity,
dispelling small minded curse forever.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


My hands that can create or destroy.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


These comprise my early morning
while sitting, waiting to write
whatever pops into this brain
from origin Unknown to me
though 'ego' assumes 'creator' mantle,
but really just a channel
that is megaphone for Source
which communicates directly through Soul
if 'I AM' willingly listens
becoming conductor for future unfoldment,
and this exaggerates odd paradox
when I stop actively perusing
while embracing quiet 'no mind',
then clarity gets to percolate
out of Great Silence permeating
this Universe as 'OM' vibration
birthing original inspiration and grace
in medium that is 'human',
you, me, all of Creation,
able to be wiped out
like mosquito demise between hands
whenever civilization 'thinks' it knows
because of technology collected information
as if that proves intelligence,
looking to control cerebral activity
toward thoughts society deems normal.