Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Headway

Spiderweb at confluence of elemental life on corner railing of outside stairway landing.

More Headway

Could call it 'heart path',
'soul journey', or 'body trail',
depending modalities I naturally engage
when working on life projects
moving around to different areas
as visionary synapse fires off
collapsing both reality and dream,
superimposing mirage image of 'future'
on boundaries defining 'present condition'
straddling two worlds of illusion
one more malleable than other,
while simple consciousness is veil
floating between, connecting what's possible,
needed, wanted, dancing through winds
blowing potential destinies in gusts
to be caught for perusal,
discerning worth of proposed action
that will shift surrounding dynamics
in 'Spider Woman's' sensitive web
creating more food for thought,
and I'll bounce sporadically around
arriving on threads leading elsewhere
listening 'Creation Song' luring me
into 'Unknown', this day's events,
trusting 'Source' melodies direct toward
confluence, joyous revelation, more headway.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Mother and son at gathering before my anticipated 2006 trip to Scotland.


Studies show this is integral piece
for humans within updated 'happiness equation',
especially when 'experience' becomes targeted goal
instead of impulsively buying material things,
new car, phone, clothes, we assimilate
quickly turning familiar, but 'adventure' memories
of prior, during, after, live on,
replayed, embellished with vivid sensations returning
that still exalt emotionally vibrant spirit,
where 'love stories' prayed for rule,
these 'dream come true' occurrences enthuse
having us lean into future potential
when perceiving world as friendly place,
breathing freely, moving energy, trusting process,
encouraging indomitable 'soul' to greater heights,
everyone engaging power of self authorship
ably defining 'Life' in satisfying terms,
it's no wonder a 'visionless' society
mired in bleak prognosis has problems
with depressed, complacent, apathetic, hopeless citizenry
consumed by mantra of bad news
thinking things will worsen, not improve,
this is betraying our essential nature
as 'Evolution' forever depends on creative
channeled ideas received from 'Unknown Source'
sparking conscious anticipation of more goodness.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Visions Multiply

Replicated 'beehive cell' near 'The Great Glen' at Kilmartin, Scotland.

Visions Multiply

Let's call it our 'God Quotient',
the more that attention is divided
means there's increased Miracle to witness,
be intrigued by, start feeling into,
turning most minute observations each day
toward recognition of 'Infinite Universe' within
every 'creation' on this beautiful Earth,
while mind becomes data collection center
with 'imagination' housed in 'dream wing'
that is often underfunded in budget
as 'survival chamber' consumes tremendous resources
just to keep fear at bay,
feed the 'wolf' who blocks door,
boards up windows from light, outlook,
howling 'accelerated scenarios' of death, destruction,
relegating those trapped to darkest night,
it takes remembrance of deepest connection
to 'Source' through 'Soul' for escape,
beginning with 'what if', questioning assumptions
of 'truth' taught as sacrosanct doctrine
by those infected by 'violence virus'
who became their own jailer, prisoner,
having lost sight of 'All Potential',
but indestructible potent 'Life Force' energy
will not be denied, persistently courageous
delivering fecund promise wherein visions multiply.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Heading toward immersion into waters of Monterey Bay and greater Pacific Ocean.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


This can conjure images of formality
with stoic clergy going through motions
mumbling some unintelligible mantra to 'gods'
as solemn devotees look powerlessly on,
all to placate internal human aspiration
for individual 'Spirit' and 'Source' union
that dissolves 'self' in Love's ocean,
too often we abdicate personal authorship,
responsibility, intelligence, settling for subjugation
when hoping to sidestep uncomfortable circumstance
that skirts having to earn 'wisdom',
the lessons learned accompanying 'wound' experience
healing to regain one's strength, footing,
in new world after completed transition
reminding evolutionary cosmic dance volunteered for,
with 'Soul' woven into miraculous 'Creation'
which means embodying sacred journey song
while ingeniously developing means to end,
it's true many have preceded us
leaving trail of rules to follow,
handing down 'tools', incantations to repeat,
yet, every person has unique sensibilities
living and witnessing like no other
where 'Life' becomes holiest of ritual
sacraments orchestrated by each priest, priestess,
whose 'Essence Presence' defines daily ceremony.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Stone stairway in' Carnasserie Castle' near 'The Great Glen' by Kilmartin, Scotland.


There is no need to hurry
when confidence in outcome rests securely
within heart, soul, protected by courage
that guards vitality, integrity of 'Self'
while getting close to one's dream,
where future can be distinctly heard
rapidly rushing toward fruition, carrying visions
of omnipotent experiences waiting to happen
in perfectly interconnected timing without obstacles,
only those human impatience constantly make
by thinking urgency plays key role,
but not if grace is valued
ably paying attention to unfolding moment
each containing subtle scent filled aroma
connected to next, leading the way
into Unknown passage of what's possible,
it's trusting paradoxical slow and fast
working side by side during manifestation
as sluggish advances in physical realm
bely the spiritual quickening behind scenes
creating the alchemy that becomes miracle,
aided and abetted by peaceful repose
feeling the magnificence of being alive
no matter outside circumstances threatening disruption,
this is faithful adherence to 'response-ability'
asking we savor everything that transpires.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Only Matters

'Byron Kitty' sleeping on bed made in past configuration of bedroom.

It Only Matters

After all is said, done,
before last breath escapes body,
what stands out as important
is up to myself alone,
no one else travels along
on solo journey back home
to Source, the Unknown Void,
best to be marveling review
of storied experiences, decisions made
with overriding effect, love shared,
joy felt, and passed around,
while amazed by beautiful tapestry
'up, down' emotional strands colored,
brilliantly wove, when living through
every moment whether fully aware
or not, playing integral part
in 'Great Theater of Life'
never knowing who in attendance
were influenced, inspired, motivated toward
freedom from inherited authoritarian demands,
hopefully understanding sooner than later
that everything is teeming miracle,
and bed slept in is
mine to make each day,
blanketed by changing consciousness, realizing
it only matters to me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Openings Appear

Atop 'Scridain' viewing furthest 'Isle of Iona' at end of 'Ross of Mull' where 'Kintra' was home.
February 19th, 2007, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Openings Appear

Mundane living can blind us
through familiarity and simple routine
while taking life for granted,
missing miraculous potential, magical opportunities
that inundate every precious moment
until new idea, concept, person
lifts lid to 'next leap'
waiting in wings of reality
which promises an 'original' adventure
so farfetched that it intrigues,
sparks childlike curiosity, awe, wonder,
blows top off confined imagination
entertaining many 'what if' scenarios
tied to mysterious emotional circuits
as form of guidance system
mind discerns through interpreted data,
and if diagnosis is 'outstanding'
with smiling aliveness the result
then grand decision comes about
for traveling in specific direction,
unencumbered by constraints of past
such as fear, worry, doubt,
while remembering successful risks taken,
wisdom taught from supposed 'failures',
plus the thrill of Unknown,
trusting openings appear when needed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tight Skin

Snake on moist clay stream bed evaporating in arroyo next to 'Land of Shining Stones'.
Abiquiu, New Mexico

Tight Skin

The shedding has begun
like some dragonfly nymph
or snake wriggling free
of confining old 'self',
it's butterfly escaping chrysalis
and children outgrowing clothes
as growth demands expanse
in all life territories,
I imagine undulating innards
pushing, pulling, contracting, resting,
muscles, fluted bone, sinew,
cells, blood vessels, organs
moving about, pulsating, separating
from what 'once was',
vulnerably entering new world
sensitive to energetic influences
that began with dreaming
veiled destined future, transmitted
behind eyelids of consciousness
inherently perceiving spectral vision
spherically illuminating multifaceted potential,
now embraced as 'true'
through heart, soul knowing
which startles complacent stasis,
sends love enthused body
bursting beyond tight skin.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Rainbow over my 'writing room' in croft on island of my ancestors.
Kintra, Isle of Mull, Scotland.


We inhabit world that's make believe,
are born of past tales written,
passed on orally, depicting ancestral origins,
immigrations, defining family, self, our relations
inherited from experiences others have lived
turned into 'bible' of many 'proper'
small engrained 'truths' embedded within fables,
and depending parental health, healing, openness,
children expand or contract through life
hearing 'rules' repeated in malleable mind,
if, 'Do what makes you happy.'
'Everything is love, arriving as change.'
'You can create what you dream.',
then magical positive vibrations fill imagination
coloring future possibilities within rainbow spectrum,
but some condemn through fear, worry,
become slave masters devouring 'soul power',
our personal birthright as 'Source' incarnate
that is distressed by lost creativity,
our inherent ability to manifest joy,
beauty, all good things while dancing
to beat of potent present moment,
uninhibited by myths about staying small
for survival, escaping being cut down,
whenever fulfilled human threatens status quo
generating opportunities to enliven virgin story.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Adorned Buddha statue in my upstairs living space and bedroom.


Often it can take years,
or lifetime, to see this,
sometimes a day, few hours,
yet, once able, each moment
that shows up uniquely different,
yes, there's flawlessly executed production
of books, art work, photography,
fine finish carpentry, and more
where 'creator' walks away satisfied,
but also in 'contrary' events
seemingly disastrous with little merit
until grasped as integral piece
supplied by hard lesson learned,
with 'proper' attitude and perception
every 'mistake' has it's place
in wholeness of larger picture
intimately woven into beautiful masterpiece
as one of a kind
human 'becoming', 'being', rare composition
filled by experiences particularly theirs,
already a 'buddha' at birth
people forget the myriad miraculous
ingredients that enable our Existence,
failing to appreciate twists, turns,
supposed successes, defeats along path
which reveal perfection through introspection.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Knowing How

New 'third story' destined to be 'craned' into place during one of a kind water tower remodel.
Lakeside Farm, Watsonville, California

Not Knowing How

Is all life like this,
forever wondering if it's possible
to manifest a desired dream
when each has unique formula
and equations to work out,
the bigger an aspiration is
can equal increased risk, adaption,
letting go of 'once was',
while becoming who 'you must'
through daily transformative growth process
enabling perfect synchronicity to happen,
Wisdom says 'action negates fear'
which comes from stagnate contemplation
of 'future' projects demanding resources,
energy, and gumption not available
during 'present' moment visionary stillness,
often sparking dread of failure
imagining inability to rise up,
meet the demands greatness requires
from small, shallow 'ego breath',
wherein 'soul' requests determined faith,
expansion, trust, even while confused
about what it will take
for graceful unfolding to occur,
this is Mystery teaching courage
within our not knowing how.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Map of Territory

My Mom, her granddaughter Emma, (my goddaughter), at past Christmas with new guitar.

Map of Territory

I feel urge to 'pop!',
get on with dreams incubating
within collage of wondrous images
that may, may not please
throughout lengthy process of manifestation
whenever 'immediate growth resistance' frustrates
as unusual obstacles take form,
meantime future genetic codes spin
in centrifuge of what's possible,
fleshes out 'holographic' potential reality
worth catalyzing in ideal environment,
creates understanding of butterfly chrysalis
and momentum germinating seeds build
before sprouts enter outside world,
it's percolation in writer's mind
mysteriously collecting tidbits beneath consciousness
which colors, churns, weaves ideas
toward manuscript, or artist's palette,
brushes, paint, holding dormant masterpiece,
call it 'Soul divination', directing
where 'essence' of any entity
dances with 'Source' into 'being',
'becoming', a rare embodied 'universe'
amid 'infinite' others, all swaying,
listening, singing to courageously discover
themselves beyond map of territory.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soul Laughter

Laughing at something absurd.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Soul Laughter

After years of being witness
to my troubled egocentric antics
mimicking victim, villain, and hero,
using clarifying gift of hindsight
interpreting absurd, paradoxical, insane world,
I've become most thoroughly amused
by choices made along way
garbed in so many personas,
distorted robes, identified as 'me',
falsely believing their 'ultimate truths'
only to have them change,
then taking 'mis-takes' quite seriously
supposedly proving flawed, dysfunctional makeup
without any humor to soften
lashings for assumed miserable failure,
and now older, hopefully wiser,
hearty chuckles escape through grin
realizing I inhabit same 'Universe'
but overall perception has shifted,
enabling view of magic, miracle,
that permeates all of 'Existence',
including myself, intertwined as 'Oneness',
beautifully magnificent teeming diverse phenomenon
given the powerful responsibility to
create 'Sacred Dream of Life'
full of exquisite soul laughter.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Casting a shadow at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Our soul is crossing place
where everything meets as thoughts,
feelings, visuals, inner and outer,
delivered in day, night dreams
of varying intensity, comfort, trial,
some more real than others
becoming dense matter, airy joy,
electric love energy running hot,
or not, depending our shadow
who is 'ourself' blocking light,
the 'ego' acting 'safety guard'
unwilling to let all pass
for fear of chaotic collision
that would upend valued expectations,
trying to control the world
according to preconceived learned notions
dictating how life 'should' be,
but Existence is beyond management
it can only be ridden
yet in myriad chosen ways,
like cowboy spurring enthralled creativity,
exotic dancer atop pleasure planet,
merry-go-round children peeling with laughter,
as dizzying array of possibility
entering our minds at artistic
intersection between reality and fantasy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just Being

On the workshop steps.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Just Being

This is only reason necessary
for anyone, anywhere to receive
love, adoration, all goodness bestowed
upon them as overriding abundance,
with nutritious food on plate,
roof overhead providing weather protection
in environment that exudes beauty,
surrounded by healthy caring community
where individuals share skills, talents,
as gifts to greater 'whole'
which freely feeds everyone's spiritual,
physical, mental, and emotional needs
while all do their best
to live in interdependent harmony
celebrating cultural and ancestral diversity,
honoring forces of masculine, feminine,
individually dancing, yet melding together,
becoming divine marriage between opposites,
paradoxical yin, yang, soft, hard,
and white, black, wrong, right,
it's witnessing shadow, light interplay
seeing ourselves as inextricably woven
together with Nature, Source, Universe,
no less than Moon, Stars,
this blue-green Earth that rewards
all Existence for just being.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Patient Unfurling

Exotic flower blooming by the beach in Santa Cruz, California.

Patient Unfurling

Life is a waiting game,
at least part of it,
there's no hurrying plant cycles
though vital nutrients determine growth,
effect strength, size, blossom, fruit,
but actual time of turning
in seed, seedling, sapling, tree
with dormant periods of containment
takes into account myriad influences
dependent on season, environment, resources,
let alone greater climate changes
that call for inner adaptation
whenever cellular level becomes confused
by mixed messages prompting system
to advance, though prematurely so,
flowering gets met by frost,
rain laden winds, before bees
have chance to thoroughly pollinate,
and harvest can suffer loss
due to surprising extreme weather,
wherein farmers, growers, become mystics
intently listening to inner muse
who can read tea leaves,
signs, interpret the secret codes
which spell out good fortune
in future's potently patient unfurling.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dreams Influence

My youngest sister Mary Ann and her son Noah riding the 'Big Dipper' roller coaster.
The Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, California

Dreams Influence

It's part of human phenomenon,
before lost for many reasons,
that people will envision future
starting early as child, adolescent,
who imitates parents, siblings, peers,
wanting to be like them,
so doing 'persona' comes alive
taking on mannerisms, talk, values,
until complete metamorphosis has occurred
with pleasing results if fortunate,
often people become staid characters
surrounded by their familiar props
which satisfy and solidify direction
through aging if nothing changes,
but life circumstances continually do,
sometimes dramatically, demanding muscle use
necessary for recreating 'self' identity
framed by work, relationships, home,
beginning struggle between old, new,
as sense of 'ego' dies
while 'Soul' resurrects underlying truths
about invincibility against earthly onslaught,
ably and easily steering course
to 'become the vibrant person
able to pull it off',
the purposeful destiny dreams influence.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


My packed garden beds from a couple years ago.


I've always found it difficult
after a planted garden bed
erupts with little seedling greenery
to pluck out hungry sprouts,
so what's left can expand,
blossom, come to magnificent fruition,
instead, I'll leave all in
letting tangle of possibility ensue
that reflects Mystery's rich soil
feeding myriad images of harvest,
but in reality quality suffers
from strained environment of struggle
for resources now found limited,
real manifestation demands adequate space,
sun, water, earth, and air,
as catalysts to reach zenith,
perhaps it's sympathy for underdog
believing everything deserves a chance
proving worth of simple existence
cherished as excited 'dream seed'
placed in sacred heart chamber,
though destined not to unfurl,
and there's pang of sadness
whether early on, or later,
at lost 'potential' lacking ingredients,
focus, motivation, stewardship, thinning supplies.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Unknown

Diamond sunset at a little harbor on the west coast of the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

The Unknown

Perhaps it's ancestral genetics
with engrained survival program
that rears preservationist head
when gazing 'virgin territory'
far into imagined future
while deciding worthwhile adventure,
and if past experiences
were less than fruitful
most people will defer,
shrink back, at thought
of risking their comforting
relationships for what's hidden
in realms of 'potential',
even though plentiful stories
exist within human history,
grandparents, parents, close relatives,
friends, who harnessed courage
finding treasures barely dreamed
whenever daring to curiously
explore what else exists
beyond miracles inhabited now,
by activating heart compass,
believing every thicket, bramble,
seeming tangle, holds gift
becoming accumulated 'bejeweled soul'
gratefully embracing the Unknown.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Five of seven siblings, minus father Robert, on mother Dorothy's birthday last September.


Often humans hold tight
to old familiar ways
whether belief system, attitudes,
opinions, images of 'want',
relationships long gone sour
with partner, work, government,
even self, resisting change,
valuing 'security' over Unknown,
it's understandable, especially if
fear supplants curious excitement
as breath becomes constricted
unable to expand fully
into what's being asked
of 'soul's' next step,
promising energy and presence
available to activate grace,
granted there is loss
throughout life, death world,
whether beginning, middle, end,
that creates sentimental longing
when someone 'leaves' Existence,
father, mother, sister, brother,
or moving from 'home',
these places, people cherished,
loved, making vivid heartache
from thoughts of releasing.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ecstatic on edge of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Motorcycle trip in Southwest U.S., Sept. 2008


I wish this on everyone,
as highest blessing of joy,
an enthralled, enamored, full Life
where every pore comes alive,
atoms bump bringing extraordinary vibrance
to feelings, breath, exalting perceptions
into elevated World of Mystery
wherein even most mundane experience
is seen as miraculous manifestation
available only now, this moment,
then disappears in history annals
making room for next, onward
into virgin territory that's Eternity,
Infinite in possibility and potential,
and whatever heart, soul, sings
at juxtaposition of Divine orchestration
calling you to enter 'Destiny'
that you'll summon unyielding courage,
wisdom, and insight to embrace
unique gifts within 'Great Turning',
this time of Evolving Consciousness
arriving at human 'choice points'
beyond base animalistic survival mentality
when connecting again with Oneness,
our inherited shared vital responsibility
for stewarding ecstatic Earthly Existence.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making Room

Making a 'plant starting' room, attached to my motorcycle shed, a couple of years ago.

Making Room

When dream of certain quality
steps forward from myriad others
that seem mundane in comparison,
and ignites fire in body
suddenly alive with great energy
to put visions into play,
then the veil swings aside
allowing longer peak toward future
awaiting me as potent destiny
if courageously willing to persevere,
source the skills, talents, needed
which can deliver miraculous world
of high purpose and direction,
this is realm of 'alchemist'
who brings together essential ingredients
for manifestation, following instructive 'muse'
saying 'Space must be created.'
in mental, physical, emotional territories,
freeing fiery 'mystic' to innovate,
spiritually attract all good things
arriving as synchronistic ease, flow,
grace, once 'completions' liberate abilities
occupied by less important activities
than those used for discerning
what to let go of,
making room for unfolding Mystery.

Friday, May 6, 2011


My 'new eyes' perceived a galloping 'fire horse' as a medicine sign at sunset.
Photo taken from my home in Soquel hills.


A birthday girl
in different country
're-framed' this word
concept for me,
to 'look again'
as if virgin
on person, place,
our old patterns,
upbringing, past experiences,
every mundane thing
taken for granted,
it's asking questions
about inner motivations,
how we choose
what, why, when,
while in acceptance
of present condition
circumstances led to
without harsh judgment,
instead discerning riches
'journey song' offers
each fertile moment
through 'new eyes',
perceiving re-awakened attentive
awareness toward full
'respect' for life.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


A 'typical' winter Scottish stream close to finding the sea.
Isle of Mull, Scotland


Too often they become constraints
all narrow with little movement,
'logical' boxes of 'have to'
bringing with them perceived 'failure'
because reality didn't match expectations
from mind to physical world,
yes, getting specific is important
when boiling down to 'completion',
the final strokes of masterpiece
walking away feeling one's 'success',
yet, in beginning, through process,
it pays to have awareness
of energies moving as river
bringing new possibility, potential downstream
remembering Life is not straight,
there are rapids, waterfalls, eddies,
side streams that can deaden
with debris blocking creative flow,
better to set grand intention
ably adaptive in expansive understanding
that Universe, Source, 'the gods',
have large say in outcome
through synchronicity, law of attraction,
beyond ego driven 'should', 'must',
entertaining there's 'grand destiny' available
as uplifting 'Mystery' surrounds plans.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A 'side track' road off of 'Extraterrestrial Highway' running east/west through Nevada.


So much beauty, grace,
aliveness and joy exudes
from natural world, people
who are turned onto
the miracles, medicine signs
inundating sphere of consciousness,
this bubbling synapse cauldron
that 're-members', gets 're-awakened'
to wisdom in past
we recognize as essential,
dear to our hearts
though somehow sidetracked from,
in reality never left
just misplaced from underuse,
and when it's 're-activated'
becomes familiar old friend
not seen in awhile,
provoking 'journey song' questions
which update, 're-calibrate' knowledge,
understanding, about present condition
which leads toward future,
wholly new to explore
while carrying residual feelings
of goodness from youth,
those experiences most favorable
're-minding' our authentic inclinations.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fertile Virility

A couple walking on Seabright Beach at sunset with Wharf and Lighthouse in background.
Santa Cruz, California

Fertile Virility

Beltane passes,
read about
on radio,
God, Goddess
Earth, Sun
join together
in ecstasy,
fecund procreation's
tantric embrace
melding energies,
people remember
emulating love,
share freely
at ocean,
woods, fields,
pick blossoms
decorating bowers,
dream future
of prosperity
around fire,
some marry
for year
and day
as trial,
living united
fertile virility.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Exalted and bathed in morning sunlit 'dragon's breath'.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


To be great
act that way,
genuinely become person
I wholly must
when following heart
into life's maze,
expressing specific skills,
talents, in service
of soul purpose
so uniquely mine,
no one else
embodies my sensibilities,
loves, deep joy
for this world,
through these eyes,
passions that thrill
in their originality
and particular feelings,
how I'm assembled
from past experiences,
present 'home' environment
both internal, external,
plus future possibilities
offered as potential
within rare lifetime
each person distinguishes.