Monday, June 29, 2009

Into Practice

Lighthouse at Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor, Wednesday night races

Into Practice

Everything we learn,
no matter how,
is often forgotten
and needs refreshing,
awake, then asleep,
born brand new
each virgin day
more opportunities arrive
to create ourselves
utilizing our tools,
resources, strategies, actions,
as circumstances arise
challenging status quo
asking our participation
in peacemaking process
seeing cause, effect,
while visioning future
aptly dealing with
past transgressions, repercussions,
doing our best
when understanding dynamics
how things happen,
what feelings activate
reaction, or response,
for further exercise,
re-use of knowledge,
gracefully into practice.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back and Forth

Fog, weather, in Soquel hills

Back and Forth

Forget, remember, or disregard,
consciousness is like weather
always changing, coming, going,
as fog enveloped mornings
or bright, sunny afternoons
be patient, just wait,
and notice what is,
suspend judgment without measuring
in backlog of memory,
comparisons to better, worse,
there is no point,
embrace each transitional moment
elongate time through 'presence',
welcome your sensate reality
as a beautiful butterfly
so rare, and endangered,
never to be revisited,
only these circumstances allow
activation of particular synapse,
we are electric beings
plus light filled space,
some call it' spirit'
our intangible pure essence
rather it is 'oneness'
when all boundaries dissolve,
separation ceases to exist,
back and forth ends. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old Lovers

My female, 'Little Wing', and Melody's  male, 'Dylan', now  deceased

Old Lovers

Past remnants still linger
ghosts of 'once was'
when I visit 'haunts'
places frequented long ago
usually listening to music,
nights looking for women
and the one available
for roll in bed,
with many successful romps,
yet living here years
invites numerous chance encounters
running into a 'flame'
where same attractions rise
still excited in ways
stimulating below the belt
especially if dancing again
smelling her perfumed scent
feeling hands in mine
feminine hips, back, neck,
while pulling her close
looking at familiar face
inviting eyes, desirous lips,
sparking imagination to dream
how it'd be now,
but better sense prevails,
parting separately as friends,
leaving old lovers behind.


Board paddlers,  mouth of Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor


Big and small
events course through
make up life
show their beauty
amid the cacophony
where, in beginning,
all seemed chaotic,
can still be,
but underneath this
is magical river
of synchronicity, serendipity,
the 3rd Way,
of allowing manifestations
learning to recognize
unique clarion call
just for me
in every moment,
which takes attention,
appreciation of details
each little nuance
body wisdom brings
for acceptance, rejection,
giving me opportunity
to realize 'truth'
specifically mine, now,
that encourages direction,
flowing toward grace.


At Aldo's at the yacht harbor, Santa Cruz
(photo by Crysse Morrison)


That's it for me,
no more dating sites
when looking for love,
my partner to arrive,
I let go now
of thinking I control
how she'll find me,
wanting ease and flow
a naturally occurring event
where I'm not looking,
just being me instead,
allowing for her curiosity
and desire to arise
while I patiently wait
without sense of urgency
simply true to myself
doing what I do
following my inherent joy
putting out spiritual ripples
which coincide with hers
to create alchemical mix,
but in the meantime
there are completions calling,
avenues of interest, growth,
what I'm here for
in lifetime of accomplishments
having done enough searching.


Winter woods at Emory Knoll Farms, Maryland


When we expand
some people shrink
wanting us also
to play safe,
stay in boundaries,
unspoken engagement rules
from family, society,
for status quo,
but others don't
willingly embracing new
being inspired by
exploration of unknown
setting off reverberations
that ignites potential
laying dormant, waiting,
fire activated seeds
restoring healthy forest
with forgotten diversity
once 'lit up'
gaining a foothold
in new world
of one's making,
ready, ably suited,
where anything weak
will need nurturing
otherwise they'll expire
strained, and intimidated.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trust Perfection

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Trust Perfection

Constant acceptance
without measurement
noticing circumstance
'what is'
thinking always
there's reason
each moment
for being
in place
whether discomfort
or confusion
knowing eventually
that passes
making way
to understand
it's necessity
when clarifying
 and directing
future route
which calls
waiting recognition
as 'grace'
pathway of 
least resistance
Spirit's gift
always saying
'Trust perfection.'

Monday, June 22, 2009

Follow Through

'Robert the Bruce' monument in Scotland

Follow Through

I've given myself challenges
in so many territories of my life
wondering if I'm really capable
of manifesting what I want,
and each day brings opportunity
for movement in any direction
while staying open to possibility
life won't show up as dreamed,
with trust it's for the better,
even if experiences deter me
from claiming a victory 'now'
instantly overcoming all hurdles
this physical world can produce,
but 'in between' is the living,
staying tuned toward what's next
that inspires energy and clarity,
taking large and small strides
into unknown circumstances appearing,
informing, guiding, showing the way,
to more choice points for action
where curve balls show up
testing my will, intention, desire,
whether I'll persevere through doubts,
lagging power that ebbs and flows,
often feeling the odd lone wolf
who's wondering if he'll just survive
or prosper from follow through ahead.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slipping In

Scottish dancing with a tall Scottish lass
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Slipping In

There's something sublime
about not worrying,
living elevated consciousness,
seeing Life's perfection
being Active Player
in Grand Dream
smiling within miracle
exuding childlike wonder
about what's next
that will appear
and then disappear
depending my 'grace',
how totally openhearted
I can receive
the continued download
into physical container
called, Kevin Spitzer,
which brings chuckle
to imagine 'Mystery'
dancing with me
showing new moves
for added repertoire,
as further preparation,
when expanded engagement
asks my participation
while finding opening
then slipping in.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Brother Keith, niece and goddaughter Adrienne, high school friend Steve, and me
Tuolumne River whitewater rafting trip with Zephyr Co.


Exquisite moments
fully felt,
is richness,
Life gifts
to all
no exception
yet humans
 fall asleep
forget Connection
embrace ego
and separation
as protection
from harm
experienced early,
loosing perspective
that gathers
lessons learned
into wisdom,
thankfully though
occurrences appear
for retesting
our calibrations,
are we
expanded, contracted,
or between,
when living
each opportunity.


Bird nest in corner of my solarium


We rarely know
what effect happens
within another person,
or the world,
from something done,
when we engage
in creative act,
the ripples spill
into great vibration
of our existence
as human beings,
but if lucky
life reflects back,
letting us see,
goodness of results
by simply living
following our urge
to intently listen
our internal Guidance,
then following course,
miracles are birthed
in rare juxtaposition
never before known
like baby birds
hatched in solarium
I built recently
that influenced nesting.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At Ease

Photo shoot at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

At Ease

Take out the worry
lighten up with joy
dissolve those hidden stressors
quit measuring your results
change the meaning also
of old programmed assumptions
to rework inherited beliefs
quieting critical voice within
while living present moment
fully, completely, right 'Now!',
appreciating all that 'Is'
in it's miraculous form
when coming to understand
that you create worlds
through thoughts, actions, deeds,
the way you approach
any uncomfortable life experience
by resisting, or opening,
claiming your power back
from trauma trapped energy
originally enclosed for protection
against further ego harm
only to discover persistence
within our existing shadow
until light of attention
shines, exposes blind spots,
putting us at ease.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Circle Dance

Stone circle, Lochbuie, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Circle Dance

More like spiraling upward,
outward, into the unknown,
frontiers fresh and original
yet to be visited
quietly singing me Home,
closer as I listen,
smell Life's intoxicating fragrance
waft into my senses
tingling joyful nerve endings
caressing me with miracles
of phenomenal possibility, potential,
pinpointed in present moments
even as they appear,
from next to next,
asking that I join
in free flow expression
paying attention to nuance
subtle shifts in direction,
whether alone or partnered,
while all past movements
disappear and dissolve themselves
within imprints of memory
coloring, informing, virgin reality,
as though seamless, fluid,
when really each step,
is sequential collective thought,
choices, creating circle dance.


Tuolumne River and white water rafting


Is there really such a thing
when life is seen as 'wholeness'
one big explosion of expression,
yet in the smallness of ego,
of judging, reaching, and attaining
comes separation from Expanded Self,
so engaged in Game as to fight
for what is deemed important,
losing in the mix, connection to joy,
being awed by miracle of Creation,
or sense we all are One Spirit,
I need to remind myself of such
after spending days away playing
while on white water rafting trip,
working construction for money,
plus evenings at movie, ceremony,
landing back home on ridge top
to find things wanting attention,
my garden, laundry, house cleaning,
things to write for 'conciliation work'
programs to dream up, bills to pay,
all manner of human activity
with gatherings to attend later
in support of community of friends
as everything seems to accelerate,
awakening and opening me up,
witnessing diversions as blessed unrest. 

Friday, June 12, 2009


My niece and goddaughter Emma


To recognize the symptoms
whether in stymied 'Now',
or down right fear
born of worry, disconnect,
in moment of smallness
overwhelmed by the magnitude
of this amazing life
it's tenuousness and miracle
with it's bittersweet experiences
is my unheralded work,
being at attention constantly
having intent to transform
anything that doesn't spiral
energy and power upward,
there's plenty of fodder,
grist for the mill,
within living daily life,
times reminding to appreciate
every nuance of dissonance
while always welcoming discomfort
as signpost for learning
more about reclaiming Self,
my expanded natural state,
spiritual soul turned physical,
playing quirky Human Game,
with others I choose,
taking practice to master.


Hummingbird perched over Sand Dollar Beach in Big Sur


If I view all life,
every moment, as extraordinary,
providing impetus for growth,
transformation, or simple recognition
of this most amazing existence
through continued 'what is' appreciation,
then my Expanded Self flourishes
gives me X-ray vision to see
miracle in smallest creation
and in each circumstance rendered
that brings me up against, again,
some limiting approach to living,
perfect if I utilize my tools
to accept the gift being offered,
finding, from a conscious perception,
the great humor in the teaching
which brings smile to my face,
granted, even after slogging thru
mucky feelings of trapped power,
but once reclaimed, there's aliveness,
my ability 'to be' interconnected
in genuine presence of Oneness
where a friend talking becomes me
or daily happenstance has message
some prod from Infinite Universe
directing me toward creative joy
with every breath and opportunity.

Expanded Sight

North Rim of Grand Canyon 2008

Expanded Sight

To great degree it seems
we perceive what we are,
and the feelings that brings
informs our connection to Source,
limited, when found judging
something less than acceptable
for taking up space in reality,
it denies 'what is' as viable
turns 'Creation' into right/wrong war,
yet using Infinite Being awareness
broadens spectrum of our Game
prompting  Buddha laugh enjoyment
of Life's grand diversity
seeing everything as 'ONE' expression,
granted everyone has unique joy
when doing what they truly love
even though many won't find
a full perspective in their living
only catching glimpses it seems
from vibrations of induced fun
bumping against childlike wonder
their amazed admiration so simple
easily capable of peering past veil,
the adult illusion of drudgery,
our inherited concepts of compliance
which closed door on the miraculous,
 witnessed and lived with expanded sight.