Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To Self

A note to self: Connect my Spirit with Earth more often.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

To Self

I must forever remember
when giving to others,
whether lover, family, friends,
clients, community, or world,
my continuous Earth connection
and 'Divinity of Soul'
intertwined with omnipotent Source
which permeates each breath,
making me more 'Spirit'
than human who struggles
through challenges mind creates,
stories about 'ego' control
activated by mirror reflections
life offers as fodder
when taking things personally,
wishing for different scenarios
that bottle joyful presence,
negates curiosity about Mystery,
constricts 'service' to self.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Day

Sunset above my humble home on beautiful tree lined ridge overlooking Soquel, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Another Day

After Thanksgiving dinner celebrations,
our bowling following breakfast,
then afternoon departure yesterday,
I'm back home, present,
in moment, listening rain,
loving wood stove heat,
my life, Mom, family,
dear friends, neighbors, acquaintances
around world, in town,
and my lover G
who meets me fully,
there's home, animal companions,
land, ancestors, myriad blessings
for having made choices
that delivered me here
as who 'I am',
becoming, being, while disintegrating,
holding onto nothing I
rejoice living another day.

Friday, November 26, 2010


The Spitzer Family in 1959


Preciousness strikes me
when opening heart
to feel love
I have now
for this life,
friends, family, lover,
acquaintances I've known,
my animal companions,
teachers, young, old,
our glorious Earth,
immediate land surroundings,
the trees, birds,
garden, wild growth
surrounding home, shop,
medicine wheel, where
praying for ancestors
Dad is remembered
having passed on,
thankfully Mom's alive.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Up To

Tapestry of vines bearing heart shaped leaves beneath the redwoods next to my home.

Up To

Lately I've been wondering
about my soul's intention
as it's veered about
magnetizing myriad life circumstances,
a path less traveled
that often was disconcerting
for my ego, friends,
family, lovers along way,
with it's stops, starts,
seemingly fractured rhyme, reason,
so distortedly crazy making,
yet, in second half
of this extraordinary adventure
I'm weaving found threads
into tapestry of wisdom,
(entertaining that flattering idea)
seeing the underlying interconnection
infiltrating experiences through trials,
tribulations, discovering what my
soul's been up to.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Cross country skiing near Inverness, Scotland. February, 2007


Fall weather
heading winter
brings shifts
in activities,
thought process,
food eaten,
clothes worn,
also potential
for work
that slows
if construction
is profession,
no lament,
I'm thrilled
accepting change,
the opportunities
surrounding creativity
filling mind,
heart, soul,
with variances.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My nephew Tyler, turned 5, ready to ingest birthday cake with friends.


Conversation around 'chemical attractions'
got me thinking again
about scientists finding particles
plus much space between
that constitute 'physical' reality,
there's also food eaten,
thoughts entertained, exercise regiments,
meditative private practices, love
with it's accordant feelings,
all pumping influence into
our 'sense making' brains
which map the territory
we've experienced, taken in,
promoting dreams of more
whether same, or unique,
all the while witness
to mind, body, spirit,
emotions, magnetizing present choices
of what, when, where,
if, we'll ingest opportunity.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lost Memories

Photo to remember use of work shop as art studio.

Lost Memories

Are they ever really,
perhaps just misplaced synapse
tucked into gray matter
where sacred remembrances sleep,
special vaults connecting feelings
which become body awareness,
subtle 'inner knowing' sensations
we can't quite place
while it effects attractions,
our intangible guidance system
of intuition, instinct, perception,
still mystery to scientists
but not lovers, poets,
artists who follow threads
invisible, ethereal, yet apparent,
sensed as provocatively real
within imagination sharing space
next to files containing
all life's lost memories.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kiva Moons

A summer full moon with golden grass, not the green of November's first kiva moon.

Kiva Moons

Advancing weather system heralds
complete 'full' lunar cycle,
accumulated snow to 2500 ft.,
rain for lower elevations,
I hear fire, metal,
interact in Ben Franklin
old wood burning stove,
'Wing' dog breathes contently
warm just feet away,
smiling, writing, drinking tea
my body says 'Yes!'
as mind delights knowing
winter will provide respite
from busy outdoor activities
enabling inner world exploration
in my work shop,
bringing ideas to Earth
and on blank pages
waiting to be filled
during Kiva Moons dreamtime.

Friday, November 19, 2010

In Support

The San Francisco Giants playing defense during their 2010 World Series Champion season.

In Support

Within interdependent world
we meet many
who provide services
for mundane existence,
grocer, policeman, clergy,
every life aspect
has corresponding connection
to others involved,
where all rise
or fall accordingly,
granted in degree
when society fluctuates
economically, politically, militarily,
with repercussions felt
far and wide,
making daily self-care
essential practice so
whenever needed changes
arrive, we're ready
participants in support.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Play Part

'On the job' of remodeled 3 story water tower structure at Lakeside Farm, Watsonville, Ca.

Play Part

If we don't speak up
when life gives the opportunity
to reflect on another's actions,
the effects that ripple out
whether good, bad or indifferent,
then occasion to expand evaporates,
especially when 'on the job'
where delivered doors, assembled poorly,
will be returned as opening
for deeper understandings to come,
a worker can refine abilities
while manager revisits quality control,
I get to discuss integrity,
craftsmanship, with client as assurance
that health of relationship depends
on honesty with full disclosure,
airing out dissatisfaction so expression
might activate growth between participants
who play part in manifestation.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Earth

Satellite view of the 'Isle of Mull', Scotland. My home for 5 months, winter of 2006-2007.

To Earth

How is it
humans have forgotten,
taken for granted
life bestowing Mother,
the Divine Feminine
always giving birth,
what keeps us
in our heads,
out of body,
our sacred vessel
filled with Her,
why don't we
walk, have visit,
get in touch,
discover the Mystery,
interconnectedness, and wisdom
She exudes, whispers,
models, waiting our
contact to Earth.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My girl 'Wing' fully aware of sights, sounds, and 'smells' on recent walkabout in the woods.


To own animal instincts,
one's strength, grace, fierceness
when hunting for authenticity,
fully claiming your responsibility
while hungrily stalking Life,
it's outcome whether success
or failure, depends awareness
on 360 degree surroundings,
every interior/exterior movement,
exercising essential balance, determination,
because 'wounded' won't survive
if unable to act,
pounce boldly for fear
that advance will cripple,
leaving them victim, prey,
incapable of following scented
full aliveness each day,
whereas 'health' bristles vibrancy,
attuned stealth, and power.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm a 'Horse in the Clouds' in Chinese Astrology. Seeing a fiery one here galloping into sunset.


It's done deal,
homey knows 'home',
owning my life
like an animal
owns each moment,
movement, itself, environment,
fully in power
to effect surroundings
just by presence,
while stealthily hunting
for distorted beliefs
around living, love,
sentimentality, partnership, promises ...
forget planning future
doesn't matter anymore,
time wasted worrying,
moving instinctually, boldly,
fiery, fully alive
through mysterious world.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Jen and Dan Grady at beginning of pregnancy.
Their little girl arrived 11/12/10.


Indomitable life carries on,
babies are born daily,
brown, dry Californian soil
sprouts green with rain,
hidden seeds held dormant
turn vibrant, pulse electricity,
even as light shortens,
harvest foretells death cycle
of winter's cold grip,
for some, not others,
either way a precursor
that heralds inevitable spring,
summer, seasons continuing circle,
changing moment to moment,
not to be cursed
but embraced as adventure,
keeping us aware, attentive,
on toes, peering, wondering
what resurgence will arrive.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Hold

My hands and interlocked fingers.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

No Hold

Great pleasure, joy, love,
invariably can hook us,
create desire for more,
a grasping and clinging
which rings death knell
for surprising natural unfoldment,
freedom then gets caged
when trying to reproduce
that which 'once was',
never to be again
always an impossible dream
within ever changing world,
better to be curious,
open to what's next,
emotionally flexible when receiving,
following, sequential virgin moments
without comparison, feeling awe,
wonder, for miraculous adventure
no hold can keep.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Abiquiu Reservoir with 'Ghost Ranch' territory in distance.
Abiquiu, New Mexico


It takes practice
to overcome tendencies,
habits, we've acquired
unbeknownst to us
until relationship mirror
shows shadow side,
or punctures bubble
filled with fear
that entirely coats
our world view,
makes breath hard
thinking of drowning
from encompassing distortion,
we must swim
back to shore,
regain love's footing,
simply, for self,
capably stabilized again
transforming life's difficulties.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Other Side

Tantra statue and Nirvana candles at bedside table.

Other Side

Buddhists talk of duality
overcoming our essential nature
by detaching from mind
that wants to analyze,
judge, find safe ground
to 'know' Dharma control,
an inherently masculine trait
which the feminine disrupts,
thus celibacy to repress
a woman's powerful influence,
leaving love at door
plus desire, authenticity, empathy,
for higher evolutionary consciousness,
though 'All is Tao'
even fear I experience
when vulnerably opening heart
into 'no guaranteed' unknown
feeling male 'life force'
connecting female other side.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Excitable, enthusiastic me. Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz. Calif.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Inspired, possessed by God,
state of impassioned emotion,
transport, elevation of fancy,
exaltation of soul, ecstasy,
(Webster's New International Dictionary)
'Wow! What a sensation!'
and to have that
for yourself, upon awakening,
bringing such 'in-spirit' electricity
out into the world,
breathing, imbibing Divine Life
when participating with others
becomes great human 'communion',
far beyond that marvel
is lovers' intimate intertwining,
sharing individual dreams, visions,
met with unbridled joy,
emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally,
with 'BIG ENERGY' enthusiasm.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A few of the lucky grandchildren blessed to be witnessed by their Grandma Dorothy.


There's something to this,
studies reveal unhealthy isolation,
that somewhere in humans
communion is essential nature
being we're gregarious species
needing touch, affection, nurturance,
to give, receive, share
intimacy with loved ones,
creating 'heart healthy' life
even though sometimes difficult
with friction of differences,
yet benefits far outweigh
what many deem negative
when navigating emotional waters
in changing relationship currents,
and forgotten is synthesis,
the great catalyzing force
sparking courageous transformation, resurgence,
souls discover when witnessed.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Snow dusted Scottish mainland skirts Isle of Mull's 'Duarte Castle' of Clan Maclean.


This expansive benevolent archetype
is master of domain,
life's myriad 'reality territories'
in physical illusory world
with their demands, stressors,
that often set siege
on castled inner peace,
where if healthy, balanced,
any assault is repulsed,
eventually seen as blessing
which informs, strengthens wisdom
to address unrest early,
and sometimes hidden agents
disguised as trustworthy messengers
try undermining united front,
inject inner espionage thoughts
recognized by infectious separation,
fear of change, clinging,
once exposed is thanked,
forgiven, transformed by King.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Part

Irish storyteller relating a 'participatory' tale during 'First Peace Launch'.
Land of Shining Stones, Abiquiu, New Mexico

My Part

It's not just up to me
how life plays out in world
so many other characters join story
creating all manner of societal structure
supplying food, fuel, energy, economy, work,
and there's Mother Nature's nurturing ways
weaving earth, wind, fire, and water
into all forms of diverse Existence
as model depicting our interconnected web,
yet I remember days gone by
that like Confirmation namesake 'Saint Christopher'
I've felt weight of world's suffering
trying to make sense of madness
thinking someone needs to stand up,
sacrifice, take one for the team,
only to find myself totally overwhelmed,
finally realizing peace begins right here,
inside, with love, then moves out
while doing my part within relationships.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sunset from ferry heading to the Montezuma Peninsula, Costa Rica.


I'm not interested
in contrived life
weighing out possibilities,
probabilities, from mind
playing security game,
lining up ducks
to minimize pain,
hurt, from living,
instead I open
making myself vulnerably
courageous to slings,
arrows, existence offers,
realizing greatest wisdom
comes when blows
shatter protective ego,
expose soul beneath
that is indestructible,
holding what's unequivocal,
heart's sacred truth.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Stone circle I created during 'walkabout' ceremony with RainbowHawk and WindEagle.
Plaza Blanco Arroyo, Abiquiu, New Mexico


Beyond societal upbringing
of men, women
together in relationship
with their roles,
should, should nots
trappings of normality,
lies real connection
fecundity buried deep
beneath programmed layers
whenever souls intertwine
destined to share
consciousness, time, space,
expressed through friendship,
authenticity, honest participation
in daily life
without boundary, restriction,
no set path,
only love's freedom
leaving past behind.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beyond Potential

Fireworks at Kinloch Hotel, during Hogminay celebration.
Pennyghael, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Beyond Potential

Further than conscious reach,
past space and time
into blank evolutionary void
is essence of everything,
nothing, interwoven as mystery
in recesses of inconceivability,
where life, death pale,
just more '10,000 things'
born between visible, invisible,
entering existence as miracle,
dream, known yet unknown,
only needing electric spark
from friction of opposites
to create 'Big Bang'
within possibility and probability
found in Creation's ethers,
breath of feminine, masculine,
finding united unpredictable form,
'stardust' living beyond potential.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fully Secure

Grand Canyon and Colorado River from North Rim vantage point.

Fully Secure

It's another great paradox
that by letting go
the idea of 'self',
seeing nothing is permanent
as river constantly changes ,
and 'myself' a collective
of elemental ingredients, earth,
water, fire, air, space,
plus consciousness, I'm freed,
knowing transient fluid life
gives no guaranteed promises,
where dying I'll continue,
return to molecular world,
yet instead of insecurity
I feel connected, inseparable
from ancestors and heirs,
every tree, rock, cloud,
animal, bug, or human,
fully secure, openly loving.