Sunday, February 28, 2010


Callanish Stones, Isle of Harris and Lewis, Scotland


Quite a curious thing,
some instances it's there
others not a lick,
like waiting in line
for purchase of non-essentials,
or traffic jam madness,
plus any killing time
until a movie's scheduled,
and I'll admit frustration
with a late arrival
of friend's promised rendezvous,
yet, if it's me
I give wide berth
allowing room for spontaneity,
shifts from what's planned
left open for surprise,
often appearing as procrastination,
which it could be
as projects lie incomplete
for reasons of anticipation,
needing some necessary ingredient
to catapult job forward
in right attitude, timing,
maturing along the way,
trusting process of creation
instead of ramrod mentality
containing distortions that judge
according to expected goal
set concretely, eliminating patience.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


My previously coal burning 'Franklin' stove now converted to wood.


Each cold winter morning
fire ritual is enacted
of splitting, breaking kindling,
putting paper in first
followed by small wood
then bigger in progression
through top round portal
cast iron cover seals
on 'Ben Franklin' stove,
an old coal burner
having pulled guts from
to accommodate split oak
once flames are established
after final honoring sequence,
bowing on one knee
with air vents open,
I strike kitchen match
upon rough sided box
watching miracle burst forth,
stored sunlight, flickering brightly,
enters large combustion chamber
and begins building momentum,
becoming a locomotive roar
from ignited hungry feeding
that I dampen expertly,
regulating an essential ingredient,
oxygen, so it burns
long, slow, sustainably hot,
modeling constancy I value.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Morning departure after visiting friends near Newcastle on the T'yne, England.
50th Birthday Tour, 2004


Everyday hosts many responsibility options
some of great personal significance
such as those under radar
of one's daily ego consciousness,
and often endings can occur
especially if moving somewhere else
pulling up roots from area
with hopes of finding fertility
for dreams, visions, and home
in new territory of existence
on diverse spaceship Mother Earth,
this separation from old location
provides opportunity to shuck baggage,
letting go of stagnate ways,
attitudes, opinions, images and beliefs
that can hold us back
from realizing some essential creativity
lost in life deadening routines,
these are potent transformative moments
where change can catalyze vibrance
sparking us toward something forgotten,
like soul, our real purpose
within this magical Mystery tour,
so ready to be influenced
when awakening to deeper urges
which smack of primal directive,
'Do this or die miserably.'
more likely if denial wins,
robbing vitality, when restarting poorly.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


'Scottish dance' at a 'ceilidh' during my last night on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.
February 27th, 2007


It's fun to dance
by moving the joints
in creative sequenced play
that clearly communicates joy,
especially with someone else
when coordinated and synchronistic,
or even freeform when
both individuals uniquely feel,
listen, decipher the music,
letting lyrical rhythms enter
stirring one's inner vibrations
upward on emotional scale
smiling from the resonance
which dissolves any separateness
as fluidity takes over
when body syncopations burst
into previously unknown gyrations,
and writing is similar,
allowing words to arrive
one squarely following another
within an underlying structure
capable of creating currents
of original juxtaposed ideas
never before so arranged,
stimulating fresh brain synapse
able to shine light
on myriad of concepts,
some that find movement
inside one's articulate soul.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Raft builder, Montezuma, Costa Rica


We're all asked
to be creative
in changing times,
those who don't
suffer the dissonance
between past, future,
experienced as stress
within paradoxical existence,
where old truth
takes final gasp
before new supplants,
while during limbo
reality and dreams
vie for influence
through ideas, visions,
of vital reconstruction
life always demands
when evolution shifts
from environmental degradation,
humans distorted impact,
or economic failings,
this is opportunity
if one commits
intention to transform,
stripping what's unnecessary,
wanting, needing less,
discovering the structure
around soulful joy
then designing innovations.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Train To Nowhere

Train in England with Lake Country hills in the background.

Train To Nowhere

Talking with a buddy
about another friend's plight
thinking only by grace
do I go well,
yet there are differences
as he won't budge
from addictions and patterns
that don't affirm life,
unwilling to self actualize
and create new reality
he blames and denies,
cannot get over hump
of ingrained apathetic inertia
cultivated by television mentality,
being a compliant observer
sedated by smoking pot,
cigarettes, an inactive body,
while age creeps relentlessly,
in essence I'm same,
running various mental routines,
growing older, future uncertain,
no guarantee I'll stand
much longer than anyone
because of fickle life,
not knowing accumulative effect
my past experiences generate
though I can influence,
courageously, rails to ride
on train to nowhere.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Injured Toucan at animal rescue in Cabuya, Montezuma.


This is what it takes
to birth things into physicality
whether we're conscious or not
of what is really wanted,
sometimes just running old programs
underneath new revelation and intention
thinking latest dream will happen
from an occasional thought visitation
without making a concentrated effort,
perhaps lulled into euphoric sleep
where our desires are fulfilled
imagining how good it'll feel
when the deed is done,
hearing accolades for it's completion,
though there's no real chance
if constancy of steps falter,
turn into fits and starts,
because any structural discipline weakens
in mind, body, spirit, emotion,
all cylinders firing in sequence
are needed for vibrant manifestation
maintained with self care, honoring
visions of deep soul journey
which rise up inside us,
and if paid attention to
will lead past human pratfalls
knowing obstacles have contrasting message
that in reality point toward
clear focus our destiny demands.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


My younger brother Keith waiting for a volleyball serve.
Main Beach, Santa Cruz, California


Half of life it seems
we spend by anticipating future,
trying to link possibilities together
inside our movie making psyche,
and if predisposed to worry
from societal, genetic induced neurosis
then the lull between imperatives
can be stress filled angst,
running scenarios of worst case
instead of attracting great outcome
because we thought the best,
believed in ourselves and others,
while being positive role model
as vibrant, intelligent, joyful human
so supremely flexible in living
that anything coming into sphere
we accept, learn from, influence,
within cause and effect dance,
using any interim as fodder
for opportunity to deepen 'presence'
one's ability for 'Essence' embodiment
sharing Soul connection with Absolute
in each breath and perception,
perhaps chuckling the unlikely nature
everything in this world exists,
intertwines, appearing separate, yet seamless
when we take pause, reflecting
the perfection of next occurrence,
waiting with sublime good humor.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Fog lifting from cliffs, viewed 0n ferry from Orkney Island to Scottish mainland.


It's still winter here
though brief warm respite
got me cutting hair,
pulling my motorcycle out
plus dreaming of work
fine weather would allow,
I felt Spring surge
well up inside me
like plum tree buds,
a few in flower
whispering of potential fruit,
and this is me
anticipating a glorious year
with bountiful enriching harvest
even as certain ideas
will miss pollenated manifestation,
waiting for cultivated future
when timing is right
after I've pruned distractions,
hinderances that void fecundity,
the life forging energy
inherent to creative expression
where aspects of self,
both male and female,
combine in Universal synergy
becoming Mystery danced alive,
'I AM' and 'Beloved'
flirting, gyrating to rhythms,
music, teasers, Nature supplies.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cherish-able Self

My 'pony' during Scotland adventure from Sept. 2006 to Feb. 2007

Cherish-able Self

I smile as I write
thinking finally it is happening,
having come to love myself
for how I show up
as unique vibrant manifested Spirit
within ego called Kevin Spitzer,
who's being drawn toward Life
in myriad ways and interests
after making it through heartache,
hardship, challenge, risk, joy, success,
still able to laugh hardily
at myself and world's debacles,
while deeply appreciating the ride
taken with everyone I know
no matter difficulty of lessons
learned on path to grave,
and this is the crux,
that you, my friends, family,
circled around in transitioning times
when I was stretching, breaking,
struggling to emerge, find Truth
of who I really am,
all the while you whispered
prayers into ether surrounding me
so they entered, awakening soul
asleep to Light 'I AM',
realizing my part in whole
plus responsibility to really embrace,
then share, my cherish-able Self.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


 Jani's son Luther and I, immediately after giving myself a 'motorcycle helmet' haircut.
St. Agnes, Cornwall, England 2004


Humans get into ruts
while I'm no different,
though varying in degree,
depending on latest discipline
if I have it
to apply toward dreams
calling to my soul,
and often around birthday
I take clear stock
of where I'm at,
what needs to change
on this physical plane,
like cropping my hair,
reorganizing, cleaning inside home
inviting brightened energy there
giving me new perspective
with sense of order,
control over outward manifestations,
that kind of matches
my consciousness being restructured
when digesting quantum leap
into unknown personal potential
where major shifts occur
within my mysterious psyche
sparked by grand recognition,
deeper 'real-eye-zed' life purpose
directing journey I'm on,
forever requesting along way
opportunities to refresh myself.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Openings

Plaza Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico

New Openings

Change constantly happens,
it's Nature's reality,
ours as 'co-creators'
gifted choice points
in every moment,
the heart beats
blood is pulsing
breath moves through
mind generates thoughts
body feels sensations
emotions can rise,
fall, depending circumstance,
even when still
equanimity is influenced
by Life's agenda
as Universal Intelligence
prodding unique entity,
tree, fish, human,
dense light matter,
toward evolutionary unknown,
some original experience
yet to awaken
aspect of 'self'
asleep to potential,
one's Sacred Path
only Soul understands,
from illuminated realization
future holds as
new openings today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Light

Sunrise light viewed from the land I live on.

Love Light

Is our only imperative this
from which all goodness springs,
to let soul shine brightly
though it does so naturally
yet is diminished by layers
society begins putting upon us
at moment of birth, naked,
virgin, raw, pure, having forgotten
our origin and true identity
as kinetic Life Force energy,
sparked within Holy Womb's darkness,
becoming unique and special manifestation
'vibrating illumination' as dense matter,
entering world scene of paradox
where only glimpses are dared
toward awakened Divine Universal Intelligence
that permeates all of Creation,
acknowledged when Presence opens doorway
into Great Mystery, revealing wholeness,
exquisitely experienced through teeming diversity
while remembering individual Sacred Path,
your imbedded cellular Essence memory
'real-eye-zed' within cause and effect,
this co-creative relationship called Existence
where all encompassing Truth informs,
clarifies, impetus for Right Action
when dreaming life each moment
respecting heartfelt connection to everything,
sending, guarding, Spirit's love light.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Costa Rican worker strapped in while painting roof beams.
Anamaya Resort, Montezuma, Costa Rica


No matter the environment,
whether extraordinary natural beauty
inspiring our soul flight
into remembered Absolute realm,
joining High Consciousness Humans
upon First Peace inquiry
igniting Sacred Path dreaming
with hopes of reverberating,
rippling our noble intentions,
or in busy world
surrounded by financial security,
physical possessions that please
friends who love deeply
plus work that satisfies,
genuinely supporting life endeavors,
partner, family, good causes
while enjoying physical health,
open heart, passionate emotions,
clear mind, vibrant Spirit,
there will come challenges
both large and small
which can disrupt vibrations,
our Divinely connected equanimity,
again allowing ego access
to control thought mechanisms
bringing fear of failure
as infection for protection
believing smallness brings safety,
hoping tests are few.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Slip Through

Last section of Montezuma Falls before stream slips into ocean.
 Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Slip Through

There can be grace
when embodying altered state
that wholeness feels like
after ego making craziness,
being caught in separation,
our unique diverse form
wanting supreme special recognition
thinking we're extraordinarily different
deserving gifts other's don't,
as if our story
is the ultimate Truth,
forgetting this synergistic Creation
the light embedded matter
we are, as One,
born within holy Womb
reminding this shared Existence
brothers and sisters together,
I'm you, you're me,
together with plants, animals
carrying minerals, the Universe,
like holographic small piece
which if expanded upon
shows the integral part
of co-creation we inhabit,
dreaming ourselves into being,
becoming awakened Divine Effect
caused by soul's agreement
to enter physical realm
letting Spirit slip through.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Gateway to Celtic inspired chapel. Compton, Surrey, England


This is essential ingredient
needed by individuals, nations,
when piercing the dark
with light of understanding,
being able to conceptualize
the awe inspiring expanse
Spirit, as Creation, encompasses
in shared Sacred Dream,
often called hellish existence
if unable to 'realize'
magnitude of inhabited miracle,
it's unbelievably complex diversity
that overwhelms simple reasoning,
mind trying to grasp
what must be felt
from 'presence of being',
while 'opening the gateway'
to melding without boundary
into surrounding 'Life Force',
made manifest by perception
without commentary that limits
all we make up,
can conjure, as co-creators
willing to entertain phenomenon
where anything is possible,
even probable, if envisioned,
enlivened, through creative freedom,
going beyond habitual restrictions
riding spaceship of imagination.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


In Monterey Bay, at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Everyday it's always available,
new information coming in
to be deciphered holistically,
call it constant education
from hard knock school
if forever placing ourselves
in way of lessons
that inhabit risks taken,
their cause and effect,
born from ego desires
or societal norms embraced
without spiritual common sense,
some sort of philosophy,
principles, that sustain Beauty
even as crazy humans
build on shifting sand
of manmade economic models
waves threaten to dash,
now different learning arrives
using 'Self' as receiver
for what's innately true
informed by inner knowing,
'Lead from your soul,
but be unique person.'
centered in 'First Peace',
the vibration that attracts
all you want taught
and manifested this lifetime,
opening to crucial transmission.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Nowhere

A rose.

From Nowhere

Human beings become hard,
calloused, forgetful of miracle,
cursing their 'dropped call'
flagging 'HD' television picture,
mind, body health souring,
car technology breaking down,
electricity lost from storm,
so many life inconveniences
as if poor victim
to unrelenting painful hardships,
easily found when looking
with poverty stricken eyes
unable to harvest riches
through appreciation of grandeur
in simplest flower, breath,
water, earth, air, fire,
Creation's magical Mystery configurations
transmitted through amazing senses,
our unlikely physical formation
born out uniquely poetic
from norm of diversity,
nothing is the same
when change forever arrives,
each phenomenal step forward
into our unknown future,
even as we're supported
by questionable principled philosophies
that maintain our existence,
entering intelligence from nowhere.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In The Flow

 Wednesday evening summertime sailboat race, across from yacht harbor entrance. 
Walton Lighthouse, Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, California

In The Flow

Life presents opportunities
for response, reaction,
putting up choices
as mental fodder
that can churn
like treadmill hamster
when deciding direction,
conflict can arise
between brain, body,
creating odd tension,
it's bottled energy
waiting for release
needed when changing
some appropriate aspect
toward what's wanted,
accompanied by peace,
joy, real happiness,
when being engaged
by evolutionary process
which moves ahead
on unique timetable
if we cooperate,
but staying stuck
within expectant hopes
deemed ultimate goal
is forgetting surprise,
unforeseen synchronistic result,
often feels more
in the flow.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Bounty of Chantrelle mushrooms from 'walkabout' on the land.


Often I get strong impulse
to spontaneously do some activity,
then engage it without inquiry,
following a feeling of sureness
located within my Body/Mind
called 'gut' or 'sacral' area,
so it was yesterday morning
motivated by urge to hike
with Bonnie, while blazing trail
which could become a 'walkabout'
for future participants of workshops,
seminars, or vision quest seekers,
plus neighbors, as moving meditation
into the heart of Nature
that envelopes ridge and valley,
using deer paths to guide
we traversed western sandstone hillside
skirting oaks, dense scotch broom,
until entering forest became inevitable
as if being called forward
by forces exacting our experience
directing our route toward discoveries
of beauty always so original,
and ever changing over years,
where my memory vaguely remembered
the contour from past explorations
though never recollecting a time
when bounty of 'Chantrelle' mushrooms
sparked multiple exclamations of surprise.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


My girl 'Little Wing' with one of her natural attractors  in life.


There are phases in life,
large, small, and sizes between
where certain endeavors are possible
while others find only obstruction,
some believe the stars effect
that it's mapped out perfectly
through aligned conjuncts, and trines
to wisely pay attention toward,
add systems like Human Design,
the Enneagram, Earth Wisdom Teachings,
and they bring different filters
for understanding homo sapiens condition,
in the end, it's mystery,
only to be partially deciphered
by anyone other than us,
each individual who uniquely accesses
sensitive awareness to 'their truth'
of inner workings and direction
which points toward deciding criteria
within moment of personal inquiry,
whether based on intuitive vibrations,
feelings from sacral, or mindfulness
which holds all the territories
defining us as sacred beings
so readings can be taken
naturally through mind, body, spirit,
emotion, to determine next move
gracefully coinciding with past, future,
delivering life attraction we want.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Already Written

Angel with 'Love' emblem beside. One of  four ceiling panels on Celtic inspired chapel.
Compton, Surrey, England

Already Written

What if on grand scale
the tale of humanity's challenge
to rise from great failure
is destined, been previously formulated
by Great Spirit on high,
that our pathway is clear
like Moses parting the sea,
yet it's up to us
for utilizing right place, timing,
while actively playing essential part
which will make scenario real
when living fully each day,
choosing what brings us joy
in new paradigm of living
we just need to do,
continuing on with courage, faith,
lest some lesser fate intervenes,
probably it will for many
much like battlefield 'triage' mentality
where those, unwilling to try,
or unable to make leap
into evolutionary consciousness that arrives
will want to fade away,
afflicted by moral mortal wounding,
with energy and sustenance given
toward those who want recovery,
can let go, heal themselves
from distorted disease of separation
embracing Love's story already written.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Visions

Statue of sailor across the Golden Gate from San Francisco.

More Visions

I received astrology reading
with 'Astro-cartography' as bonus
from Dan Furst yesterday,
after previous radio interview,
it'd been seven years
since prior 'Vedic' reading,
as always there's excitement
and willingness to open
allowing for dream resonance
to correspond with words
depicting what is favorable
delivered by an 'intuitive'
who understands deeper symbolism
while tapping psychic realm
ably flying with best,
which I love doing
in 'all potential' realm,
letting cords be struck
within my inner knowing
on mythical, archetypal plane
yet grounded in physical,
what's realistic, personally possible,
if I set intention
that ignites determined willingness
toward heroic soul journey
all in greater service
for humanity, and world,
continually gifting myself with
more visions of joy. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Always New

Winter sunrise and Walton Lighthouse from Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, Calif.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Always New

Each day holds
our virgin potential
no matter previous
defeat or success,
however we interpret
history of actions
that can change
if story does,
giving different twist
from lessons learned
structuring hero journey
to depict challenges
as tempering fodder
instead of chaos,
existence without meaning,
or failed living
making us flawed
for not attaining
what others have,
envying their abilities
while denigrating ours,
only to create
self fulfilling prophecy
afraid to try,
risk your significance
thinking it's hopeless,
good won't come,
reality is stagnate,
though truth is
Life's always new.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Release Control

Hitting a 'hole' while river rafting the Tuolumne River in California.
(w/ brother Keith, niece Adrienne, and friend Steve Z.)

Release Control

No need, it's futile,
to harness desired outcome,
the one deemed worthy
measured as unbelievably great
in critical mind's eye
unable then to appreciate
any situation's perfect magnificence
for what it is,
with the subtle intricacies
or grand surprise revelations,
either one we miss
when caught in web
of wanting something different,
forgetting adventure we're on
as children curiously playing
with miracle that's everywhere,
full of awe, wonder,
while fluid emotional nature
allows for dynamic range
buoyed in human heart
giving information and direction
toward the underlying purpose
our soul agreed upon
before entering physical world,
this field of dreams
which beckons expansive possibilities,
reminds the True Origin
that birthed unique entity
here to release control.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Soul Allure

Guest viewing  sunset colors over Pacific Ocean from 'infinity pool'.
Anamaya Retreat Center, Montezuma, Costa Rica

Soul Allure

Born pure to this world
the layering of ego begins
from first contact with atmosphere,
light, all around this body,
our vehicle for earthly delights,
and pain, bearing watery emotions
where fiery spirit can dampen
make thoughts swirl in air
confusing us with stimulus galore
delivered by parents, family, peers,
school, church, community, nation, world,
any societal construct we encounter
with messages subtle and bold
which supposedly point to happiness,
at least some life satisfaction
if you get on board,
accept attitudes, images, opinions, beliefs,
of status quo running show,
but underneath teeming civilized propaganda
is the wafting surreal scent
escaping from within burdened living
activating glimpse of intuitive dream,
pieces to holistic rainbow visions
enticing embrace of evolutionary poetics,
their deep, ethereal, cosmic vibrations
so constantly present, invisibly intertwined,
with permeating miraculous Absolute Source,
that we overlook the obvious
until 'soul allure' sparks recognition.