Thursday, March 31, 2011


Interviewed Grammy nominated 'Gentle Thunder' with her flutes and 'hammer dulcimer'.
(photo by Gentle Thunder in KZSC air room)


We're seemingly always
in communication with
self, others, and
All of Creation,
where constant inundation
by outside interference
known as 'society'
creates a forgetting
of essential law,
'Know Thy Self'
as spiritual being
in human form
equipped with senses
and necessary tools
to navigate 'reality',
this interconnected relationship
between transmitter, receiver
involving everything present
which engages attention
within any moment,
it's our choices
conscious or subconscious
that call cohorts
forward to dance,
be part of
life's invigorating dialogue.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Until Then

Petroglyphs showing humans, animals, lightning bolt and more.
Valley of Fire, Nevada

Until Then

This moment
that contains
all potential
sparks electricity
into any
dream possibility
when imagining
future unfoldment,
it's fun
playing with
joyful scenarios
deemed worthy
of attention,
intention, effort,
to manifest
in communion
when Source,
self, others,
become synthesized
lightning bolt
cracking open
fertile seeds,
promising start,
blossom, fruition,
calmly persevering
until then.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Into The Mists

I'm in the first boat peering above the raging rapids of the Tuolumne River in California.

Into The Mists

Peering destined future
from old mindset
is ego game,
distorted robes, personas
rise to challenge
threat of domination
and subservience to
a greater calling
that 'Soul' hears,
the real 'master'
willing to risk
what once was
for adventure into
unexplored virgin territory
beyond past conceptualization,
catching glimpses of
guiding shore fires
while stealthily paddling
river into 'Unknown'
nearly blind journey
where surrealistic images
explode into consciousness,
seared by lightning,
shooting star insights,
illuminating mysterious voyage
into the mists.

Monday, March 28, 2011

How Far

Graveyard near the village of Bunessan, overlooking stormy land mass called 'Scridain'.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

How Far

It's a dance to ascertain path
amid millions of myriad destinies
scrutinizing every nuanced choice made,
mundanely routine without grave consequence
on 'minute' level engaging varied timing,
with large impact filled decided events
there's full spectrum of life adaptation
making major shift in essential territories
effecting career, friends, home, status ...
which catapults a landing on strange planet
as if parallel universe with diverse sensibilities
effecting one's belief in fate, the gods,
asking if 'out of control' is nature of living
especially when circumstances are irrevocable,
someone dies from earthquake, tsunami,
nuclear accident impossible to manage,
this is when Humanity gets 'ass kicked',
humbled enough now to doubt it's mastery
seeing interconnection through corner of eye
bringing caution to predicting future,
again noticing all the variables involved
and wondering if anything is securely
set in stone, able to be depended on,
so people wonder if it's crazy
to dream at all of a 'better today'
or how far to plan into 'tomorrow'.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


My parents, Robert Franklin Spitzer and Dorothy Marie Hayes, on wedding day.


Once a medieval methodology aimed
at turning baser metals into gold
it still speaks to miraculous transfiguration
but in realms greater than mundane reality,
deeper, wider, more expansive, electric,
far reaching, than ancestors could have dreamed,
though they 'understood', were acutely aware of
invisible worlds inundating physical existence,
and here we are now as 'exploiters'
who take advantage of revolutionary science
but give no credit to unseen 'Source'
which allows humanity's inventive genius
no matter it's use or terrible consequence,
guns, bombs, nuclear power, satellites, computers,
traveling full spectrum in uncontrolled orgy
escalated toward destruction of beauty,
wholeness, common sense, wisdom, innate goodness,
threatening love of neighbor, self, Creation,
in cacophony that is maddening din,
yet, hope lies eternal in human DNA,
subconsciously aware of magnificent potential
our 'coming together' can fully realize,
manifested in small ways on daily basis
where myriad examples display remarkable synergy,
as what happens when two people of like minds,
spirits, hearts, embody alchemy of Mystery.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Miraculous Realm

View of 'Ghost Range' territory from 'Land of Shining Stones' overlooking Abiquiu reservoir.
Abiquiu, New Mexico

Miraculous Realm

The great catastrophes and upheavals
within the halls of human history
pale in comparison to earliest travesty
when mankind denounced symbiotic marriage
to Mother Earth, plants, animals, 'Existence'
deeming homo sapiens a conquering species,
this divorce of integral sacred relationship
birthed 'turning events' witnessed today
due to imbalanced disregard and disrespect
fashioned by 'dog eat dog' worldview,
it's this manipulation of our transformative power
that values 'credentialed' experts over wise elders,
empirical knowledge espousing separation
instead of holistic interrelated understanding,
or divisions specifying hierarchal specialties
opposite full spectrum Life experiences,
these distortions damaged the 'Hoop of Creation'
and if mended, world again would recognize 'magic',
'Mystery's' unexplainable 'Universe of All Potential'
where we'd celebrate never ending diversity,
forever see each other as God, Goddess,
supremely rare, without equal or comparison,
embracing, encouraging, inspiring every entity
toward expressing unique talented 'Essence',
witnessing 'Spirit' in grass blade, bird, element,
in miraculous realm known through loving heart.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great Adventure

Enjoying a 'zip line' adventure near Montezuma, Costa Rica

Great Adventure

Life is nothing but this
when witnessing trajectory of history,
the grand risks humanity's taken
through shared individual response, reaction,
depending on urgency and motivation,
rare peaceful coexistence is no exception
as living means constant change
with world turning into the future
barely issuing whispers on tongue, in ear,
that say, 'Improvement is coming.'
but not without pioneering vision,
action, where everyone plays part,
forever curious of surprise unfolding
which takes an explorer's resilient heart
to fathom such a wondrous world
and ably transmit awe of the miraculous
in terms to awaken, open the masses
afraid or unwilling to transcend themselves
by remembering higher purpose and direction,
honoring Earth, ourselves, when dreaming
of our Oneness with sense of timing to walk
on road toward recovered balance, beauty,
while guarding necessary vitality, integrity,
reborn in creative freedom of every moment
where opportunity to evolve consciousness
becomes daily great adventure we're on.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On my bedroom wall by the 'east' window.


Each of us is wizard, sorceress,
tied to shamanistic tradition,
though many abdicate, let 'ordained' practice
through ceremonial religious ritual
relinquishing our power to influence transformation,
but in lesser degree it's normal exercise
when we dream, envision, feel potential
as if 'it is' in this moment,
checking for motivational passion
that can catapult us into future
use affirming prayer, thoughts,
while resourcing 'what's needed'
then assembling in order of strategy
what implemented planned action will take,
often outcome can miss the mark
depending quality of one's intention
and if goal supports vitality, integrity,
interwoven with high purposeful direction
of your Soul 'being, becoming' physical
within 'Sacred Dream of Life' manifesting
conscious evolution in 'Great Turning',
undeniably it's demoralizing sad loss
to forget inherent ability to creatively
design our existence in high fashion,
or to not encourage and inspire others
toward realizing humanity's deep mandate
for conjuring a peaceful, just, and joyous world.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My garden as if looking from the inside of my mind.


This is playing field
where forces take shape
when vying for dominance
or equitably shared existence
during 'The Great Turning',
humanity's accelerated exponential upheaval,
asking 'What's needed now?'
to survive 'evolutionary' changes
on recalibrating Mother Earth
who is re-awakening everyone
toward witnessing 'Oneness' of
humans, plants, animals, elements,
calling for necessary work
upon world's physical place,
yet, essentials are 'within',
all of us re-evaluating
what sustenance to give
that'll encourage expansive growth
with willingness to release
attitudes, images, opinions, beliefs
no longer serving us,
deciding to feed wolf
voraciously dedicating itself toward
love, goodness, peaceful coexistence,
while being of service
inside 'Life's Sacred Dream'.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wants To Happen

What's next to build in my life?
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Wants To Happen

A fertile mind
can dream big,
often beyond possibility
of realistic creation
when weighing costs,
peering unforeseen challenges
revealing different considerations
from close inspection
within physical parameters
which negate project,
not other times,
where actual construct
toward fulfilled desire
has more flexibility,
room to manifest
in timing, potential,
approach, straightforward options
featuring less confusion,
promising increased rewards,
positive surprises, intangibles
that feed heart,
soul, sparking mind,
energizing emotional body
to power efforts
while discovering what
wants to happen.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Old 'horse' of the railroad.
Roaring Camp, Felton, California


Procrastination is misunderstood cousin
to procreation, (very near in dictionary),
and closely aligned when making choices
within the physical manifestation process,
think of it as form of discernment,
the mastication and gestation stages
while waiting for electric impulse,
a lightning bolt 'Ah-ha!' revelation
that opens way to glorious destination
without all the spurs, whips, carrots
used to get one's 'horse' moving,
or latest 'kick in ass' technique
which can push forward incessantly
regardless of 'timing or interconnection',
thinking inspiration will arrive eventually
once initial inertia is overcome
no matter if heart disagrees
as long as 'mind' points toward 'success',
often a societal command of conformity,
better to patiently appreciate the pause
aware of differences from past experiences
when being 'turned on' by possibility
authentically engaging gears gone rusty,
because true discovery to 'soul direction'
was in 'out of the box' conceptualization,
this virgin consciousness then becomes catapult.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


A kind of 'morning practice' in medicine wheel fronted by 'First Peace' ceremonial altar.
Land of Shining Stones, Abiquiu, New Mexico


I've heard it said
that masterpiece isn't complete
until shared with world,
and that any 'work'
made by it's creator
is really 'exposing' oneself,
a most courageous act
in society teaching 'defense'
as reason for aggression,
creating top secret documents
to protect, keep hidden
truth about what's real,
where vulnerability's sanctioned domain
of poets, artists, lovers,
revered as revealing mystics
availed to magic realms,
has come within reach
for everyone to 'open',
channeling a warrior's spirit
when sharing fears, emotions,
with friends, family, community,
on blogs, social media,
owning combined colorful strokes
of individual's 'soul essence',
physically embodied, performing improvised
beautifully alive solo artistry.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Settle

Sunset behind my motorcycle route away from 'The Callanish Stones', stone circle.
Isle of Harris (mountains) and Lewis (plains), same island, in Scotland.

Don't Settle

'The journey is the destination.'
emblazoned on Boulder, Colorado teeshirt
reminds epic nature of life,
each person's opportunity at storytelling
to weave own personal tale
of romance, adventure, redemption, growth,
chapters filled with twist, turns,
small details, huge sweeping landscapes,
mundane struggles, extravagant dreams, visions,
some perseveringly realized, others upended,
all adding to rare mandala
one of kind never repeated
holographic entity that everyone is,
part of some blockbuster movie
keeping audience on seat's edge
where actors play out role
in character until final curtain
creating surprising chemistry in scenes
with others and surrounding environment,
nobody stops halfway through film
and speaks somebody else's lines
wanting something other than 'themselves',
Mickey Mouse isn't King Kong,
Scotland will never be Brazil,
everyone is uniquely different, so
don't settle for 'normal' existence.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Escape

Bryce Canyon, Utah.

No Escape

Like never before
we have opportunity
to really absorb
our interconnected nature,
'Spider Woman's Web',
through global communication,
becoming intimately aware
of each other
from collapse, catastrophe,
rebellion, poverty, genocide,
upheavals, myriad changes
witnessed as terrible,
and within rubbled
repercussions that shake
emerge jeweled lessons
for evolving species,
the intangible 'Essence'
shared by 'All'
reminding forgotten virtues
like compassion, empathy,
desire to cooperate,
being of service
as life turns
on blue-green planet,
participating in realization
there's no escape.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Storied Evolution

Remnants of over 5,000 year old living quarters at 'Scara Brae'.
Orkney Island, Scotland

Storied Evolution

Specifically and generally homo sapiens are known
by personal, cultural, and Earth's 'history',
our early ancestors in tribal clans
received succor from a turbulent Mother
with Her seasons, upheavals, pendulum swings,
where parasitic humans matched volatility
amid desperate survivalist 'present'
initiating cognitive ability to remember 'past',
bringing first 'wisdom teaching' forward
surfacing idea that 'future' days were coming
and could be prudently planned for,
so it went, becoming out of balance extreme,
people fearful or excited about 'tomorrow'
depending upbringing, class, finances, education,
any number of experiences lived through
that inform thoughts of what is possible
whether it will be terrible or exalted outcome,
while most forget living 'in the moment' today
is place each individual 'tale' takes shape
written by how we handle life's procession
from cradle to grave, encountering sadness, joy,
plus everything in between others witness,
our friends, family, lovers who play roles
as supporting actors in this interdependent theater,
able to reflect and recount distance traveled
giving resounding applause to our storied evolution.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

World Adapts

Small village of 'Bunessan' when the tide is out, a couple miles from my 'croft' at 'Kintra'.
October 2006 on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

World Adapts

Evolution can be a messy affair,
some say Holocaust created big leap
in moral consciousness of humanity,
and end of any war wants same
to be formally recognized as advance,
rendering statements like 'Never again!'
'Forever remember horrible lessons learned!'
where everyone tries on new outlook
of peaceful brother and sisterhood, oneness,
realizing we're all in this together,
so do abnormal 'natural' disasters
when living on an 'alive' Earth
that constantly equalizes forces, balancing
gravity pulling in, fiery core pushing out,
no two days ever staying the same,
plants grow, die in cyclical dance,
mountains rise up broadening girth,
waters crest and fall with moon
or movement from fault line shifts,
many impacting with drastic consequence
while others don't register with sentients,
especially those preoccupied consuming humans
caught up in narcissistic pursuit of security
never to be attained within changing environment,
until surprise emergencies activate great qualities,
as virtues, sorely needed when whole world adapts.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Shot of me exposed in 'thong' and tool bag' on workshop steps.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


It takes years,
many aging cycles,
depending one's experiences
and natural constitution
discovered through life,
using diagnostic systems
such as astrology,
Enneagram, Meyers-Briggs,
Earth Wisdom Teachings ...
to find clarity,
willingness, and courage
for overcoming fear
of persecution, criticism
when being genuinely
authentic truthful Self
in any circumstance,
especially if decision
will begin, end,
transform individual journey
effecting other people
through unwanted repercussions
visited upon them,
this becomes challenge
within 'soul' authority
that continually reconciles
need for exposure.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catch Fire

Artwork by 'O'.

Catch Fire

I love to hear stories
about struggles and redemption,
forever rooting for underdog to succeed
in life, sports, movies, world,
as it feels like authentic mirror
reflecting some universal paradigm
of indomitable Source called 'Life Force' ...
earth's blade of grass piercing concrete,
water's ability to circumvent any obstacle,
air as omnipresent invisible potent resource,
plus flames of spirit that fuel creative freedom ...
so when reconnecting with old friend,
a Finnish lass and sister in 'Earth Wisdom'
recollecting our experiences since 'Ehama Institute',
hearing of her long, winding road afterward
filled with challenging dark days of soul,
there was feeling of amazement, awe,
of what a human being can endure,
adapt to, while on Herculean mission
we each have as our trail unfolds,
uniquely, within great dance of Existence,
leading to most valued treasure
which is truly knowing one's 'Self',
celebrating 'your' rare combination of ingredients
while loving every small and profound aspect,
then to 'catch fire', unafraid to shine light brightly.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Role Model

Two recent 'Talkabout' radio guests on KZSC where 'food freedom' was one of many topics.
Tereza Coraggio of 'Third Paradigm' fame.
Michael Olson of 'Food Chain Radio' and KSCO fame.

Role Model

How heartening to be surprised
when meeting someone new
who brings out feelings of admiration,
thoughts that something might be possible
because here is living proof,
a person doing what's been dreamed of
in quiet questioning of 'could I',
standing there as real example,
perhaps we're all pioneering explorers
for those who come behind,
showing a trail through life
by making unique way forward
knowing we can never replicate
specifically what another has done,
yet, an archetypal pattern often surfaces
which carries a kind of universality
spawning infinite diverse offshoots
where we're both different and the same,
no less than great leader, saint,
or more than the downtrodden,
each carries seeds that are necessary
for greater unfolding of humanity,
young and old teaching one another
evolving in dance of the miraculous,
inspiring courage by being genuine 'Self'
as authentic role model living one's truth.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Less traveled 'trail' taken by motorcycle after returning from visit to Isle of Harris and Lewis.
Isle of Skye, Scotland


In a world made crazy
by choices, realistic or not,
it can be difficult to settle
upon major trajectory of life,
especially if imagination is strong
able to 'shoe horn' different scenarios
into one's miraculous world of potential
thinking anything is possible,
yet, probable becomes another matter,
instead I must take notice
of my natural tendencies, pace,
what draws me into passionate focus
engaging what elicits skills,
talents, sensibilities so inherent
and pleasured in process of creation
that 'ego desire' slips beneath
the great purpose of 'soul' calling
my life, inhabiting body, mind,
coloring spirit and emotions,
where reading subtle signs,
bold ones, details original trail
on map of personal adventure
which resembles a treasure hunt,
though it's not the physical territory
I must navigate in this 'shared' reality
while owning my unique contributions.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Small Headway

'Beehive cell', and labyrinth on small island near Isle of Iona, and Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Small Headway

When doing inner work
by reconfiguring thoughts,
shifting feelings through expression,
stumbling onto new revelations
or recirculating old ones,
it's often difficult
to perceive any change
during gestation period
seemingly taking forever,
perhaps not at all,
the fear of which
can leap into throat,
cut off breath,
cry for help,
ability to verbalize truth
as witnessed presently,
this is time for
trusting 'persevering faith'
that there's perfection
playing out in Unknown,
for better or worse
if left brain judges,
but right hemisphere wisdom
arrives as 'intuition',
whispers 'Keep going.'
while making small headway.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Turning

Bare and rare snow covered garden beds waiting seeds to be planted.

Great Turning

What must
I become
in order
to usher
dream visions
into manifested
physical reality,
claiming power
that's inside
purposeful 'soul',
where parts,
old patterns
fall away,
disintegrate, dissolve,
their energy
now available
as composted
fertile earth
awaiting time
for activation
of seeds
I plant,
while wanting
original expression,
inspired living,
creativity, during
'Great Turning'.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Surprise Validation

On Sunday morning radio show 'Conciliation Sunday' ,6-9 am. on KZSC. (
(photo by Crysse Morrison)

Surprise Validation

It feels good to be recognized
for work done in service
toward love of some personal truth
such as today during KZSC pledge drive
when my radio show “Conciliation Sunday”
raised $940 from listeners
nearly tripling show's previous donation record,
15 listeners were willing to give support
which makes it more worthwhile
to get up early, forgo Saturday nights,
while providing inspiration to audience
through talks by spiritual masters
from “Sounds True Audio Learning Series” CDs,
on-air interviews of local movers and shakers,
reading pulled selections from books, magazines,
and playing music with meaningful lyrics,
so wonderful to have reinforcement
by community of like-minded people
during challenging times, this “Great Turning”
where much is being asked of us
in leaving the old world behind,
then trustingly stepping into new,
reaching out to one another,
brothers and sisters in this together
cheering unique strides we each make
received as surprise validation for efforts.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

At Home

Home sweet home.

At Home

Here I can let loose,
turn guitar amp up loud
and sing at top of lungs
recorded by distant Ipod app,
or dance with abandon to music
DJ spins on college radio station,
surprising me and body by energy
that pours out after long work week,
earlier I had thoughts of unwinding
out on town, starting with happy hour,
then checking out local band playing,
clubbing with strangers, finding friends,
instead came back to my place,
unloaded the van, shook out tarps,
rearranged tools, fed the animals,
brought laundry upstairs to put away,
imbibing beer and toke that eased
any desire to leave this abode
where good things catch my attention
not just in evening of expression,
but tomorrow's potential began whispering
of possibilities to enjoy even more
if I didn't choose to stay out late,
spend money beyond tight budget
while distracted by women shaking booties,
much better to 'unleash' myself at home.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Scottish woman carrying a basket of dried 'peat' for burning.
Picture from hotel lobby on Isle of Mull, Scotland.



Friday, March 4, 2011


Light at exit to an ancient cave on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.


Everyone suffers
at sometime,
feels friction
between past,
present, future,
running thoughts
that denigrate,
rob power
and possibility
for transcendence
beyond darkness
and trap
of victim,
villain, hero,
wondering how,
when, if,
there's escape
from 'dilemma'
into 'choice'
greatly favored,
finally shining
perfect light
toward easeful
flowing path
after witnessing,
learning more,
about Self
during challenges.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take Advantage

Creating music with Marc Bass and Peter Clark (not pictured) at my 50th birthday bash.

Take Advantage

I'm not a father or mother
who has learned to savor moments
when not in service to family,
career, making ends meet
with endless chores to accomplish,
plus extracurricular activities for kids
where quiet moments for self care are rare,
you'll find me on pendulum's other end
verily spoiled with few real imperatives,
of course, working to provide food, shelter, money,
takes toll on amount of leisure time,
but being single, except for dog, two cats,
gives me plenty of personal freedom,
so much so I fear I'm lazy,
full of ideas, dreams from Aquarian mind,
yet, slow on manifestation of any
as there's no one to answer to, impress,
only myself and the 'judge' inside
who rears ugly head at crucial times
when not satisfied with produced results,
true, stewing in juices is necessary
especially during winter 'kiva' moons introspection
while cycles of aging activate differing values,
yet, in recollecting life experiences
my greatest absorbed joy is when
I take advantage of moment to create.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Over Humps

Homestead at mountain range pass during winter of 2007.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Over Humps

Lately, life resembles a mountain,
oddly, of my own making
with a whole 'range' of peaks
off in distant territories to explore,
different from this 'base camp'
of how I've lived before 'now',
stirring feelings of being inexperienced,
inadequate, unprepared to scale heights
that my spirit outrageously dreams of,
thinking to pioneer into the Unknown
demands tools I don't have knowledge of,
but part of me believes I do
or 'should' have what it takes already
somewhere buried inside waiting discovery,
which sparks remembrance of the intangibles
I've come to realize about myself
through past failures and success,
the resilience to get back on 'horse'
after falling out of saddle while galloping,
filing away the lessons learned about balance,
and any number of other qualities
like courage, will, enthusiasm, playful imagination,
even stubbornness, anger, and dissatisfaction,
find place along trust, faith, love, curiosity,
belief in 'soul' that's connected to Source,
combined as 'creativity' to get over humps.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Clear Knowing

Years after immigrating from Romania, my great grandparent Spitzer's deli and restaurant.
Buffalo, New York

Clear Knowing

Call it being 'in the zone'
what appears as rare event
in an 'average' person's life experiences,
a kind of 'I can do no wrong.'
'This is what I'm meant for.'
understanding of 'being in the groove',
bringing one's unique gifts forward,
easing into a rooted genius
held dormant for so long
buried too deeply by mind's confusion,
all fuzzy and full of old programs,
fears, beliefs fed by failures
which muffled, but didn't quiet
the persistent call of the 'soul'
who witnesses journey, cradle to grave,
constantly buoying next courageous act
when feeling defeated, wondering why,
or thinking one's efforts don't matter,
yet, here's great aspect of our incarnation,
we're married to powerful creative truth
of being miraculous, like sun, moon, earth,
with origins from stardust light energy
connected to the magic of Existence,
able to guide ourselves each day
if we awaken with fresh virgin thoughts
that instill clear knowing of our perfection.