Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Morning in San Francisco on other side of Golden Gate Bridge.


Forever looping
similar days,
patterned seasons,
shared characteristics,
March rain
before Easter,
Spring teased
with sunshine
exciting people
into activities,
the grayness
zaps energy,
reminds inwardness,
watching thoughts,
dreams, desires,
parade past,
repeating mantra
whether healthy
and enlivening,
or distorted
from contraction
that fears
any future
possible failure,
not rejoicing
more opportunities
to inhabit
life potential
again today.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sunset at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California


It happened,
already done,
opportunities lost,
gone, farewell,
leaving regret
for could've,
would've, should've,
if only
realized earlier,
but didn't,
wasn't possible
in haze
of ego
playing victim,
villain, hero,
right, wrong,
good, bad,
personas locked,
no winners
only losers,
smallness, fear,
precious moments
squandered, trashed,
by illusion
misplaced priorities,
protectionism, shallowness,
suddenly waking
to life's
irrevocable circumstances.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Beautiful Wounds

Leaning against a eucalyptus tree I planted years before.
(photo Art Durand Photography)

Beautiful Wounds

The inevitable bruise,
bump, break, cut,
that leaves scar
inner or outer,
contusions to psyche,
emotional, mental, spiritual,
continually with us,
trying to forget
we cover over
as if curse,
cause for shame,
not really owned
while striving perfection,
some imagined hero
who rises above
past insults, injuries,
forgiving everyone, everything,
so to merge
free of boundaries
with Absolute Existence,
be like animals,
plants, clouds, earth,
never needing questions,
any wondering why
one simply hurts
from recent trespass
similar to memories,
revisiting their lessons,
deepening unique character,
'beautiful wounds' develop.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


My English friend Courihan visiting from Wisconsin.
At beach near Pescadaro, California.


It's natural,
this comradeship,
that continues
over years,
activated again
when visiting
in physical,
while memories
of past
percolate, erupt,
bringing laughs,
and present
becomes vivid
seeing things
through eyes
not accustomed
to area,
like plants
since Courihan's
a landscaper,
hearing stories
about challenges
from wife,
money, in-laws,
different worlds
collide, weave,
find perspective
new meaning
with friends.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Manager of Rio Theater, David Anton Savage, setting up marquee.
Santa Cruz, California


With desires
come strings,
ropes, cables,
depending span
to cross
from present
into future,
your dream
turned reality,
investing time,
heart, soul,
probably money
for manifestation,
they hold
some constancy
while flexing
wherever winds
of change
direct otherwise,
create questions
around willingness,
intention, attainment,
the value
tightly held
when following
mysterious guidance,
emotions, thoughts,
imagined elation
after having
tethered prize.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


First wall framed to enclose Repass water tower 'super structure' .
Watsonville, Ca. 2008 (Daren Commons  in pic)


I'm to have patience
through process of creation
while gathering what's needed
in way of elements
that will be assembled
within formulated strategic plan
prior to taking action,
and it is true
for the many dreams
inhabiting my life territory,
so many kites flying
all tethered to me
each having own sky,
clouds, sun, rain, wind,
uniquely turbulent or calm,
an environment inviting vigilance,
reeling in, easing out
necessarily for continued flight,
often it's mesmerizing dance
wondering if I'm closer
or farther from attaining
any joy completion offers,
teases with in anticipation
from imagined great scenarios
once I've delved deeply,
discovering along the way
even more essential ingredients
initial equation missed conjuring
when resourcing mysterious future.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Should

Long shadows and brother Keith playing volleyball.
Boardwalk and Main Beach, Santa Cruz, Calif.

No Should

In mind we imagine
what 'ought' to be,
life without war, poverty,
the nature of relationships,
how we want them
in interaction with partners,
thinking 'this' means success
while working every time,
same in business dealings
having notion about costs,
yet when it's higher
there's lament about disagreement
between reality and dream,
or lover acts different
than prescribed as 'appropriate'
then wailing, fretting ensue,
it's about preconceived notions
believing there's better perfection
beyond 'what is' presented,
denying opportunity to learn
through acceptance, gathering wisdom,
for next similar situation
that will be original
with own specific dynamics,
only it's shadow familiar
to anything previously experienced,
 we must let go
believing expectations hold truth,
notions you know better,
living 'no should' paradigm.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Morning yoga sun salutation overlooking arroyo.
Land of Shining Stones, Abiquiu, New Mexico


Spring days
so fresh
with brilliance,
delicious air
startling Sun
luscious Earth
succulent water,
energizing cells
igniting mind,
spirit, body,
and emotions
as one
fully alive
human 'being',
miracle imbedded
sublimely activated
through ethers,
Creative Powers
forever inspiring
new diversity,
surging life
that evokes
whoops, hollers,
exhilarated expression
recognizing preciousness,
rare originality,
offered daily
in benediction
that's glorious.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Structure

Snake on arroyo's slick and muddy stream bed.
Land of Shining Stones, Abiquiu, New Mexico 

New Structure

Made another move toward
the future I'm dreaming
by not playing softball
with buddies last night
as Spring league started,
initially to heal shoulder
now I see wisdom
of soul claiming time
for my writing pursuits,
imagining foundation for career
different than Building Contractor,
and transforming this land
into potent gathering place,
Mystery has been curling
within me, coming through,
dancing a serpentine rhythm
going from very slow
to quick, radical strikes,
each and every turn
revealing way of being
contrary to linear thought,
more an intuitive impetus
undulating around any obstacles
while seemingly caressing them
though simply passing by,
demonstrating how laying low,
being close to Earth,
stealthy, quiet, at home,
supports creative new structure.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Scottish veterans of World War II honoring the fallen at World War I monument.
Isle of Mull, Scotland


Life takes us down
then lifts back up
depending any given mood
effected by thoughts entering,
and there's the economy,
numbers in bank account
bills on the table
which challenge anyone's sanity
around sense of worth,
what really has value,
when one's individual soul,
heart, mind, and body,
are seen as expendable,
less than, when scrutinized
coming up woefully short
to upper echelon criteria,
the folks making rules
about what progress is,
it's sad world state
that enable debilitating wars
providing poverty, hunger, insecurity,
footholds when not necessary,
wounding, crippling us all,
wherein from manmade distortions
people are robbed blind,
yet somehow find courage,
hope, faith, fortitude, resources,
inner sight seeing 'Spirit',
with everything stripped away.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Norwegian Caroline Waters,  at KZSC radio station, on Sunday morning Breakfast in Bed.
Santa Cruz, California


I was amazed recently
by a singer songwriter
from Norway who visited
 KZSC community radio station,
brought 'Exposed' CD, partner,
and phenomenal life story
to the listening audience,
later blowing doors off
D.Q.'s International Music Hall
with world class voice,
craftsmanship, playfulness, heartfelt presence,
her willingness to reveal
courageous authenticity, inspiring everyone,
conveyed through resilient soul
that found grace, peace,
joy, after devastating loss,
there she stood, transparent,
nothing to lose now
just being totally herself,
we entered Caroline's world
found belonging as family
sharing deep heart space
riding emotional waves, humor,
awed by talent, beauty,
smile, and enlivened spirit,
where I came away
feeling transformed at core
having met incredible woman
unabashedly exposed and vulnerable.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loose Rhythms

The mysterious horizon beyond my home base in Soquel.

Loose Rhythms

From rigid history
of marching to
beat society drums
with it's judgments
around right, wrong,
through religion, education,
family appropriate upbringing,
and political, national
patriotism to uphold,
which shaped conscience
I took on
influenced during youth,
somehow evolution emerged,
because experiences encountered
born of choices
effected world view,
the lessons learned
for better, worse,
developed my outlook
on individual level
within shared generation,
us baby boomers
unwilling to settle,
embrace status quo,
became pioneering adventurers
wanting new horizon
believing there's more
when dancing life's
improvised loose rhythms.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


 Four inspirational teachers in my life. 
Wind Eagle, Pele, FireHawk, and RainbowHawk.



Most people don’t realize

how even simple gesture

of kindness, care, generosity,

can lift another person,

humans can be secretive

about doubts, challenges, longing,

putting on brave facade

as they toil onward

through muck of living,

maybe hoping in travels

to have miraculous intervention,

whether mundane or grand,

that reignites promising fire

in belly, heart, mind

while searing itself upon

memory of the soul

revealed in one’s eyes,

no matter their fortune,

class, and life position

or success and failure

along one’s mortal path,

and it’s gift given

when those ‘turned on’

share their authentic vitality

in most honorable way

awakening someone's sleeping spirit

coaxing them, ‘Come play,

enjoy this shared world,

live boldly,and inspire.’

Monday, March 15, 2010

Integral Piece

After KZSC radio interview with Tommy Sands, the influential Irish singer/songwriter 
who helped bring peace to the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland.

Integral Piece

I need not be star
though am willing to shine
when playing part on team
whether sports, radio, or work,
fulfilling my role as needed
hoping admirably in others' eyes
or at very least satisfactorily,
and like most everyone else
there is no real knowing
how my antics effect others,
okay, within response that's immediate...
disgust when booting the ball,
committing an 'air room' error,
coming up short in carpentry...
those I readily can read
but long range is different,
rarely is the time experienced
that someone speaks an appreciation
for influential moment in past
about how action, or word,
graced another's life with blessing,
in right time and place
so that something profound impacted,
sent ripples into brain matter
creating new furrows of response
perhaps setting a necessary foundation
which enabled springboard for future
bringing success and deserved accolades
as integral piece to puzzle.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Bonnie, the wanderer, and my 'Little Wing' girl.


As I grow older,
become more refined 'me'
knowing my inner workings
of what's really important
on core structural level,
even though it contrasts
societal norms, common sense,
in immediate economic climate,
I meet familiar people,
young and old alike,
who reinforce my thinking,
are pushing edges also,
against the status quo
that creates such suffering
through it's careless disregard
wanting to maintain power
plus position in world,
and I understand that,
people abhor losing ground
after having worked hard
attaining some material fruits,
their sense of security,
for themselves, family, community,
yet it's all fragile
can be lost quickly
due to health, catastrophe,
those unforeseen future turns
which remind great worth
of befriending kindred spirits.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Right Timing

Preparing to lift remodeled third story onto rebuilt water tank structure.
Repass Farm, Watsonville, Ca.

Right Timing

To be sensitive
patient and persevering
while wondering when
circumstances will align
with inner motivation
can be difficult,
doubts often arise
thoughts around procrastination,
what is missing,
should I ramrod,
make it happen
no matter obstacles
that point elsewhere
saying do this
instead of forcing,
here's your ease,
flow, graceful living
of poetic nature,
there's where creativity,
freedom, play, reside
awakening childlike magic,
opening the senses
toward great curiosity,
adventure, awe, wonder,
transcending one's ego
through emotional flexibility,
letting go rigidity
embrace internal clock
dictating right timing.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Stair landing corner, shell imbedded rocks, spiderweb, succulents, bamboo wind chimes.


Self worth is measured
by familial, societal standards
passed generation to generation,
some swallow the bait
hook, line, and sinker,
others rail against system
even while enveloped by
the pre-conditions for living,
functioning in economic model
with material reward trappings
beyond essentials of food,
water, housing, personal expression
as socially redeeming work,
let's include love, joy,
a shared community consciousness,
but what happens when
truth pandered turns false,
grounds for faith crack,
trust is in upheaval,
hope for better life,
ourselves, children and friends,
the carrot on stick
becomes an illusory motivation,
do we then succumb
to dread of insecurity
our ancestors ancient fear
born from survivalist experiences
or embrace new opportunities
imbedded in troubled times.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Never Know

Plant tendrils on my bamboo fence near Cali Lilies and redwood tree.

Never Know

Desires can dream us
dancing with heavenly thoughts
around fantasy, hope, possibility,
conjuring images that entice
make our heart leap
believing fruition is inevitable,
could be if willfully
committed with deep intention
so tendrils can grow,
begin to scale potential,
grabbing on, spreading wildly,
fed on more imagination,
'If this, then that,
which inevitably leads there.'
where now territory expands
becomes kind of unmanageable
threatening loss of bearings
we begin to retract,
attach strongly onto essentials
our ego believes necessary,
putting stake in ground
of what's still ethereal,
only smoke and mirror
holograms in the mind
sparking brain into believing
it's reality to defend
with future on line,
life's joy, abundance, love,
yet, the truth is
we really never know.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life Teaches

Early morning story telling  in my workshop/art studio.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Life Teaches

There are lessons,
opportunities to learn,
within every experience,
not always evident
some sneak up
from hindsight recollection,
often what happened
opens up possibility
that was hidden,
closed, perpetually overlooked
because of busyness,
behavior patterns, habits,
mundane narrow consciousness
kept for security,
sense of control,
but disruption occurs
from outside forces,
influential secret desires
born of discontent,
heart wanting expression
for being here
on soul journey,
if nothing more
than telling story
about our challenges,
failures, and victories,
having risked ourselves
to attain wisdom
this life teaches.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Are

Enjoying clotted cream, jam and biscuit in southern England.

We Are

What is eaten
walks around tomorrow,
not just food
but thoughts also,
attitudes, opinions, beliefs,
all create images
that activate secretions
which effect emotions
plus brain synapse,
round it goes
where system expects
same fuel fed
even if unwise
diet of sugars,
alcohol, fast food,
forming human habits
whether good, bad,
often it seems
the latter wins
especially when exciting,
impacting, even sinful,
on macro level
it escalates dramatically
as intoxication from
power, greed, war,
distortions that disconnect
our holy recognition
of miracle, forgetting
who we are.

Monday, March 8, 2010

In Nirvana

One of  my garden bird baths, minus water and feathered friend.

In Nirvana

Many spiritual teachers say
we are already here,
that Heaven's on Earth
and there's no separation,
though humans perceive differently
because of mind distortions
created from accumulated madness
centuries of warped thinking
passed generation to next,
if true, we're deaf,
dumb, blind, and clueless
even with our technology,
creativity, innovations that dazzle,
plus institutions, laws, transportation,
our ability to communicate
from satellites, cell phones,
computers, in multiple languages,
yet, simplicity escapes us,
missing opportunities to stop,
observe, be in miracle,
merge with as part
of whole, inextricably entwined,
where we 'real-eyes' truth
when watching bird antics
in joyful morning bath
going under water, fluttering,
coming up, splashing more,
bringing smile to face,
lightness to heart, soul,
experiencing life in Nirvana.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Surprised to find no helmet law in Wisconsin, so I rented a Harley.


These times are challenging
whether from outside circumstances
plucking on emotional chords,
or likewise, inner questioning
about what's really important
while living the years
between birth and death,
certainly there's enough practice
as I grow older
disregarding truth of youth
filled with invulnerable promise,
it's black, white understandings,
for gray shaded complexities
where rebellion changed shape,
became softened by blows
that cracked hard certainty,
allowing for compassionate light
to reveal shadow work
hiding for so long
from myself and others,
thinking it was complete
after previous exploration efforts,
granted there are differences
with new dynamics effecting
because of experiential accumulation,
hopefully viewed as wisdom,
though in the end
little can be anticipated
when testing brings surprise.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Putting In Time

Peering down from hip roof apex on Repass 3 story water tower project.

Putting In Time

No matter the desire
or hurdles to jump
for attaining any goal
there are ingredients needed,
in beginning comes urge
and willingness to pursue,
faithfully, daring the soul
to go much farther
than can be seen,
it's tied to dreaming,
peering into unknown possibilities
hopefully stumbling upon potential
that's waited for recognition
through eyes of soul
within misty ethereal Mystery,
once nugget is found
more precious than diamonds
then comes cutting, polishing,
however jeweler's abilities allow,
many stones are dropped,
lost in cracked consciousness,
even mislaid, forgotten about
collecting dust over lifetimes
because obstacles stubbornly remain,
but there are solutions
trusting experiences point direction
toward perseverance, creativity, joy,
the dynamics of manifestation
when putting in time.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Unknown Edges

Costa Rican butterfly.

Unknown Edges

There's only one corner
of universe to influence
and perhaps improve upon,
that would be yourself
effecting others comes later,
(paraphrased from Aldous Huxley)
while in meantime Existence,
with all it's Mystery,
works transformation through me
bringing unforeseen casual reality
into my perceptual sphere,
stimulating, provoking some address
to sensations coming through
most often I handle,
could even say control,
yet remembering past experiences
where life demanded evolution,
when I was reticent,
then change happened dramatically
stripping me to core,
my soul structure inside,
whether ready or not
it came into me,
similarly something is happening
beyond my normal scope,
abilities, understanding, and framework,
like promise of 'chrysalis',
caterpillar turning into butterfly,
which finds creative freedom
from transcending unknown edges.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Skye Bridge connecting the Isle of Skye, in the distance, and the Scottish mainland.


Marriage has been arranged
between realist and dreamer
though both are wary
of losing their power,
thinking they'll be subservient
or at least compromised,
so communication becomes mandatory
to rein in fear
about what this means
in joining their forces,
verily Heaven and Earth,
instead of odd separation
within entity called 'me',
where ignited upper chakras
fly hither and yon
while lower ones anchor,
solidify, in giving support,
but it's no fun
for the dancer, lover,
athlete, blue collar worker,
whose freedom is usurped
by poet, philosopher, artist,
wordsmith, with untethered visions
needing to be cultivated,
rooted, in physical reality,
this realm that sustains
when all elements conspire,
bridging diverse holistic equilibrium
that can integrate evolution.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Destiny Companions

(l to r) Pele, FireHawk, RedHorse, Rowan and Peter at First Peace Launch
Land of Shining Stones, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Destiny Companions

We're all in this together
so completely and utterly interconnected
within realm of physical existence,
further more on economic terrain
linked inextricably by communication systems,
no matter your actual participation
the spider web envelopes all
often noticed by shared effects
from disasters, war, global warming,
though 'patriots' still chant nationalism,
class, race, gender, and culture
as grounds for staying separate,
some form of paternal security
born when fear wants protection,
but this denies 'what is',
that we're all dependent on Earth,
water, air, Sun, and resources,
sharing them though so unequally
in this creative evolutionary dance,
most want music to continue
according to individual's unique rhythm
which continually creates new arrangements,
yet somewhere in the cacophony
like minded folks hear melody,
are drawn toward particular parameters
able to hold clan members
who recognize their potent mission
and responsibility for furthering diversity,
plus goodness, with destiny companions.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Balinese sculpture of lovers, at Anamaya Retreat and Resort Center.
Montezuma, Costa Rica


There's no mystery
except for how,
what catalyzes effort
within human soul
to accomplish anything,
on surface simple,
writers pen prose,
poetry, stories, novels,
artists create beauty,
sculptured, painted, drawn,
photographers capture light,
Nature, people, places,
gardeners grow life,
flowers, vegetables, trees,
teachers educate minds,
adults, teenagers, children,
carpenters construct projects,
buildings, homes, studios,
lovers share hearts,
bodies, spirit, intimacies,
each action defines
who we choose
ourselves to be
when accumulatively labeled,
often by another,
ably witnessing breadth
of life accomplishments,
opposite inner workings
that shape everything
we actually do.