Saturday, January 30, 2010


View of clearing  for new storage area structure, seen from workshop side roof.


The mind can be cluttered
with everyday pressures and concerns
especially when anticipating the future,
wondering what challenges will come,
somehow wanting to be prepared
which makes little room for
new expanse or healthy growth,
much like overgrown wooded hillside
where small, large trees, vie
for sunlight, space, needed ingredients
to fulfill their natural inclination,
and there is poison oak,
scotch broom, sticker bushes galore
that make movement, access, difficult
when pruning or eliminating obstructions
blocking one's clarity of vision,
whether immediately close or distant,
it requires small concerted actions
initiated for change in landscape
often times not knowing difficulties
waiting to be found underneath
brambles, brush, years of leaves,
all remnants to past cycles
while tools for unveiling vary,
chainsaw, loppers, rake, and clippers
depending what's needed in moment,
but finally, over exerted time
after bonfire burns old cuttings,
an intelligent clearing is revealed.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jump In

Local Costa Rican, soon to be wet, at loading pier for ferry to Montezuma.

Jump in

Seen as this if 'voluntary'
even if there is apprehension,
'involuntary' feels like thrown in,
either way finds me wet
swimming in pool, totally enveloped,
but in ocean, or river
instead of calm, contained water
there is different skill set
called upon to stay afloat
which includes a concentrated focus
able to perceive 360 degrees
around center of my being,
and many life situations resemble
all encompassing act of submersion
when taking leap into unknown
risking conceptual security for what,
the chance for self improvement,
some break to catapult career,
or engage possible love relations,
no matter intention, it's same,
one must overcome any fear,
be willing to embrace courage,
endure the injury, or hardship
teaching life lessons along way,
if I come up short
where flying turns into falling,
losing control in changing world,
then with expanded, joyful attitude,
I jump in, when pushed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

As Example

My Mom (Dot, Dottie, Mumsie) with her grandchildren.
(a few years before Tyler's arrival)

As Example

Every person is this
in how they maneuver,
navigate their life journey,
make sense of experiences
through each yearly cycle
depending the risks taken
and 'breaks' that follow,
there is story depiction
to be told later
by those who remember,
having shared same air,
sunshine, storms, full moons,
perhaps inextricably tied together
because of blood connection,
friends as extended family,
lovers for a time,
any number of reasons
that leave historic mark
after we're long gone,
legacy is often used
for physical output created,
in literature, art, business,
whatever specific archive reveals,
but it's the intangibles
always surrounding one's being,
of invisible spiritual nature,
a radiant generous heart,
genuinely giving, receiving, alike
which imprints as example.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Owning Soul

Self portrait, with rare mustache, outside my 'croft' in 2006.
Kintra, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Owning Soul

Most personal growth fields
concentrate on ego gyrations
and mechanisms to effect
desired results in world,
express feelings when felt,
know your personality type,
deal with ranging personas
whether good, powerful aspects
or destructive, distorted ones,
meditate, do yoga, exercise,
have astrology chart rendered,
visualize, take action steps,
utilize left, right brain,
communicate with compassion, vulnerability,
as openhearted loving human,
maintain mind, body, emotions,
but Spirit, that's ambiguous,
since religion usurped control
from matriarchal Earth cultures,
those who knew interconnectedness
of Absolute and Creation,
teaching self authority, responsibility,
that we're Divine Beings
birthed within Sacred Dream
to remember our Origin,
living free of fear
fully relaxing into insecurity,
this ever changing world,
when centered, owning soul.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A break in storm with 'dragon's breath' lifting  between eastern ridges.
View from my workshop roof.


In between the business
of this demanding world,
born from accumulated desires
that inundate like rain,
is a silent veil
with an accordant vibration
subtly carrying acute calm
undetectable within the storm
swirling attention, here, there,
everywhere, toward outside movement,
this is constant backdrop
framed by inner dimensions
founded upon Spirit spark
which supports all Creation,
some would say death
offers the ultimate respite
as reprieve from challenges
our ego entity offers,
and perhaps quiet contemplation
within moments of meditation,
when our breath slows,
resembles the coalesced alignment
we all are destined,
letting go of 'shell',
offering pause to others
who witness the completion,
one's circle of life,
perhaps then more willing
to embrace inevitable lull.

Monday, January 25, 2010

On Purpose

One of my countless purposeful acts .
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

On Purpose

Many interests call me
and even more projects
whether it's land, office,
for money, or pleasure,
things to read, write,
imagine as future dreams
with all their potential,
inherent possibilities eccentricity brings
within each new day,
while often ego pull
wins out over responsibility
to deeper soul aspects
which points life journey,
it all swirls about
like wind and rain
redistributing leaves upon soil,
scattering seeds, far flung,
where priorities get lost
buried by latest notion
deemed urgent and worthy
that distracts from effort
toward a greater unfolding,
perhaps just an illusionary
whispering interest on sidelines,
yet with clear quality
stirring some ancient remembering
as promise to myself
between worlds of incarnation
saying 'Be on purpose.'

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back At It

'Hothouse' clearstory window project partially buried from organizing efforts.
(Photo toward south half of workshop.)

Back At It

Electricity now flows freely,
the severing is reconnected
and the rain returns
after short, calm reprieve
similar to my sabbatical
from usual daily creating,
being limited by darkness,
cold, the inhospitable outside
where I usually play,
but today holds promise
of flexing my potential
in heated, lit workshop,
with music in air
as I handle projects,
organize myself for others,
while putting synapse together
joining disparate notions, ideas,
into dreams that spark,
excite, with motivational passion
that tickles little child,
my mischievous, flexible adventurer
who gamely tries anything
to see what happens
when co-creating with Existence
which showed different face,
gave me fresh possibilities
without my usual resources,
often becoming distractions, until,
I'm back at it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another World

 A land of wind, water, rainbows, hills, trees, standing stones, and Mother Nature's beauty.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Another World

Continuous rain days
blustery to gentle
with gray skies
glimpses of sun
on setting horizon
throwing occasional rainbow
paints different picture,
gives me rest
from hurried routine,
add no electricity
and rhythms shift
as darkness descends
bringing long nights
only 'torches' interrupt,
where sleeping early
bedded until dawn
makes perfect sense,
especially without work
that motivates energy
countering natural influences,
Nature's singing now
when water runs
winter winds gust
trees sway, dance
upon saturated ground,
Her song cleanses
slows outward creation
birthing human beings
into another world.


Front of cave entrance from previous poem, Isle of Mull, Scotland.


We are used to plenty
a security ancestors fought for
after accumulating more than enough,
not day to day subsistence
of many hunter gather societies,
as agriculture created a revolution
which ballooned population needing more
in every territory of life,
land, food, water, housing, heating,
so the Great Expanding began
'taken to extreme' doesn't touch
the scope of humanity's rape,
calloused, hard edged, and masculine,
where the virgin, goddess, crone,
were all buried with matriarchy
yet would not go away
and be banished to underworld,
all the while kept alive
by those who whispered praise
had eyes to see beauty,
her offerings surrounding year long
singing the song of heart,
keeping her teachings in memory,
orally taught like ancient Druids
that understood this interconnected world,
saw cause and effect results
plus fear, insecurity, and panic
infecting humans who were disconnected
living without Mother Earth respect.

Power Off

View of ocean from a cave on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Power Off

There are lapses
when energy lags
effected by environment,
inner and outer,
our thought quality
whether negative, positive,
food we ingest,
organic or processed,
variety of exercise
at work, play,
sometimes beyond control
abrupt severing happens,
perhaps it's sickness,
a personal catastrophe,
or national predicament
that robs opportunity
for re-establishing connection,
left in dark
we remember simplicity
the real basics
often overlooked, unappreciated,
things like housing,
food, water, air,
just being alive
to read book,
play a guitar
whenever electricity falters,
reminding the preciousness
power off illuminates.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Self Love

Six months of self love in Scotland, starting in late Aug. 2006
First month touring on this 'pony'. The rest on the Isle of Mull.

Self Love

Can this be key
to unravelling world's problems,
has it been culprit
for all previous woes
because it was unexpressed,
referred to as selfish,
narcism, an unhealthy focus,
which kept mind undeveloped,
unable to engage community,
think outside limited perspective,
I was taught humility,
no bragging, trumpeting success,
or proclaiming my worth
as if a curse
would befall such arrogance,
yet, I've had realizations
that perhaps society's fear
could have been protection,
perhaps ancestrally handed down
wanting me below radar
playing it safe, unremarkable,
saving me disappointed expectations,
in process spirit suffered,
avenues to power closed
while low esteem hindered
my choices in life,
and the world's population,
imagining drudgery and duty
sacrificially performed for others
 really creates self love.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Within Stimulus

Relaxing with Joseph before I head home to California.
Anamaya Resort, Montezuma, Costa Rica

Within Stimulus

It's easy in silence
to plumb the depths,
find what's going on
under my daily facade,
and that's a luxury
when rest of world
doesn't have same opportunity
for such essential introspection
without cacophony resounding about,
or some survival concerns
taking precedent in consciousness
sidetracking their soul's intention
of creating meaningful life,
perhaps it's not important
in other people's world
with plenty to entertain,
keep their mind occupied,
watching, not really participating,
hearing, yet listening little,
feeling, but dismissing emotions,
that's how it is
whether pro or con,
though I'll choose differently
even when very busy
finding space and ability
amid pulsating, demanding society,
carving out my path
uniquely through this Mystery
discovering Presence within stimulus.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Along The Way

Joey and John's son 'little' Sammy and 'uncle' SparrowHawk

Along The Way

The soul does witness
every ego antic engaged
on long evolutionary path
yet doesn't stop them,
more reserves judgment completely
for eons of time
perpetually loving past lives
like parent to children
watching in enthused amusement,
compassion, and deep understanding,
it's unique physical extension,
in early infant stage
there is little definition
of this 'cosmic cloud'
that hovers and protects
perhaps given identity as
'guardian angel', 'holy spirit',
bowing to invisible realms
where it's mastery dwells,
during adolescence, young adulthood,
minute recognition is given
amid cacophony of society
all it's reaching, striving,
but later in life
if one is fortunate
to ripen, living long,
an enveloping does descend
activating connection to Absolute
as magical wisdom robe
earned along the way.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Gamut

The art of Joerg Engstermann shown at farmer's market in Montezuma, Costa Rica

The Gamut

I enjoy great conversation,
especially with old friends
who will travel distances
into the mind's eye,
folks who have experienced
up, down, and between
taking risks for love,
their one precious life,
while committed to fulfilling
the 'soul contract' made
before they entered physicality,
this world of evolution,
which involves every territory
of what 'humanness' entails,
there are no exceptions,
or everything is one,
but however we interpret
Existence is amazing extension
within realm of Absolute,
and we have minds
chocked full of notions
to be spoken about,
shared in intimate communion
with those we meet
when resonance takes hold
recognizing the simple similarities
on an endearing level
that creates safe arena
for running the gamut.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stark Difference

Most of the work crew in front of their sleeping quarters.
Anamaya Resort, Montezuma, Costa Rica

Stark Difference

People become jaded, complacent,
by adapting furrowed brain
into routine programmed thinking
until nothing is new,
all has been compartmentalized,
becoming dull, gray, humdrum,
asleep to questioning reality
investigating one's life further
than nose on face,
our relationships get set,
packed full of expectations
encapsulating each in mundane
not wanting any disruptions,
wishing conformity, it's security,
without vulnerably standing out
easier to cut down
if views run contrary
to normal societal interface,
but Mystery's a trickster
inevitably arranging opportune awakening
where attitudes, images, opinions,
beliefs, are provoked, challenged,
because of alternative experiences
whenever people who endeavor
respond in unique way,
more from soul, spirit, 
instead of confused ego,
so pathetic, blatantly inadequate,
standing in stark difference.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Circa 1972, near end of senior  year at Edgewood High School in Maryland.


This was old school method
for creating beautiful tight connection
when making corners for furniture,
or drawers in 'secretaries', dressers,
I've never actually made any
even with today's electric tools,
yet, I've come to appreciate
the craftsmanship, it's poetic nature
that speaks of real grace,
a clear vision and enactment
which performs it's unique marriage
between different pieces of wood
holding the sawyers labor history,
each stroke at precise angle,
afterwards looking inevitably at peace
being dependent part of whole,
and it's a supreme pleasure
looking back over accumulated years
to witness a similar perfection
coming from life's intermingled experiences,
where the dissonance and resonance
cut out the extraneous matter,
all that's worthy of forgetting,
while the real substance stayed
interlocking my soul and personality
in some destined natural alignment
born from rich interior world
becoming the physical outcome representing
hand hewn dovetail of existence.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Influence

Stranger turned influential good friend of 35 years, Peter Clark.
(photo by ShuLei Tong)

New Influence

As simple as raindrops
bringing attention to weather,
or information effecting decisions
when tweaking my perceptions,
these create subtle re-calibrations,
also major, depending circumstances
 constantly happening in reality,
'Nothing stays the same!'
reverberates through human history,
and I can relate
after nearly 56 years
changing as I go,
unless choosing the same
in thought, deed, action,
but now I'm addicted
to the creative process
forever inviting what's original,
true, authentic, genuine today,
willing to be introspective
after some 'primary' experience
(which never happened before)
like meeting a stranger
who easily becomes friend
wondering what else waits
within realm of possibility,
each moment offers chance
for molding personal 'clay'
from undefended, vulnerable position
allowing for new influence.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life Provides

A change of weather in Montezuma, Costa Rica
Wide angle/telephoto view from Anamaya Resort

Life Provides

Doors close, others open,
it's non-stop carousel amusement
of opportunities being presented,
don't like your choices
wait around for change
imagine it's Scottish weather,
this is real consistency
the continually shifting circumstances
to ride as surfers
who sometimes crash spectacularly
but also find grace
within temporary perfect alignment,
only to let go
unable to possibly hold
miracle that envelopes them
because next wave comes,
just as magically original,
pushing new currents forward
as test for abilities
which can be joyous,
and miserable, depending thoughts,
or our courageous risking
from insecurities fearful mix,
there is no void
within the physical world
filled with anything imaginable
if we trust ourselves,
Existence, our inner knowing
that life provides potential.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Yacht Harbor Lighthouse from Seabright Beach,
 Santa Cruz, California


While I grow older,
adjusting to changing perspective
because 'truth' has shifted
giving me new eyes
and heart to feel,
then world becomes transformed
as interpretive layers lift
which presents original shining,
the beauty always present
that escapes routine perceiving
from repetitive calloused outlook,
this gives great pause
whenever painting any reality
with 'sobering' broad brush,
how often is misunderstanding
at bottom of judgment
where internal jury decides
what is unequivocally 'so'
only to discover fallacy
once culprit enters history
hung from prejudiced gallows,
it takes daily awakening
reminding each virgin experience
occurs regardless of awareness,
no adulatory recognition necessary,
so it behooves me,
humanity, to start fresh
without our habitual consciousness,
able to revisit miracle.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


RainbowHawk, Red Puma, WindEagle, and SparrowHawk 
 Abiquiu, New Mexico


There are people in life
who carry such a brilliance
that their light effects others,
often unique to those influenced,
perhaps it's a celebrity appeal
in show business, or politics,
could be parents to offspring
or visa versa, in kind,
beautiful humans, even as strangers,
can generate change of attention,
activate arousal in mind, body,
spirit, and emotion, by degree,
but when heart is touched,
perhaps mixing love, sexual appeal,
then aura becomes qualitatively enhanced
attracting desire for physical touch,
intimacy, a sharing and bonding,
where all dissonance is overlooked
because heaven has no imperfection,
this is territory of poets
challenged by feelings to express
whose mystery can't be deciphered,
it is inexplicable and exciting,
whenever smiles, joy, come easy
so everyday burdens simply lift,
are banished to unimportant realm,
while gates open to potential
the domain of miracle, magic,
sparked by eyes burning bright.

Friday, January 8, 2010


A pause in singing and playing guitar with my good buddy Art.
(Photo by Art Durand Photography)


Is this life's meaning,
to flex innate attributes
as unique human being
endowed with precious soul
which has special talents,
skills, to serve life
when engaging one's creativity,
maybe that is all,
everything else lacks importance
because nothing lasts forever
except for the 'Absolute'
that encompasses good, bad,
and what's in between,
allowing for any manifestation
mankind can conjure up,
so a thought comes
from who knows where
but it's vibration entices
stimulates aspects of consciousness
sending electrical impulse outward
activating desire for acquisition,
a command given ourself,
then we strive heroically
if passion is sufficient
or reason to persevere,
yet, specific outcome pales
is effected by circumstances
outside of our control
where striving becomes exercise.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Following Notions

Had a 'notion' to photograph this mysterious arrangement. 
 Santa Cruz, California.

Following Notions

Some give label 'intuition'
when little ideas emerge
seem to bubble up
from within one's psyche,
others will say 'reason',
it's part of process
if looked at holistically
and I don't care
what you call it
just that it's fun
when taking the cues
coming from another dimension
providing an odd recognition
unique to each individual
that verily says 'Go!',
do this particular thing,
here's gift from Heaven
a piece of Destiny
which awaits if chosen,
if not, you'll wonder,
perhaps, what waited there,
how would it effect
life down the line,
though 'Yes!' provides insights
reinforces this Mystery intelligence
especially if good results
come attached to lead,
almost a 'deja vu'
quality when following notions.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feeling In

Nap time for cat 'Paint' and dog 'Wing' on my bed,
while I'm relegated to the couch for mine.

Feeling In

It takes concerted practice,
like a homing device,
to recognize right action
at any given moment,
often many things call
from 'to do' list,
some demand more energy,
daylight, concentration, or impetus,
than others easily accomplished
especially if joy's attached,
but usually duty wins
because of old programming,
though, 'Is that true?'
more so I procrastinate
waiting for body recognition
to open the door
where I'm fully aligned
with the course chosen
and suddenly 'grace' descends,
willingness, passion, are ignited
so there's no complaint
or doubting my pursuit
wondering if better spent
on less enjoyable task
yet deemed more urgent,
while Sunday is different
I allow more leeway
taking nap if necessary
when feeling in need.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Spills Forth

The lower and largest of Montezuma waterfalls.
Montezuma, Costa Rica

Spills Forth

When writing New Year's list
of resolutions that are possible
if I commit to them,
they burst forward in avalanche
where hallucination becomes a reality,
all the improvements already made,
on land, home, business, relationships,
with accordant feelings of excitement,
reveling the wonder of manifestations,
basking in my fulfilled destiny,
patting myself proudly on back,
'You did it your way!'
then I wake to 'present'
look around, imagine the effort,
resources, energy, time, and discipline
to attain even a portion,
this is when work begins
selecting from all that's wanted
using criteria the 'soul knows'
is worthy to drive passion
while playing in vast field
of 'all potential' miracle realm
which allows for great probability
once attention, awareness, are set,
coinciding with 'what's true now',
that refines and defines course
and it doesn't guarantee success
yet acts as integral current
for when creativity spills forth.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Year

Riding the cable on Sun Trails Canopy Tour
Montezuma, Costa Rica

This Year

Not just end of cycle,
twelve months, decade, as marker
but also of 'Saturn Return'
that I'll start to exit
come my February 18th birthday
and I'm feeling calm, content,
at the same time excited
on a soul journey level
realizing stripping down is occurring,
is still happening on levels
conscious mind can't quite grasp,
where importance has been shifting,
what calls me forward changed
entering next 28 year period
with a different agenda forming,
as elder, looking toward legacy,
all that I'll leave behind,
so great creativity is anticipated
in every territory of life,
plus willingness to be bold,
dream big, take necessary risks,
to model what is possible
when one aligns with Spirit
while doing the earthly work
within reach that inspires others,
going beyond mundane survival mentality,
becoming one's own mythical hero
who vanquishes all residing fear,
this year, advancing wisely, brazenly.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Potential

Two indigenous Costa Ricans in act of cooperative creation.

New Potential

The next decade waits patiently
while the last one expires,
some feel a Great Turning
promising foreseen Millennium of Peace,
others, fear a terrible demise,
but I concur with former,
wanting humanity to rescue itself
leave old debilitating patterns behind
as it evolves cooperative behaviors,
finds original ways to manifest
a Holy Alliance with Earth
borrowing from wisdom based cultures
who honor diversity, masculine, feminine,
grasp holistic nature of Existence,
are willing to be responsible
loving stewards of Life's miracles,
this is no small dream
to re-enter the mythical land
that 'reason' closed door on
so fear and domination ruled,
with systems full of distortions
creating a greedy, insane philosophy
economic titans painted as normal
using persuasive tool called 'war'
in deadly unsustainable power paradigm...
now, Spirited call is trumpeted
sending messages through vibrational consciousness
asking all to move joyously
toward new potential we'll create.