Monday, April 27, 2009


End of season softball team celebration


For many it's alcohol
that loosens energetic flow,
words pour from mouth
brain synapse fires stories
body turns to fluid
tension easing in shoulders
hands illustrate with flurry
becoming electrically charged conduit
as voice volume increases
constraints to laughter release
the mind finds absurdity
in most human antics
while outer world perceptions,
defenses, 'proper' behavior, vanish
when good feelings erupt
from entering emotional pool
coated by joy, love
for friends, strangers, community
where life's lines blur
and impulse for fun
melts boundaries that separate
whether human, animal, Nature,
into 'One' big expression
though each distinctly unique
adding to Creation cacophony
so chaotic and frenzied
within our animated existence.
Labyrinth, Isle of Iona, Scotland

Bits and Pieces

That's how life comes
writing it's little mystery
in the hearts of us all
asking that we be detectives
for own particular journey
but this is no solo voyage
on our spaceship Earth,
each effects the next soul
toward what end unforeseen
acting as particular tuning fork
or magnifying glass for inquiry
as to choices to make now
while so much call for us,
needing our attentive focus
even as other concerns arise,
there is no end it seems
until last breath in body
joins the greater mass
of oxygen that sustains creation
again proving there's no separation
just so many bumping molecules
imbued with spirit energy,
the force of omnipotent existence,
which cannot be totally undone
only rearranged into new entities
always taking aspects of the past,
it's bits and pieces, into the future.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Waterway descending Ben Mor, Isle of Mull, Scotland


Such an unbelievable existence
yet it can't be denied,
we're here in it, experiencing
through each outrageous sense
funneled into workings of the brain
and when fully grasped within
there can be awe and wonder
or a sense of devastating overwhelm
where it seems fruitless to try
making or retaining order anywhere
but if we succeed doing so
in the many territories of life
then comes status quo maintenance,
let alone improving our lot,
as Creation continues the march
of changing constantly, irrevocably, 
testing ones' ability to flow,
be at peace on ever moving waterway,
while influencing directional course
with our actions and thoughts
even at times when rapids appear,
big, bone jarring, twisty drops
which evoke fear for survival,
forgetting any idea of controlling
the fomenting external environment
left with only your personal power
to stay centered, calm, balanced, in the chaos.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

On my 'pony' for 50th B-day road trip, June 2004
near Newcastle on the Tyne, England 


Fake it until you make it
is a phrase I've often heard
and in sales, advertising, more so,
to state claim until proven otherwise,
perhaps every dream starts this way
whether to be a doctor, lawyer,
actor, writer, athlete, or anything else,
initially there is idea of grandeur
an end result formed so attractively
that a person becomes truly infatuated,
excited, motivated, to do what's necessary
for attainment of 'pie in sky',
viewed by others not so convinced,
or connected, as waste of time,
such an impossibility, with low odds
of successful fruition, that invites heartache,
putting damper on fire for fear
wanting to spare friends the hurt,
insult, or ridicule they once experienced
when reaching for something beyond grasp,
often cemented with a solemn vow
directed toward being an avid realist
unwilling to risk significance by failing,
interpreted falsely when lessons aren't learned,
which denies creative power of humans
each individual carrying life purpose gift
which may seem pretentious until delivered.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spiraling beach stones , Isle of Iona, Scotland


No need to do it alone
though at times feeling that way,
if I look, I see connectedness,
there are thousands who support me
folks never met, as civil servants
business people, bringing services and goods
and then more immediately, friends, family,
thinking spiritually, a host of ancestors,
I'll not forget Nature's awesome bounty
the integration of life is immense
without any part being less important
it all fits like jig-saw puzzle
any loss of piece, or peace,
reverberates in collective soup of creation,
we, as little 'me', effect this
by each thought, action, and intention,
which demands an attention, with clarity,
witnessing ourselves as channels of Source
where either embracing or rejecting Power,
the guidance our Body Wisdom knows,
signifies solidarity with Evolution, or not,
each as an individual tuning fork
willing to embody our unique instrument
in great symphony of All Potential
whose music changes, with no permanence,
combining dissonance and harmony as One,
as civilization, choreographing our dance together.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rosie's pepper harvest 
'The Crofter's Kitchen and Gardens'
Kintra, Isle of Mull, Scotland

New Offerings

Yesterday's experiences change us
not waking as same person
easily seen in moods, before, after
last 24 hours of existence,
yet too often we think otherwise
trying to stay course of sameness
through routines, ritual, discipline,
to keep with something that works
bringing consistent results or pleasure
and if we're thrown off, chaos,
frantically reaching to regain composure
how we were last 'put' together
but it's improbable, perhaps impossible,
when denying life's next growth step
that includes an embrace of 'what is' now,
which is more realistic than otherwise
imagining floating in bubbles of security,
there are none, everything is in flux,
however we want this ride to be
depends on the attitudes, beliefs,
opinions, images that are cultivated,
plus our willingness to flow gracefully
accepting next transformational opportunity
or do heels go in, desperate to hold on,
thinking fearfully of worst case scenario
not witnessing this friendly universe
forever making daily new offerings of beauty.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Celtic symbol carved on burial slab of  12th century Scottish knight,
Isle of Iona, Scotland

It's Done

The last vestiges are home
to be unloaded, put away
as closing final chapter,
only remnants of thought remain
memories in half lit hall
images of the past, good, bad,
what 'was' in reality, now transpired,
appropriately ending on Easter
which really catalyzes a beginning
when peering into my potential
a blank canvas of all possibility,
whatever I choose still a mystery
though certain stirrings remain,
that of committed love relationship,
new meaningful 'conciliation' business,
improvements of beauty on the land,
and home, with many fun creations,
plus interests in radio, art, motorcycles,
playing music, writing poems, stories,
being a positive vital effect in the world,
embodying mastery as a sacred human
and spiritual warrior of Celtic line
while ending 2nd twenty-eight years,
reborn as 'elder' in 3rd Saturn cycle
with will to embrace 'true' life purpose,
helping spark visions of noble future
doing my 'soul work' until it's done.
Gravestone with 'courage' engraved
Surrey, England

In Between

Beginning and end
dates on gravestone
the dash separates
life lived here
as if linear
uneventful legacy left
no fluctuating emotions
losses or success,
skeletal, without flesh,
meatiness now decomposed
only the spirit
perhaps in quote
launched across stone
a tentative marker
someday worn away
overgrown with neglect
until lineage search
nieces, nephews, god-daughters
unearth what's forgotten
of nooks, crannies,
written in books
they can visit,
reviving the past
through phrases used,
even audio recordings
their crazy uncle
created in between.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chapel w/Celtic influence
 Compton, Surrey, England

Dying to Revive

It's an odd paradox,
perhaps all are such,
this life cycle event
born out in nature
that death makes room
for new to come,
gardeners know it's true
anyone who observes ecology
watching ecosystems regenerate life
are not really surprised
humans are effected also
in process of maturation,
childhood toys are abandoned
clothes no longer fit,
thoughts, consciousness, simply expand,
some good things misplaced,
play, curiosity, flexibility, awe,
adventure, creativity, freedom, wonder,
yet transitions continue unabated
using an inner timetable,
subtle clockwork tumbler mechanism,
which is rarely understood
while falling into place,
not happening until ready,
where present becomes past
given up for 'next',
dying, to revive living.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis, West Hebrides, Scotland

My Part

In these times
we're being asked,
called, prodded, shocked,
to embrace change
of evolutionary nature
that is monumentally
beyond 'fine tuning',
mankind must mature
from hedonistic adolescent
left unattended, irresponsible,
destroying candy store
while gorging itself
on natural resources
until obese, sickly,
forgetting inherent purpose,
any intended existence
other than consumption,
denying their stewardship
for everything beautiful,
good, diverse, interconnected,
all that's miraculous,
everyone can ponder
how they're effected
by global shifts
and economic upheaval,
but question is,
envisioning positive future,
"What's my part?'

Sentry stone at Lochbuie stone circle, & Kevin,
Isle of Mull, Scotland


As soon as born
the world presses in,
imprints us, mysteriously so,
and it continues onslaught,
family, friends, peer groups,
community, state, nations, society,
'collective consciousness' of humans
who lately are reeling,
trying to understand 'oneness',
this planet and inhabitants
all interconnected by degree
where no one's exempt,
'now' is evolutionary time
to expand beyond fear,
become a spiritual warrior
here on physical plane
unshakeable in our vision
uniquely who we are
on purpose this lifetime
holding up our end
in contract we made
when coming back around,
willing to assist Creation,
embody power of Source
every extraordinary moment here,
whether graceful or challenging,
with willful unbending sureness.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Outdoor orchid bloom
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Birth Canal

For some it takes longer
the gestation period drags on
carrots sprout slower than radishes
seeds vary in needed conditions,
sown directly, or pots indoor,
boys and girls mature differently
mentally, physically and the rest,
rare individuals know Soul purpose
right from the 'git go',
making choices that last lifetime,
others stumble, bumble, to find
any semblance of real direction,
without measurement 'it just is'
no good or bad judgment
just unique path of travel
with more turns and diversity
leading to life's inevitable conclusion,
yet along the way, living,
deciding which fork to take
thousands of times during process
hitching our wagon to stars
or turtles that plod along,
there are times of potency
where stand must be taken
that will color your future
when daringly engaging 'true self',
claiming freedom from birth canal.
Zucchini sprouts in new garden bed


Spring calls me out
like sprouts in garden
making cellular connections bump
advancing growth toward sun
projecting, reaching, striving upward,
and electrical synapse accelerates
notions of 'what next'
on long laundry list
as time constraints encroach
deadlines for action steps
to stay on wavelength
with 'life potential' offerings
those possibilities wished for
imagined in joyous future
when goals are attained,
so I must continue
participate as living demands
perform the little efforts
pay attention to details
discern 'yes' and 'no'
from deep level knowledge
not confuse the issues,
happiness is realized 'now'
instead of waiting around
thinking it'll just happen
by osmosis or grace
while watching opportunities dissipate.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old poem - New career choice!
(card created by Art Durand)


We are led to the edge,
to leap, be pushed, or to hold on,
the selections made define us
setting tone for future progressions,
we weigh alternatives in illusion
imagining repercussions as guidelines
options limited through fear
electing direction from perceived comfort,
we want insured security
meant to keep us from any suffering
unwittingly we choose slow suffocation
robbing our energy to live freely,
we often break surface for a moment
when situation or person jolts our spirit
an opportunity to kick start the engine
removing the film of lifeless pursuits,
we understand our predicament sometimes
but the thought of change paralyzes
too tired to entertain the revolution
until the pain of staying outweighs the leaving,
we then muster the courage necessary
being led by the will to survive, and live fully,
making the tough choices that nourish our soul.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Progress to date: 'hothouse' addition to motorcycle shed


To exert one's
power, force, strength,
bringing it out
physically, or mentally,
aimed at objects
performing an act
perhaps literary, artistic,
the product of
some desired vision,
'dream to manifestation',
addictive creative passions
course through veins,
such vital aliveness,
stumbling upon treasures
unforeseen cognitive impulse
lightning bolt insights
their ecstatic revelations
that redirect focus
beyond original idea,
when showing itself,
in refined details
or pragmatic workings,
how circumstance demands
we pay attention
to "What now?"
this forever moment
our efforts mold.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kevin rounding 1st base during softball game
Promising Signs

A softball player, even a team
that is 'slumping', always looks
for evidence of energy shift
where luck, and fortune smile,
give hope their drought is over,
they are a superstitious lot
following routines for preparation
or when approaching the plate,
-pick up dirt, say an affirmation,
(pray for success), a practice swing,
pulling the bat between the legs,
to clean it, juice it with 'chi',
stepping in with one foot,
the other out, while surveying
what 'holes' are open possibilities,
finally committing, both feet in,
as pitches drop, 'ball, strike'
then one chosen, swung on, contact,
in the 'gap', running the bases,
pulling up to the bag, 'Safe!'-
there is elation, smile, praise
from others observing, self satisfaction,
thoughts of still having potency,
some aspect of one's skills to give
toward intended efforts to 'win',
risking failure in every attempt
while courting 'promising signs', as proof.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Palm fern unfurling  in backyard


New book
clear morning
crisp air
sprouts unfurling
brilliant sun,
this day
awakens opportunity
what's possible
to create
with thoughts
turned solid,
physical manifestations
born continually
each movement
evolutionary act,
no matter
the direction
when learning
from results,
our attitude
gloriously dancing
excited children,
or other,
carrying burden
old programs
staying stagnant
not fresh.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On my route home from the ferry, Isle of Mull, Scotland

This Day

When it comes to impacting shifts
I'll choose spiritual realm often
my 'journey song' reveals as much
and yesterday was no exception
participating in 'sweat lodge ceremony',
waking to a renewed outlook
willing again to risk my significance,
personal reputation, from being judged
by family, friends, partners, society,
for following the path less traveled
perhaps seen as unrealistic, irrational,
dangerously on the edge of failure,
yet doing so with equanimity, peace,
expressing joy in this life adventure,
being a model of what's possible,
probable, when attitude is gratitude,
perpetually seeing miracle everywhere
all wrapped up in moment of 'now',
there is no other place to be
even when convinced 'illusion' is real
using so much energy to defend
that there is something we need,
must protect, while enshrining fear,
which becomes idol of worship,
instead embrace 'paradigm of love'
on 'this day', then courageously live.