Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Push

Sunset view of the Lighthouse and Wharf,
 from Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California.

No Push

Perhaps it's procrastination
a deep laziness
or core unwillingness
that's entered bones
from being older,
though believing otherwise,
it's really wisdom
which has infected
my conscious mind
so there's awareness
of body state,
tired or not,
and emotional equilibrium,
what needs expression
plus spiritual connection,
All as One,
where menial tasks
societal money concerns
even love relationships
pale in comparison
to merging rhythms,
mine and Source,
into creative synergy
allowing for unknown
uniquely timed occurrences
opening my heart
with no push.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Years

Dragonfly, and it's birthplace at Castle Lake, near  Mt. Shasta

Two Years

Some messages come boldly,
while others, subtle as air
gently caress side of face
titillating hair on skin
igniting momentary presence to life
it's haunting mystery and magic,
for me, I like big signs,
even though still misinterpreted
until later viewed in hindsight
wondering how I missed it,
like my sore shoulder saying 'Stop!',
look, listen, take physical break,
and slow work scene means 'recharge',
imagine possibilities besides construction
do the little things at home
plus dream a bigger vision,
well... Dragonfly visited in Shasta,
pointed me toward buying art
of itself pinned by kestrel talons
directing me to read in 'Animal Speak'
about 'nymph stage' time period
the metamorphosis from water to air
that startled me with clarity,
this is what I am to do
by coming to realize my transfiguration
into author, teacher, innovator,
as my new self, at two years end.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with veil of Sunday morning fog in October.


Without measured expectation
life can show up,
perform in surprising ways,
give us new information
through curiosity and questions,
or offers, devoid of inquiry,
like scenes in a movie
where nothing is wasted,
every conversation perfectly in place,
while carrying a foreboding
linked to what will come
 because of past connection,
years of friendship through sports,
business, or extended relations
that give plenty of opportunity
to surmise a person's character
get a feel for their integrity
as to trustworthiness and more,
which makes for percolation of ideas
thoughts rubbing along side possibility
sparking miracle blaze of potential,
whereupon comes a sudden revelation
with no real advanced pre-condition,
then synchronicity and serendipity unite,
find themselves pulling the cord
in concert with lights, camera,
aimed at next act unveiled on stage.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The 'guest trailer', much like the one I lived in 31 years ago when moving to this land.


Yesterday's north wind
cleansed redwood trees
of old leaves,
their tiny pods,
gave good shake
to every limb
of oak, madrone,
eucalyptus, bay, others,
so morning litter,
the natural kind,
covers road, ground,
and my cats
now given chance
find warmth inside
kitchen, living room,
still without heat
as is upstairs
opting for layers
instead of fire,
taking me back
remembering 'trailer' years
many fall seasons
winter's wet weather
plus crisp dawn
which invigorates blood
filled with vitality
while coolness descends.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Gentle Thunder sharing Castle Lake with 'Dragonfly', Mt. Shasta, California


It may seem counter
to common sense society
born around work ethic
Protestant ideals and more,
that when stressors multiply
the cure is opposite,
letting go manufactured need
for premature decision making
not having all information
or burdened by expectations,
assumptions, forgetting the wisdom
of loving 'what is',
embracing and 'being it',
seeing past illusory permanence
situations given exaggerated importance
where leaving things alone,
all the detailed projects
on long priority list,
allows for new thinking
when settling into ease
discovering everything can wait
while paddling mountain lake
blessed by dragonfly medicine
reminding of veil between,
what seems real isn't
yet peace, joy, love,
find substance in retreat.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Behind It

Raven kayaking Castle Lake with Mt. Shasta in the distance

Behind it

You can say 'underneath',
however we truly realize
world beyond the 'veil',
call it 'true reality',
even with invisible nature
that takes trained eyes,
heart, head, plus spirit,
to filter out cacophony
of life's nervous energy
so associated with living
which obstructs calm perception
the subtle essence vibrations
prevalent when in wilderness,
Mother Earth's raw beauty,
whether in magical forest,
paddling on mountain lake,
swimming in the same,
or just imbibing magnificence
like Mt. Shasta's grandeur,
her majestic inspiring vistas
easily seen and photographed,
yet offering feeling experience
for those willing participants
who allow quiet moments,
stop the mental chatter,
listen for deeper transmission,
behind it, in it.


Gentle Thunder floating on Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta, California


In order to survive,
flourish, reap life's rewards,
often we must stop,
rest, not make decisions,
more like 'just be',
without the frantic kicking,
flailing of arms, hands,
when keeping head above
waves of turbulent circumstance,
granted it's not easy
being calm in storm
trusting from vulnerable position
even as demise looms,
always a real possibility,
call on 'all potential'
to show another way
coming to miracle rescue
because we believe such,
wouldn't succumb so easily
no matter dire predictions
or how history demonstrates
past weave of mankind,
inevitably change will arrive,
original happenstance showing itself
for everyone to marvel,
recognize, as evolutionary shift
forever floating in consciousness.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ancients Watch

Buddha in my backyard with succulents, early morning.

Ancients Watch

From hawk, eagle perspective
when viewing my life
soaring above mundane concerns
I imagine ancestors observing
commenting on every choice
made over the years
that show a worthiness,
or failure, to shine,
depending if there's embrace
of genuine spiritual aspects
contrary to base decisions,
noticing how care translates
to loving myself, family,
friends, neighbors, land, animals,
from wise grandparent nature,
higher self, collective consciousness,
Great Spirit, seeing offspring
in each evolutionary stage
wanting to help guide
by sending specific messengers
both subtle, and blatant,
as birds, people, experiences,
so wisdom finds home
within my human heart
able to sincerely greet
new day living joyously,
powerfully, as ancients watch.

Another Turning

Santa Cruz Lighthouse from East Cliff beach after early Sunday radio.

Another Turning

Fall Equinox bodes change
as air smells shift
coolness has new quality
light continues to lower
leave earlier in evening,
and I smile anticipation
for the coming rain,
wind, tree limbs swaying,
putting on warm layers
having wood stove fires
while forced to accept,
be with, 'what is',
no matter the circumstances,
able to follow through
on dreams that arrived
during summer, spring musings,
from past year failures
harvesting the rich lessons
when feeling in deeply
to where Spirit leads,
entertaining original vital thought
laying groundwork for future
so dependent on 'now'
my abilities to co-create
with Source Energy forces
realizing evolution always happens
through another turning inside.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

While Hot

My portrait 
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

While Hot

Revelations come and go
starting off so grand
like I'll never forget
as if seared within,
felt as cosmic prod
to advance in direction
toward creating original piece,
whether written as story,
poem, commentary, and like,
or perhaps a prototype
for workshop wood project
and lately, poetry cards,
with picture and verse
on both sides, together,
where people access one
which inspires for day
then put at bottom
perhaps on meditation altar
only 'sitting' height tall
with a 'reflection' mirror
so I can witness,
be intimate through eyes
seeing beyond physical facade
into Spirit incarnated 'me',
who finds life's resonance
offers path to explore
while hot to trot.

My Mom

Dorothy Marie Hayes  when married to Robert Franklin Spitzer

My Mom

It has been 86 years
since Dorothy entered this world
to Leo and Grace Hayes
in Buffalo, New York area,
followed by her brother Patrick,
sharing room until leaving home
when marrying my father Robert,
a most handsome joyous couple,
they soon bore twin boys,
then, after many more tries,
came three more future men
until first girl broke the mold,
paving way for last angel
at ripe age of 42,
I still wonder, in awe,
of how that was possible
thinking of the daily trials
that would test anyone's sanity
and the kind of faith
so necessary to navigate life,
trusting, one step after another,
persevering, as their inevitable choice,
tapping into the deepest well
only Spirit can freely offer
through prayers for protection, guidance,
doing the best they could
my Mom led with love.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Dragonfly like the one that visited while kayaking Castle Lake in Mt. Shasta.
(photo by chiropractor Steven Stewart)


I don't care how you do it,
what gets you there to realize
the importance of inner landscapes
this space constantly lived in
that is often filled with junk
second hand thoughts about life
passed down through generations
of family, education, society, nation,
where spiritual core is buried,
it's quiet wisdom is drowned out
by cacophony of influential voices
which needs clearing to perceive
insights of an expanded knowing
born from Truth, Nature and Presence,
so if you must drink, smoke pot,
take hallucinations, or simply meditate,
in order to understand holistic concept
saying we are 'all One teeming energy'
miraculously diverse in unique design
here to express as a joyous entity,
then we can begin the transformation
playing each part in Great Turning,
inspired, motivated, given Guidance
through every interaction existence offers,
able to sit with, accept, interpret
each 'God sent' message you receive
however it manifests in experience.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Navigating Turns

Advertised as the 'best car rally race in the world', on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Navigating Turns

Keeping a cool head,
calm, collected, clear,
race car driver presence
is a necessary condition
when taking life on,
snaking through sneaky paradox
whose twisty revelations startle,
eyes shine in headlights
blinded as pupils sharpen,
dilate next dark corner,
constantly adapting to conditions,
quick leap into roadway,
or vehicle crossing line,
next, lulled to sleep
from distance being travelled,
forgetting to pay attention
thinking all is familiar
though never really noticing,
taking deeply descriptive notes
described in narration form
searching words to discern
what's really being lived,
otherwise it's one dimensional
just miraculous protoplastic magma
we push ourselves through
stimulating as it touches
senses for navigating turns.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Friends of mine riding the Big Dipper roller coaster
at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California


It's what's happening these days,
the disheveled economy exacerbates
every doubt and human angst,
folks are thrown into turmoil
as things 'depended on' dissolve,
fail to have any substance left
in the way of sustaining reality
while smoke and mirror security
is seen as the thin facade
that people tried to root into,
so changes begin to happen
where most wail and gnash teeth
crying for the loss of old dreams,
foreclosures, bankruptcy, break ups,
which create a deep introspection
an opening for connection to Spirit,
that unending source of peace
we're able to find in tragedy
when turning our eye toward beauty,
this miracle of unpredictable life,
continuing to roll on unimpeded
whether we suffer or not
depending our thoughts and attitude,
ably shifted from higher perception
a consciousness of All being One
immensely diverse in it's singularity
in constant transitioning to the new.