Friday, December 31, 2010

Changing Values

Toasting with a wine glass I caught after accidently breaking it's stem.

Changing Values

It's part of 'Great Turning'
where people stop and reconsider
what's priority in life now,
not just presently this day
but in year, or decade
because importance shifts with age,
often hard for youthful understanding
when looking at elder's choices,
less gregarious perhaps, more focused
toward a few life dreams
instead of many imagined before,
as thoughts around dying legacy
surface to influence energy output,
helping decide worthiness of efforts,
aliveness, any pursuit brings individual
and how community is effected,
remembering there's balance to maintain,
all work and no play
doesn't support one's changing values.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Planting Seeds

My raised garden beds made of old redwood deck boards.

Planting Seeds

Yesterday before the rains came
I worked on garden beds
adding soil, compost with worms,
then sowed chard, beets, carrots,
lettuce, peas, leaving two fallow,
put chicken wire over top
to keep birds, cat out,
guarding potential for the future
and now in new 'den',
the wee trailer transformed from
guest room and Art's quarters,
there's 'little child' curiosity, excitement,
about what will creatively transpire
in this year's coming adventures
born from structure, disciplined strictness,
of continually feeding my soul
by writing in dark morning,
anticipating first light and sunrise
while planting seeds on paper.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On With It

My evolving 'den' which was used as the 'guest room' in the 8x12 trailer.

On With It

Time to take sharp aim,
direct action toward what calls
deemed important beyond selfish scope
of life's mundane survival efforts,
desire for committed intimate relationship,
or anything else as scapegoat
that serves long held procrastination,
having had writing ideas forever
about stories of future world
which essentially works for everyone,
also commentary on human insanity,
books about acquiring 'soul authority',
'earth wisdom', aimed toward youth,
plus finishing my 'Returners' novel,
designing questionnaires for 'personal diagnosis',
while penning poetry for publication,
including recollections around Spitzer family,
and tales depicting my trail
after getting on with it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My constant companion Wing, at home in the woods.


Christmas can stir many emotions
igniting highs of nurturing joy
watching young and old interact,
be enthused, playful, often surprised
by words uttered, affection displayed,
as everyone smiles and laughs,
a peak experience in contrast
to regular less populated days,
where sharing with family, friends,
can be few, far between,
which stands out in hindsight
when thinking about my interactions,
communication, giving, instigated by me,
how little I reach out,
keep updated by frequent contact
with those professing love for,
while living singularly, only animals
are daily companionship to exchange
love for each other afterward.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here Again

Friends and acquaintances at my February 2007 'farewell' party.
Kintra Community Hall, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Here Again

Another cycle rounds the turn
on straightaway to year's finish
and so much has transpired
as I think of past,
different Christmas holidays over decades
enjoyed with many loved ones,
some now in spirit world
others rarely seen, conversed with,
yet all have imprinted me
leaving mark in joyous heart
from my splendid good fortune
to be born 'Kevin Spitzer'
experiencing brother, sisters, and parents
while growing older, becoming man,
discovering extended family in friends,
acquaintances, girlfriends, wives, mutually blessed
in sharing life's fleeting moments
exchanging gifts of smiles, laughter,
hugs, best wishes here again.

At Peace

Lone sailboat at dusk on Monterey Bay. Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California

At Peace

This time of year
provokes most to contemplate
one's place in Universe,
how life's being lived,
what isn't working now,
did in past year,
plus dreams of future,
hopefully through this peering
there comes an understanding
that emotional turmoil informs
about what's greatly treasured,
is the leading thread
to core soul values
underneath distressed ego antics,
wanting, needing energy expression,
bottled up or distorted
from insane societal consumerism
trying to make sense,
recognizing craziness can direct
toward living at peace.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Dawning

The Sun cresting eastern horizon from my ridge top home through 'dragon's breath'.

The Dawning

Especially during long winter nights
first light takes forever coming,
with more patience for Sun
to peek horizon, reveal brilliance,
so it is with wisdom,
the great lessons we learn
by being with, moving from
personal darkness, less than admirable
ways imbedded in our past
needing essential healing, soul discernment
aware of myriad 'security' threats
which often disrupt status quo,
recognizing change, no matter investment,
pointing toward new surprising direction
born of Unknown, without expectation,
while opening to wide range
of blazing life force energy,
playful, free, creative, vibrant, spirited,
that acknowledges the dawning Infinite.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Capitola Wharf and New Brighton Beach 'cement ship' in background pierced by a rainbow.


Humans think they know best,
can solve problems at anytime
believing they're masters of destiny,
ably figuring, reconfiguring as needed
though life is magnificently willful,
unpredictable, railing against labels, boxes
trying to pigeonhole omnipotent 'Source',
this 'Force' of omnipresent diversity
that's beyond control, barely manageable,
and only when letting go
of expectations societal norms dictate,
then fresh insights can emerge
original ways of approaching Existence
without binds from traditional perspective,
ingenious thought can become difficult
dodging yesterday's land mine obstacles,
while emotions confuse, then clarify,
shine light on brilliant jewels
waiting in darkness, as ideas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End, Beginning

'Lord of the Isles' castle ruins at low tide with rainbow.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

End, Beginning

One of my favorite days,
as Winter Solstice reminds me
that seed of great light
is encased within darkest days,
even as death finds everything,
everyone, life continues on unabated,
so it is with hope,
dreams of future possibilities, potential,
even in most forlorn circumstances
when what's cherished begins disintegrating,
or full out torn asunder,
beneath the rubble are jewels
of lessons bequeathing amazing powers
bringing ability to peer emptiness,
feel unencumbered soul's worthy direction
inspired by world of miracle,
hearing voice of Source guiding,
encouraging, one more step forward,
embracing end, beginning day anew.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Step By Step

The over 5,000 year old legacy of the Callanish Stones in the West Hebrides.
Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Step By Step

It's 'keep going' perseverance
that accomplishes any dream,
whether large, small increments
with rest between sprints
of action or thought,
there's the continual revisiting
which furthers manifestation process,
often a lonely journey
even though 'muse' joins
helping articulate your artistry,
whatever unique creation awaits
one's intention toward legacy,
the beauty we'll leave
when all is done,
until then daily attention
opens our intuitive awareness,
visual, auditory, kinesthetic senses,
inspiring decision making strategy
occurring step by step.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Renewed Alignment

Completing a round of 'tslagi' in my 'medicine wheel'.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Renewed Alignment

Life is forever this
in world of change,
as experiences effect growth
while information disrupts peace,
feelings ignite as messenger
for continuing, stopping, adapting,
whichever rings presently true
understanding the temporary nature
of any stand taken,
and there is Essence
at core of 'being'
that is sober witness,
calling 'lost nomad' home
to rediscover the marvel
surrounding one's miraculous Existence,
through awe, wonder, curiosity,
remembering the sacred attributes
endowed in all individuals
when embracing renewed alignment.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Every Path

My 'motorcycle course' in northwest Scotland, Sept. 2006

Every Path

No matter the choices made
putting us on particular course
any life direction can challenge
throwing us into virgin territory
even if similar to prior,
but now older, hopefully wiser,
we adjust differently to situations
depending feelings of comfort, discomfort,
deciding what's acceptable or not,
how messy life can be
before taking stand, saying 'Enough!',
using disruptions as message signal
though interpretatively up for grabs,
wondering if experience enriches soul
supporting movement toward growth, evolution,
rather than emotional roller coaster
blocking access to clear action
on any number of fronts
every path will undoubtedly traverse.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Focused Awareness

Concentrating while using a circular saw on home project.
(photo by Art Durand photography)

Focused Awareness

Consciousness is presence,
what grabs attention
is but object,
appealing to subject's
senses becoming thoughts,
yet there's 'soul'
at our core,
observer behind all
individual ego antics,
everything we value,
judge good, bad ...
it's 'deep seat'
of 'true Self'
living without desire,
need, effort, intent,
simply witnessing mind,
emotions, world, life
that engages Mystery
within focused awareness.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Move Forward

Storm brewing above Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, California.

Move Forward

There's no other alternative really
when day before went badly
as life served up lemons,
shockingly so in the moment,
of course 'great character builder'
though I have enough already,
it's time to find humor,
make light of 'perfect storm'
that comes every so often
testing my foundational strength, integrity,
the principals I readily espouse
while breathing into what's needed
without blame against self, others,
more like taking 100% responsibility
trusting perfection of 'what is',
knowing lessons will be revealed
bestowing wisdom to balance expense,
efforts, when righting ship's course
so projects can move forward.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Creations

Great friend Art Durand ready to leave on adventurous 6 month photographic road trip.

New Creations

Good buddy Art is gone,
off land, out of trailer,
on road to great adventure
inhabiting what's always been dream,
perfect timing for his rhythms,
like magnificent painting, sculpture, music,
or book written by author,
it's the lead up to
actual manifestation that takes time,
stewing in one's poetic juices
while bits, pieces, get organized
in mind, body, heart, soul
becoming a synergistic alchemical mix
that catalyzes energy, musters courage,
clears pathway for 'the muse'
who takes artist beyond reasoning
into realm of synchronistic magic,
miracle, destiny none could predict,
where new creations show up.

Monday, December 13, 2010

So It Is

Road signs in England near my friend Mark Jeffery's home.

So It Is

Life gives me clues
as to what's next,
or ideas for handling
shifts, changes, living offers
in service toward growth,
if I pay attention,
will look for message
within seemingly disparate signs,
sometimes just simple affirmation
bearing grand wise council,
like today on radio
listening Harijiwan Khalsa speak
about kundalini system, chakras,
stating acronym for G.O.D.
being 'Generation, Organization, Destruction'
which startled in simplicity,
a plainly stated equation
of stripped down reality,
so it is, everywhere.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who Knows

Taking in Monterey Bay at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Who Knows

Life's nothing but surprises,
and depending early childhood
plus experiences becoming adult
I can either welcome
or fear what's next,
discerning it's friendly universe
full of magic, miracle,
where things 'work out',
instead of bitter reality
with constant disappointment, sadness,
depressed by world events,
personal striving and loss,
always my personal choice
when entertaining thoughts with
outlook of curiosity, adventure,
upon waking each morning,
yet it takes courage
to embrace daily insecurities,
trusting one's wise soul
who knows, is, secure.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Tomb slabs for 'knights' buried on the Isle of Iona, Scotland.


It's not age but wisdom
that make king or queen,
different from knight and lady,
prince, princess in youthful romance,
the 'life territory' to oversee
is sprawling, changing, grandly diverse,
demanding presence, deep compassionate understanding
of one's cause, effect influence,
able to respond as needed
without negative knee jerk reaction
when jumping to sudden conclusions
about interpreted events in kingdom,
where brash declarations create war
within self, allies, those loved,
instead take time, trust process,
listen concerns of those involved,
stay centered, balanced, on purpose,
rule the moment with soul,
love, claim royal heritage as
divine monarch of personal domain.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm Willing

Playing field of the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park.

I'm Willing

In caring for myself daily,
while aware of inner workings
through this practice called 'writing',
there's discernment between 'being' states
and thoughts, feelings inhabiting each,
to some, overboard self absorption
contemplating my belly button infinitude,
yet in hindsight it reveals
choices made on road traveled
where in attempting to rescue
ineptness within life's playing field
I look to extract wisdom,
discover underlying seeds of sanity
based on what 'soul' dictates,
thus garnering essential great understanding
of what's really important here,
now, influencing choices for balance,
vitality, available as wise council
I'm willing to courageously follow.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Daren Commons and I after work on 3rd story water tower 'top', later 'craned' into place.
Lakeside Organic Farm, Watsonville. 2007


Intuition runs counter mind's intellect,
often what makes sound reasoning
doesn't manifest in desired results,
overwhelmed by business ... work harder,
faster, continually without taking break,
where actually slowing, contemplating course,
alleviates mistakes, dissolves imagined urgency,
finds graceful path with balance,
a turtle and hare tale,
instead of pressing for answers
being made miserable by indecision,
step back, doing something else
allows for solution to enter,
and within intimate relationship struggles
when one, both, aren't satisfied
it's time to please self,
revisit own individually important pursuits
mysteriously expanding ability for more
appreciation, clarity, love, experiencing values,
paradoxically bringing a couple closer.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Clear view while writing from my 'croft' in the little village of Kintra.
Isle of Mull, Scotland


I will not withhold
what courses through mind
effecting my heart, soul,
rather greet experiences authentically
revealing this moment's truth
courageously, letting chips fall,
remembering things change constantly,
and I do also
depending health and balance,
that 'choice' is mine
within all life territories,
some I've made badly,
run by fear, protectionism,
thinking safety is ultimate
though it contracts, deadens
attention to moving energies,
inward and outward opportunities
for expanding beyond mundane
through transformation's transparent veil.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Scottish hunter from days gone by with his canine companions.


It takes courage to act
on what's true for soul,
the intuition feelings point toward
though I often pull trigger
with false bravado as protection
thinking first strike wins fights,
where if not, I'm vulnerable
to mind persuading me otherwise
or heart stops to reconsider
then I'm again in muck,
uncertain, unclear, distracted by circumstance,
with confused energy muddling forth,
I'd much rather make stand
thinking I'm defending vitality, integrity,
even if later shown mistaken,
never so, as teaching experiences
that elucidate bring valued wisdom,
understanding of my makeup, others,
when claiming what's genuine now.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Loose Ends

Weaving loom at Ardalanish Organic Farm.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Loose Ends

Life's full of them
demanding 'to do' list,
vision board, flow chart
for left brained folk,
in degree everyone is,
there's right side also
bringing in artistic sensibilities
more intuitive through feelings,
each person claims personality
within their unique matrix
combining ego and Soul,
influenced within omnipotent Source
which continually supplies threads
to weave rare tapestry
as 'creator' so original
you'll never be duplicated,
because inhabited 'inner universe'
of past, present, future
bears infinite possibility, potential,
loose ends, imitating stars.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Scottish 'rush hour' near village of Kintra I called home during fall/winter of 2006/2007.
Isle of Mull, Scotland.


Everyone has own rhythms,
some fixed, others mutable,
all fluctuating in degree
depending circumstance, emotional state,
past history of response,
people get categorized energetically
slow moving, or quick,
when moving one's body
at work, playing sports,
dancing, or around home,
often bringing interpretive labels
meant to denote intellect,
abilities, internal drive, competence,
from onlooker using filters
of society, family upbringing,
past experiences, becoming judgment
determining attractiveness or not,
forgetting to accept perfect
pace of 'what is'.


Winter view from one of many small chapel graveyards on Isle of Mull, Scotland.


Life force is this
from birth to death
where even our remains
feed next generative cycle,
and supposed 'primitive' societies
understood 'no separation' interconnectedness,
but our modern world
run by 'soulless' mind
makes judgments, distinctions everywhere
that fracture rightful place
of humans in 'hoop',
this 'circle' called co-existence
which needs healing now,
opportunities abound in individuals
for uniting mind, body,
spirit, emotion through love,
joy, beauty, integrated goodness,
then directing influence beyond
'Self' through indomitable 'Soul'.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Friend and Scottish storyteller, Scott Corrigan, at old high hill 'dun'.
' Fort' near Kilmartin, Scotland


This is persevering attitude
for all life's territories,
it means bringing presence
of 'can, will do'
to essential human needs,
plus inspiring extraneous desires
catalyzing many mysterious ingredients
outside confines of homogenization,
unique to each person
we embody our 'brand',
skills, talents known by,
proud of at death,
because of indomitable effort
we deemed personally important
became pact with 'soul'
where other activities paled,
following thread into Unknown
one foot after another
with diligence beyond measure.