Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Task

Shrine at Malin Head, northern most point Ireland

Holy Task

Gay Hendricks used this term
when opening 'Big Leap' conference
by phone and webcast yesterday,
giving scope of cosmic proportions
for people in the future to witness,
certainly it is a 'sacred dance'
that transforms mundane to miraculous
while peering with spiritual attention,
intent on living in unique joy
manifested through amazing surprise,
remembering it's play, not work,
in every opportunity to appreciate
creations popped into the Field,
and it takes 'tools', plus practice
being with 'what is' in the moment,
served up for our Process
continually reclaiming full Power
as originators and 'Dream Masters',
granted this sounds foreign to most
who live in thick mud of 'reality'
presently represented by fear, doubt,
all manner of smallness and control
who judge right, wrong, good, bad,
trying to manipulate what can't be
within outrageous Human Game we play,
yet, everyone can dissolve the unholy 'hold',
then enter the flow of their holy task.


Motorcycling around Mt. Shasta  on my BMW R1100RT
(photo by Grammy nominated Gentle Thunder)


I'm leaving behind me
what no longer serves,
aiming toward joy instead,
that which brings smile
from my Expanded Self
when seeing miracles everywhere
while playing Human Game
on my own terms,
of wide open ecstasy,
trusting in Infinite Abundance
where everything is illusion
a temporary hologram projection
dependent on my investment
as I continue learning,
experiencing, what's really True,
life's stupefying magical facade,
and power humans have
to form their reality
within ongoing belief systems
introducing new as needed
for evolution of Consciousness,
the alternative lacks vibrance
committed to barely changing
any paradigm and perspective
toward how we function
making this world troubled,
or not, when exiting.

Alone Time

Atop a 'dunn' on the Andalanish coast, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Alone Time

Thinking how I've chosen
mostly a solitary lifestyle
for so many years
populating it with animals
or great Nature connection,
though gregarious in spurts
often enjoying group activities,
usually not for long
as boredom, discomfort, arise
imagining energy better spent
doing next best thing
when my 'future' calls
wanting to be created,
as interesting personal work
and inspired dream visions
of stories to write,
art, business, love manifestations
demanding so much conjuring
from Expanded Self rootedness,
laughing how I'm eclectic
informed by Aquarian tendencies,
where thoughts of Merlin,
being shaman and alchemist,
is 'clan' I'm from
to be fully embodied,
neglecting my societal fit,
with more alone time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Inspired Drive

First day of rutting season on the road to Kintra
 Isle of Mull, Scotland

Inspired Drive

Ideas pour in
seemingly so easy
to entertain them
saying 'Of course!'
like snapping fingers
makes them appear
in physical realm,
'Voila!', very simple,
but not really,
and that's relative,
with joyous motivation
anything is possible
without it mattering
what time frame
or value system
measures end result,
then expectation disappears,
replaced by 'perfection'
when feeling good
just doing it
wearing a smile
no drudgery involved
instead, complete willingness
for concerted effort
releasing whatever's necessary,
distractions that divert,
from inspired drive.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Me and the old 'tree swing' oak at my ridge top beginning
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Nonchalant, cool, open
to whatever happens
not needing design,
plans, action steps,
allowing what is,
without harsh judgments
of good, bad
or expecting change,
it's being with,
in the flow
witnessing life's illusions
deemed so important
from limited perspective,
instead of marvel
for the miracle
arranged so perfectly
according to Consciousness,
Ours, the Universe,
able to manifest
beyond any imagination
with unlimited power,
awaiting our recognition
as vital ingredient
that busts loose
True Nature realization
Infinite Beings' possess
when casually living.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busting Loose

Batting practice in the workshop
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Busting Loose

Such perfect timing
for being home
not rushing around
keeping clients happy
on construction jobs,
instead, dreaming away,
doing personal work
witnessing my antics
what discomforts arise
their limiting beliefs
and power contained,
constrained, within them,
waiting the harvest
to reclaim vitality
from old pattern
stuck in 'Field'
of past experience
while embracing origin,
my Infinite Beingness,
Universal Life Force
conspiring with me
to unleash Truth
reveal my blindness
how I conjure,
create, this reality
with every decision
when busting loose.

Playing With Spirit

Sun salutation, Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, Ca.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Playing With Spirit

The 1st phase of my life
has been about the physical,
this material world and rules
of how society says to be,
whether from family, school, religion
and within those parameters I struggled
felt a dissonance, something off,
didn't want to believe the verdict
that there is no deeper meaning
beyond Creation's unfathomable mystery
leaving only the prospect of drudgery
mucking through existence haphazardly 
lucky if you experience real joy
when getting glimpse of miracle
being offered up moment by moment, 
but fortunately I persisted
continued to look for something more
then finding what I searched for
awakening in degree to Great Truth
my soul connection to the Infinite,
Me, being One and the Same,
seeing I create my living experience
by saying yes, and no, daringly,
to dream my Power into the Field,
popping patterns of highest expression
toward that which most pleases
while ecstatically playing with Spirit.


Scottish sunset, Lochbuie shoreline, Isle of Mull


For years it's been 'energy',
wanting that to bubble up
inform me with it's vibrance,
vitality, when tapped into living,
thinking so much is physical
I've done protein smoothies, vitamins,
regiments in yoga, to unite
mind, body, spirit, and emotion
while entertaining new mindsets,
redirecting focus and intentions
befriending limiting beliefs also,
embarking on love relationships
totally committed it seemed,
but somewhere in the mix
came hitch in my 'giddy-up'
which drained the juice wanted
to perform simple daily duties
making me wonder my 'disconnect'
that comes when not celebrating
everything arising in my life
as 'Infinite Being' playing a game
having hidden clues from myself
where I search through my life,
're-membering', awaking to origin,
so as to transmute all 'matter' 
into the dream I most want,
 exercising joyful power connection to Source.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hide and Seek

Sand castle play for Jen's birthday

Hide and Seek

A new theory is floated
in book I am reading
that Life is a game,
we, as Infinite Beings
are playing with ourselves,
and each other, through Persona
conjuring up our own rules
in all territories of living,
purposely entering Existence
ignorant of our origins
so as to make things interesting,
give tension and excitement
to our participatory intentions
especially when wanting to win
at end of the competition,
but this is the funny part,
where we find no conclusion,
sure, there's death, it's inevitable,
seriously feared by many
yet, our spirit continues on
back to omnipotent Source,
reconnected to other old souls
encountered on physical plane
who shine their benevolence,
like our omnipresent Sun,
toward us, so we'll embody levity,
as children, enjoying hide and seek.


Abiquiu reservoir, New Mexico


Life is a big body of water
with tributaries feeding in,
pouring through, rain swollen,
surrounding land mass,
humans are in small boats
making our way to shore
of high and low elevation
that experience dealt us,
but later on we choose,
set intentions, have goals,
search for milestones along the way
taking action as necessary
and it can overwhelm us 
when hungry from past disruption,
having forgotten our 'First Peace'
or not having the tools
to juggle and focus attention,
even take time to try,
caught up in beliefs instilled 
from early childhood impact,
luckily we still have ability
for taking charge of results
reworking gray matter upstairs,
resetting, re-calibrating ourselves,
feeling into emotional guidance
as system for finding direction
while navigating new territory.


Sister Donna, brother Keith, sister Mary Ann


Reminded again this weekend
how important connections are
with family, new friends,
the way it recharges
brings perspective to life
focused away from chaos,
our seemingly mad world,
in each reflection shared,
hearing  stories of loss
dreams that are percolating
risks to be taken
when manifesting new results,
where adventuresome spirit soars
stepping into 'Genius Zone'
it's unique, original environment,
these are essential sparks
spurring us onto heights
as catalyst for creativity
bringing remembrance every morning
to shake off sluggishness
those layers weighing us
like some oppressive gravity
while getting older, wiser
hopefully, from lessons learned,
opening again to miracle,
Creation's relentless gift given
within moments we share.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Golden Gate Bridge 


I am exposed
by lists compiled,
then actions taken,
to fulfill milestones
from intentions claimed
in manifestation process,
and I wonder
how it works
within co-creative dance,
what intangibles exist,
though unaware of, 
that could influence
my desired outcome
especially when playing
3rd Way paradigm
of allowing, listening,
for graceful passage
into what's coming
as next step
toward greatest potential
beyond vague dreams
meager mind renders,
wanting to believe
there is Guidance,
maps of territory,
giving clear direction
revealing my course.

Another Day

My Mom 'Dottie', nephew Tyler, his 'Dad' brother Doug

Another Day

Sleeping at Mom's,
after Mother's Day,
laying in bed
not hearing her
a thought enters
this could be
the dreaded moment
my brothers, sisters,
find she's passed,
wondering my response
if discovering 'Dottie'
no longer breathing,
to my relief
I hear sounds
"She still lives!"
exclaiming with joy
opening bedroom door,
"Yes, I'm here."
we chuckle, reassured,
feeling blessed again,
able to share
more stories, thoughts,
yesterday memories, gratitude,
for sunshine, family,
such beautiful Creation
and future possibilities 
another day brings.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Plum and tangerine tree here at home


From this place
rooted in Earth
I grow strong
tenderly unfurling leaves
turning to limbs,
branches, thick stalk,
promising fruit born
from every thought,
idea, dream seed
vision I plant
in fertile soil
covered by love,
nurturing what's needed
with inspired action,
feeling deeply into
ground of 'being'
while 'becoming' more
when imbibing breath,
symbiotic connection to
potent Life Force,
lightning bolt vitality,
permeating all Creation
constantly supporting me
through seasons, years,
sunshine, rain, fog,
each blessed harvest
expanding heart center.

May Showers

Rain shower, Kintra, Isle of Mull, Scotland

May Showers

Mists of Beltane's past
surround my hidden enclave
refreshing leaves, their color
contrast against gray sky,
the birds are singing
scurry about, scratching, leaping,
playing like little children,
their delight is contagious
breaking into easy smile
I breath moist oxygen,
olfactory sense spurs memories
of Indiana boyhood years
forgotten times when happy,
exhilarated by life's mystery
being somehow in cahoots
with whole outrageous miracle
whose purity raced inside
every cell I was
igniting my enthusiastic core
into heaven, earth, marriage
enthralled to be me
fully embodied and aware
in peak of attention
for that moment, then,
as now, informed by
so much distant happenstance
May showers remind of.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Lighthouse between Oban and Isle of Mull, Scotland


Certainty can be elusive
as is confident mind
yet decisions demand commitment,
in moment, for power
to follow through wisely
with needed detailed attention
being aware of changes
tides going in, out,
that test one's sureness
whether new information supports,
or undermines, previous stance
unlike Scottish lighthouse foundation
which contains rooted quality
ably withstanding seasonal storms
reminder to individual souls
of our Essence connection
inherently bonded with Source
informing Life Purpose journey,
this adventure into Mystery,
where security is secretive
waiting our 'wonder questions',
part of aligning vitality,
when answers inspire action
inevitably leading to more
driven by intended outcome
juicy dreams that lap
upon shore of clarity.


My Mom, Dottie


"It will all work out."
this, the wisdom of my Aunt,
 affectionately named 'June bug',
and I felt safe, warm, encouraged
as my heart opened, expanding
a belief in myself, my dreams
thinking back to life experiences
mine, and hers, together, separate,
seeing how the ground meets us
that even when falling down
there is support from Creation,
my mother 'Dottie' shares her world,
has earned June's title as best friend
being they understand each other so
having watched many changes transpire
Great Depression, World War II, loss of husbands, 
where slings and arrows landed
wounding, never killing their spirits
now carrying the grace of age
handed down through generations
allowing them the long, big view,
witness and steward to real richness
of what matters most through time,
it is connection, friendship, and love
whether with family, in-laws, or strangers,
always moving toward what's good
creating consciousness of confidence along the way.