Friday, July 31, 2009


Elevating at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Part of the equation
in every aspect of life
are the preliminary steps taken,
often we don't know
how events cultivate experiences
that teach of our resilience
showing what we're made of,
where later down the road
incorporating all we've learned
we see the hidden reasons
for all that's transpired
and the perfection of such,
but it takes a mindset
seeing each moment as a gift
toward evolution of consciousness
so an energized 'presence'
can welcome every worldly effect
as an ally coming home,
raptly listening with compassion
the stories of our humanness,
pouring out the diverse conditions
detailed in history books
trials of present day dramas,
even visions of future deeds,
where there is no separation
nothing can be turned away
it's all preparation for success.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Karmic Unwinding

Backwards flop into Monterey Bay, Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Karmic Unwinding

Last night with Gitanjali
I relaxed, let go,
as she worked magic
in my unseen realms,
though not for her,
described as a ball
knotted with strings attached
so many lingering beliefs
from past lives lived,
and this one also,
especially around relationship issue
viewed as self-love,
self worth, being critical,
hard on myself, unforgiving,
needing a compassionate holding
plus releasing old stories
of how I arrived,
here, in this moment,
with bagful of reasons,
they don't matter now
she counseled at end
saying I must speak
reveal my freedom truth
then I'll be met,
attracting like minded woman
for years of loving, 
creating our karmic unwinding.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here Goes

Third story of restored/improved water tower project for Repass family

Here Goes

Back to work groove
new jobs calling me
during summer heat spell
while my body aches
sore shoulder and hamstring
but I'll certainly persevere
as I need money
for want of resources
that enable more creativity
in how I live,
what pursuits interest me
which naturally rise up,
perhaps not so someday,
while cherishing the impetus
keeping me at forefront
of my conscious intention
to manifest for effect,
on myself and world,
through each living moment
knowing end will come,
thinking back on this,
those opportunities now gone,
where results will tell
if I stepped up
willfully, to expand myself,
become all I could,
so here goes again.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Being With

At the end of the ridge.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Being With

Presence is human essence,
to fully embody
on inner, outer plane,
the realm of Mystery
impregnating every existing speck
whether experienced or not
as our 'extended self'
but I often forget,
am overcome by feelings,
what my mind thinks
while dividing this world
into compartments to understand
make the unfathomable simple
put in graspable terms
so to imagine control
thinking I can navigate
my life with power,
which is really possible,
but contrary it seems,
for when 'letting go'
of believing we know
how things 'should' transpire
our influence becomes easier
when effecting course direction
playing with each aspect
arising for purposeful recognition
being with it's dynamics.


Kevin at Seabright Beach
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


At times I can witness
my self-induced solitary living
by just checking the results,
very few call to invite
asking for participation in fun
or some other social activity,
I'm without an intimate partner
left only to dream possibility
while caught in my importance,
that I'm doing something significant,
even when feeling so alone,
and yes, I have friends,
folks I love to see,
be with, and also acquaintances,
plus a big caring family,
but I don't make contact,
put on celebrations, dinner gatherings,
or ask advice, assistance,
to engage on deeper levels,
instead playing the independent game,
self sustained, insular, not needing
recognition for my self worth,
so occasional pity parties ensue,
though blessings cascade upon me,
pointing to my great desire
for closeness and being included
not distanced from love wanted.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pull It Off

My 'pony' in Scotland, Sept. 2006
( 1991  BMW K75RT, ex-police motorcycle)

Pull It Off

That's the question
when wondering if
I have stamina,
resource, and inspiration
to make effort
toward any dream
presented as worthy
for physical manifestation,
there are numerous,
coming as ideas,
so many moths
circling bright light
of pure Spirit
embodied in me,
wanting clear recognition,
truth, power within,
as seed potential
creating new direction
effecting my life
and the world
from intentional pursuit,
immense willful commitment,
fueled by emotion,
the good feelings
before, during, after,
sparking desire to
pull it off.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pushing Limits

Mono Lake, California

Pushing Limits

Dreams, visions, can be big,
filled with details and nuance
some compacted into short time,
no room for odd occurrence
monkey wrench in the works
that stalls or sidetracks project,
if so, then creativity is applied,
greater intention with more action,
time, concentrated peering of future,
what's humanly possible for now
while ready to adjust accordingly
yet still so willfully involved
digging deeper for extra effort,
breathing, taking in needed sustenance
in thought, feeling right timing,
always weighing in for grace
whether personal override snuck in
as a hero move detriment,
or if life is testing,
and playing, for one's recognition
of their power and fecundity
when actively pursuing desired outcome,
a manifestation on physical plane,
influencing potency on cellular level
where standing back and looking,
after deadlines have been met,
shows pushing limits has value.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Easy Grooves

Riding rented Harley Davidson motorcycles  with my brother Dan,
Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas, Nevada

Easy Grooves

Give me two days
opposite my regular structure
and I start morphing
brain, body, into newness,
like having fun socializing
seduces me with stimulation,
where now I wonder
what else to do
that will 'entertain' me,
keep me from commitment
to continue the pursuit
of writing short stories
about how 'future' evolves
from people making changes
when taking the 'programs'
I want to design
as legacy of 'work'
in world, as choice,
after realizing my availability
for 'conciliation and growth',
this is good 'noticing'
but still a decision
must be made within
whether to feed discipline,
or joy, hopefully both,
plus more, when choosing
easy grooves and gracefulness.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Celebrating 50 years of living with a 'freedom ride' into England and Scotland


Where lays the attraction
for the concept portrayed
behind this overused word,
both negative and positive,
some people hear 'chaos',
'anarchy', that anything goes,
others relate to sovereignty,
power, choosing self determination,
also there's wild abandon
no sense of restriction
being like an animal
following one's pure instinct
letting life unfold accordingly
fiercely unafraid of results
only knowing energy surge
headlong pursuit in direction
toward essential creative stimulation
spurred by hungry desire
or release of confinement,
any domination by others
who restrict our abilities
to play, enjoy life,
be inspired by miracle,
this diverse teeming existence,
while embodying our omnipotence,
connected to all Creation
and it's inherent freedom.

In Alignment

Clan specific Scottish stone wall, near Kintra, Isle of Mull, Scotland

In Alignment

The difference can be stark
between 'dis-ease' and graceful flow,
and yet subtle as well
when tension, stress, comes incrementally
from thoughts harbored seeping out,
once subconscious, now showing symptoms,
pushing buttons, activating old patterns,
plus new ones for attention
as sign that evolution's coming,
or could be, if embraced,
at the time, it's hellish,
with ground beneath me moving
left only to chop wood,
carry water, do my best,
while engaging what I can
loving myself in the process
for my wildly diverse antics,
then finally there is release,
either profoundly direct, or miniscule,
gladly nothing stays the same,
shifts happen just by waiting
though 'letting go' and 'accepting'
accelerates understanding of 'what is'
in natural state strayed from,
vitality and integrity linked together
like vertebra, with other energies,
electrically charged and in alignment.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Okay

Heidi and Kevin motorcycling without helmets in Kauai, Hawaii,
 together for Kirsten and Rick's wedding

It's Okay

There's no reason to 
not fully love yourself
 for exactly the way
you're showing up now,
it's about the process,
forget end game conclusion
and what others think,
this we can't control
like so many circumstances,
where effects are made
are within our consciousness
whether fueling a war
or developing  real peace
that illuminates our insides
when pursuing essential understandings,
being attentive to warnings
which show course correction,
the need to re-calibrate,
adjust body, mind, emotion,
so Spirit can guide
back to fully accepting
each naturally occurring nuance
often felt as 'grace'
while discovering more miracle,
our 'Expanded True Nature',
as knowledge that says
"It's okay, enjoy life!"

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Low tide walking between islands in Scotland


So many doorways face me
waiting my choice to open
seen more clearly each day,
especially after astrology reading
showing two 'trines' as 'square'
in regards to work, relationship,
personal identity, and home space,
that they're all influenced together,
if one lights, all ignite,
and I received more information
around the woman who fits,
able to be deep, playful,
grounded, while in the stars,
plus my ability to vision,
translate what I see unfold,
innovating a system of transformation
continually transmitting and communicating such
with an aptitude to write,
get published for my thoughts,
all coming as 'Universal' encouragement
to manifest dreams into reality,
tapping into fecundity evolving here,
creating magnificent 'Big Game' life
working with all surface tension
which comes from grand aspirations
such as stepping into unknown,
over thresholds, for spiritual power.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Bryce Canyon, Utah


Becoming aware of Self
means studying one's subtleties,
attention on detailed levels
in tune with 'senses',
shifts to body dynamics
through emotional energy surges,
or paralyzing lack of 
when recovering from exertion,
perhaps the mind tires
from running circular track,
thoughts chasing their tail
with same avenue expression
creating suspiciously identical results,
somehow, somewhere, change happens,
we stray from pattern
inadvertently discover new strategy
find different world waiting,
it can seem miraculous
wishing we could replicate
similar evolution in territories
of our unsatisfied life,
then, just from 'wanting',
that creates specific intention,
there comes more experiences
original, rare, and expansive,
which opens up possibilities
showing increments of potential.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let It Go

Buddha in bamboo grove,
 Kauai, Hawaii

Let It Go

To forgive is divine
washing away any residue
from encounter that's contrary,
different than the expected
or hoped for results,
but mastery takes practice,
releasing act of judging
yourself, or others involved,
while moving the energy
getting trapped by emotions,
first comes clear awareness
an acuity more refined
than daily eye perceptions
being the 'landscape' hides,
moves, confuses, disguises itself,
where plumbing depths matters
plus breadth and length,
becoming familiar with discernment,
using one's body awareness
for recognition of disturbance
anything less than ease,
like anger, fear, sadness
in degrees off center,
trusting perfection of circumstance
embodying all that is
tuned into evolution calling,
I let it go.


Winter sunset, looking north from Santa Cruz Lighthouse


Some mornings it can't be contained,
thunderbolts burst through fingertips
arms raised to moon, stars, the heavens,
as inhaled breath expands the heart
fills it with joyous ecstasy beyond reason
in surge of present moment realization
that sparks smiling laughter from Abundance,
the epiphany of connection to All as One,
standing boundary-less, dissolved in rapture,
becoming the veil of marriage between
worlds physical and ethereal, united,
in eyes witnessing Life's omnipresence
and one's sudden place in it's river flow,
rising up, through our every action,
whether awake to the Mystery or not,
we are channel for mastery or madness
a liquid energy in jeweled chalice of creation
born new each day from death like slumber
to stir ourselves again into the mixture
while practicing the alchemy of Merlin,
we awaken to God and Goddess inside
each opportunity to heal wounded separation
and melt salve over divisiveness for wholeness,
strengthening the sinew and muscle of cooperation
increasing the web and basket to hold Potential,
the knowledge of miracle in all things done alone or together.