Monday, November 30, 2009

Always Something

Kauai's 'Grand Canyon', Hawaii

Always Something

Upon awakening each day
and even while dreaming
life meets us fully,
no turning it off
until last breath expelled,
though probably there's more
within interim of passing
into next world waiting,
perhaps an ethereal lull
where we witness events,
those grieving over us
if people are attending
to necessary final moment,
or when dying alone
there is other recognition
of miracle existence surrounding,
as Nature, her beauty,
that has forever nurtured,
fed with so much,
sustaining the physical body
teaching through cycles, seasons,
in myriad of ways
which revealed deeper connections,
our inner landscaped environ 
so fully lived in,
housing mind, emotions, spirit,
it often escaped detection
but continually produced results,
always something to contemplate.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pendulum Swing

The winding road up to 'Snowdonia' territory in Wales, Great Britain.

Pendulum Swing

From warm full moon night
to cold foggy morning
Nature gives different faces
depending the seasons
and people do likewise,
some affected by light changes
dreading short days,
the rain and wind,
often from alchemical disposition,
their ancestral genetic code
while others love the shift,
for now that's me,
when grayness holds space
becomes container for slowing,
moving with calmer momentum,
not frenzied spring, summer
where so much happens,
this year it's mixed up
as work is happening again
plus many social events
with the holidays looming,
thus promising a compact schedule
seemingly distinct and directed,
though not from big perspective
looking through historic lens
that shows ups, downs,
emotional peaks and valleys
which points the old falls away
within pendulum swing of progress.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Odd Days

Midori and Kevin, the 'morning after' our first meeting, 11/3/08

Odd Days

We are culmination
of years past
all the experiences
lodged into us,
and if impacting
to soul, heart,
they are remembered
on cellular level,
so it is
when anniversary cycles
back to date
numbered in month,
that without pretense
emotions can arise,
melancholy, anger, loss
around dream ending
in sad situation,
but also elation
for fortunate encounter
the blessings visited
in time, place,
plus post repercussions
which influence favorably
through lessons learned
about personal makeup,
one's resilient coherence,
those intangible qualities
discovered and realized
from odd days.

Observe change

'Human Design Chart' for Kevin Spitzer
as a 'Manifesting Generator' done by Beth Black.

Observe Change

It happens,
is inevitable
by degree
even as
big turn
develops slowly
like stages
of life,
my third
Saturn cycle
coming on
with destiny,
what's possible,
probable potential
in reality
based on 
'human design',
being a
'manifesting generator',
and open
at root,
spleen, ego,
emotional center,
using sacral
for decisions
throat expression,
mind, crown,
awakening to
observe change.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Take Notice

Brothers 'Cowboy Keith', and 'Celtic Kevin'
during Halloween a few years ago.

Take Notice

My values are changing,
what garners my attention
and willingness to perform
has shifted it's territories
from being wild child,
up for catting about,
to developing wise nurturance
like resting when needed
that supports overall vibrance,
keeps me clear headed,
able to intuit action,
circumstance, and life demands
in way of ease,
flow, no push necessary,
the hurry of society
linked to worried living
insecure about results, expectations,
which separates 'what is'
into pro, and con,
making existence better, worse,
depending our psychotic outlook
thinking insanity is normal
with it's stress, unhappiness,
so devoid of connection,
love, some spiritual acknowledgement,
 where Halloween becomes important
for people to entertain
ideas around death, dying,
as they take notice.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Subtle Rhythms

The latest poetry book

Subtle Rhythms

I value my solitude
of being with silence
in morning writing ritual
while hearing 'Wing' breathe,
faint bird movements outside,
feeling into body wisdom
this clay of me
which vibrates differently today,
from yesterday, or tomorrow,
creating a sensory perception
as soul honing in
to what thoughts reside
within virgin dawn awakening
from latest culminated experience,
it's integration into 'now',
who I have become
and what destiny beckons
beyond veil of physicality
that demands willful manifestation
born of expectations, analysis,
judgment in all forms
verily shutting out Mystery,
the intangible Essence place
reminding my Universal connection
where air, earth, water,
plus fire, are embodied,
animated, as sensory human
so unique in form,
subtle rhythms, and energy.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


At  Seabright Beach.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


A form of self-care
that says 'Relax now.',
nurture your soul here
by releasing the reins,
any idea of control
keeping fear at bay,
composed illusory improbable imaginings
more possible if entertained
with anxiety, dreading loss,
instead recline into Essence,
let go tense muscles,
whether mental or physical,
breathe in emotional buoyancy
allow moments to flutter,
slip by, wash over,
welcome the Infinite calm
behind chaos and cacophony,
there's nothing to do,
just be, without judgment,
bless any contrary thoughts
from ego wanting attention,
come back into Life
as baby so pure,
perfect in it's resting,
sublime, innocent, at peace,
having yet to define
itself, others, good, bad,
simply enter boundless world
so easy to forget.

Friday, November 20, 2009


700 B.C. 'Dun Beag' (small fort) on Isle of Skye, Scotland
Double stone wall enclosure for sentry,with steps.


There is much I've done
that comes up woefully short
for being an honorable demonstration
of a sacred human walking 
with beauty below and above,
in front, behind, plus within,
where now I feel humble,
able to see my shortcomings
or at least partly so,
realizing blindness is still present
which only time will uncover
yet it makes me attentive
more sensitive to others, curious,
as to what I'm missing
when judging from confident place
thinking I know the truth
about people, circumstances, and myself,
it feels good to expose
these aspects I've often defended
so walls of separation fall
and I can profess humanness,
my connection to all beings,
letting the ego slip away
to reveal, beyond spiritual witness,
shared essence with miraculous life
while embodying my unique form
rejoicing in mine and yours
embracing ourselves as brother, sister,
who offer apologies for trespasses.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


At beginning handrail stage of my brother Doug's new redwood deck.


Manifestation takes forethought,
precursor to impetus,
setting an intention,
consciously or unconsciously
conjuring up action,
so many steps
to be taken
even if impulsive
without overriding dream
that guides further
beyond gut understanding
and unforeseen repercussions,
which always happen
when guessing prediction
of end result
comes up short,
then seemingly obvious
with hindsight vision,
but that's Mystery
continually at work,
giving us senses
for playful exploration
we can engage,
or simply ignore,
trusting one's intellect
over intuitive knowing,
separating our resources
instead of incorporating
makes difficult preparation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My hands.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


With kid gloves
I hold you
in new place
of saying 'yes'
to the unknown,
what might be
from changed circumstance
our mental shifts
plus revealed hearts,
it is sweetness
that seeps in
surrounds the past
soothes old refusal
born of confusion,
maybe some fear
around losing self
not being asked
about conjured dream,
which allowed introspection
seeing my tendency
for blasting forward
on enchanted vision,
creating limited situation
like 'life partner'
bringing it's baggage,
where, now free,
without any expectations
living can surprise
reopen childlike wonder.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sudden End

My cat 'Hammer'  who adopted me, my other cat 'Paint' and my dog 'Wing'. 

Sudden End

It happened
so abruptly,
not considered
a possibility,
totally piercing
my heart
that shattered
from loss
of 'Hammer'
my cat, 
the lover,
who intruded
in beginning
pushed 'Paint'
from food,
once feral
he blossomed,
became affectionate
rubbing against
legs, body,
I fell
for him,
totally succumbed,
showering love,
hugging, kissing,
until final
sudden end.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Choice Points

My sister Mary Ann and brother Keith competing in volleyball tournament.
Main Beach, Santa Cruz, California

Choice Points

In the end we'll see
from clarity of hindsight knowledge
what drove us passionately onward
no matter what results followed,
or the interpretation we give
to each turn in road,
like coming to forked decision
when asking deep inner questions
feeling into heart/mind guidance
and principals we live by,
whether there was real coherence
with every aspect of Self
mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical,
'Did I stand for something?'
within connection bigger than ego,
it's petty concerns seen retrospectively
that kept separation as viable
thinking survival is about this,
protecting oneself, not taking risks
which feed 'soul core' yearning
in each human's beating heart,
tuned into Earth's magnetic field
where our resonance effects Hers
we often wobble in Universe
going through cycles of life,
large, small, personally, and collectively,
meeting choice points, then acting.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quick Turns

Winding 'single track', late January, 2006.  
Desolate western edge of the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Quick Turns

Life is unpredictable
even when known
on certain terms
like mundane living,
our job description,
or relationship status,
taken for granted
forgetting things change
in a heartbeat
from percolating thoughts
fed by emotions,
desires, visions, needs,
perhaps not articulated
fully at time
yet message emerges
as prayer intention
within subconscious psyche
maybe becomes mantra
engaging hidden realms
where spiritual allies
wait to support
 what's being asked,
whether negatively, positively,
when mind disagrees
wants something different
than unfulfilled expectations
catalyzing quick turns.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Love

My brother Keith and Linda getting married.

Free Love

So often
bound up
with expectation,
terrible fear,
lost sovereignty,
that affections
can scare
folks away,
not share
alchemical stirring,
heart activation
Mystery provides,
in hindsight
world suffers
from lack
of expression
as individuals
stay closed
to miracle
which occurs
whenever embracing
the power
and potential
two people
generate exponentially
when engaging
free love.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Plans Change

Field fence ladder, Kintra, Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Plans Change

We entertain God
when thinking control
of life events,
what we'll do,
how, where, why,
it's nice thought
to imagine influence
over physical reality
and there is
in present moment,
but past, future,
those are different,
out of hand
not our domain
so it's humorous,
also to me
that folks 'expect'
then are unhappy
as living shifts
into different format,
effecting one's style,
perhaps looking foolish
for the effort
placed on calendar
all the appointments,
things thought important,
whenever plans change.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In early days of KZSC radio career


This feels like it
when chewing on decisions
waiting for genius stroke
beyond ramrod action taking,
and life does same,
culminates to tipping point
as circumstances pile up,
point to what's needed
in next manifestation event,
where patience becomes virtue
calmly aware of transitions
being conduit for magic,
miracles we participate in,
the tuning fork transmitter
plus radio wave receiver,
we bubble up creations
that boggle the mind
just by removing expectations
of what we've thought
or how any assumptions
according to written plans
are supposedly stone set,
instead the valve opens
Mystery is allowed exposure,
full fluid diverse expression,
leaving smile on face
from percolation of ideas.

Monday, November 9, 2009


In Monterey Bay, Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Thoughts can inundate the brain,
most folks call it mind
that works on own volition
with whatever can pop in,
willy nilly, without much control,
yet, in reality, it's different,
we have power to design
our inner and outer landscape
through present attention and awareness
choosing what is deemed worthy
when ego becomes Spirit servant
not the high rolling emperor
so caught in physical 'maya'
whose concerns drive people crazy
making up stories about life,
concepts, that impinge natural flow
one's creative inspiration and connection
to bigger Mystery of Existence,
from place of higher consciousness
perhaps experienced as spiritual witness,
we tap into collective wisdom
of all who have been,
are, and those still coming,
which is informed by Oneness
in this world of diversity,
potential, duality, that separates, unites,
until we're filled to overflowing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Testing

Ready for the challenge at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

More Testing

With limited risk and challenge
it's easy to be smug
using routine mundane life activities
as security blanket for control
but inevitably something comes up
that rattles calm status quo
perhaps just a sudden realization
of consciously, or unconsciously asking
for stretch in human territory
defined as work, play, relationship,
where leaving past, entering future,
scares the existing ego silly
so doubts, fears, angst surface
to be looked at bravely
if progress is truly intended
when embracing our spiritual nature,
each individual's connection to Source
their infinite grounding in Mystery
which remembers true Sacred Dream
from influential internal peace,
there's plenty of opportunity for growth
while breathing life force freely,
smiling at any forgetful antics,
reminding us to find re-alignment
energetically opening and accepting 'now',
this new, and original soul setting
happily engaged in more testing.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Little Clues

Burnt trees and rain clouds near North Rim of Grand Canyon

Little Clues

The subtle realm
oblivious to most
is always there
being transmitted slowly
in niggles, hunches,
any small intuition
rising from wonder,
asking 'What's this?
peering for answers
into psychic depth
what's behind veil
waiting for manifestation
resonating as 'destiny'
or all potential,
often just 'dreams'
that spur feelings,
ideas to consider,
while anticipating direction
which needs clarification
within quiet moments
becoming tuning fork
for Great Unknown,
Mystery, percolating inside
possibilities for action
where exercised choice
creates miraculous synchronicity
from little clues.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Naked in the outside shower.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Whether they are filters,
judgments, ideas, beliefs, opinions,
or systems of knowledge,
in the end, meaningless
with last breath taken,
seeing those constructs dissolve
leaving nothing but 'presence',
if lucky, a chuckle,
for the wild ride
on extraordinary magnificent miracle
of illusory physical world
so bound by interpretation
from ego's slippery slope
of shapeshifting to satisfy
it's need for being
the controller of reality,
making itself supremely important
through life, death, consequences
though eventually there's exposure
if stubbornness slips away
to reveal frightened aspects,
child needing adult reassurance
that everything is okay,
has been, always will,
letting temporary nature go
when realizing Eternal Connection
removes obstacles to peacefulness.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Being Given

Veil of morning fog over Santa Cruz viewed from UCSC campus

Being Given

All the props are there,
in place, for grand adventure
and it's called 'this life'
with all the ego manifestations
that confuse, while also titillate,
to activate my body sensations
which lead me to 'reality',
this physical world of experience,
yet behind the puppeteer's stage
is vast universal chaotic 'isness',
where once through the 'veil'
these curtains that create separation
become transparent, fall to ground,
leaving me nothing to hold,
no longer is there 'I',
only 'us', everything as 'One',
from that perception living changes,
takes on whole new attributes
bringing accordant shifts in thought
while influencing choices every day,
seeing perfection when not measuring
capable of loving dissonance equally
through floating back and forth,
entertaining joy, sadness, as illusion,
though the former, with compassion,
allows for continued potent participation
when being given shining opportunity.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turning Point

Land jetty between the San Lorenzo River and Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, Calif.

Turning Point

Every moment is,
yet some impact
in extraordinary ways
as timing exaggerates
a decision made,
where wheel cog
finally engages direction
resonating so true
that if feels
like destiny travel,
suddenly having map
for coming years,
sensing deeper purpose
and soul alignment
so daily steps
of mundane variety
have powerful influence
without worry, strife,
just chop wood,
then carry water,
do little things
which advance toward
your future destination,
known, yet vague,
to be discovered
exquisitely carved from
each turning point.