Saturday, April 30, 2011


At 'KZSC' radio staff meeting in my early days, not fully grasping the 'greater journey'.


People can get stuck
in 'make sense' strategies,
designs, paradigms to understand
and cubby hole Existence
through 'separation' for 'diagnostics',
figuring how to 'respond'
when life shows up
differently than they're accustomed,
it makes for 'disconnect'
when meeting old friend
immersed in specific 'modality'
who immediately filters answers
to simple 'What's new?'
as 'coach, client' relationship
searching for appropriate analysis
that would assist 'evolution',
though what's really wanted
is simple 'being with',
letting words, feelings flow
without having to direct
anything anywhere for something
familiar to hold onto,
instead 'Loving what is.',
the miracle of togetherness,
even if confused ambiguity
surrounds germinating 'seed secrets'
which create unspoken contradictions.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Show Up

Finishing 'tslagi' in 'wheel', imitating 'Sacred Tree of Life'.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Show Up

When I release expectations
of ego inspired unfolding
with it's timeline results
then there's easeful acceptance
toward what wants exposure
from rare interrelated timing
unencumbered by logical manipulation,
this is 'letting go',
breathing into present moment
noticing beyond tunnel vision
lists, duties, imagined criticism,
kept to tow line,
forgetting 'freedom' as birthright,
not needing to answer,
justify, explain my actions
to jury of peers,
family, voices in head,
wherein miracles come alive
realizing my essential Oneness
within great teeming matrix
called 'Life', arriving beautifully
each day, without mankind's
propensity to take reins
toward controlling chaotic Existence,
instead asking humanity to
show up expansively open.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stand Ground

Doing morning 'tslagi' in my 'medicine wheel' at home.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

Stand Ground

One must find it first,
not easy on shifting sands
where personal truths can change
over decades, years, months, days,
through volatile youth, old age,
dependent new information doors close,
windows open to fly from
into mysterious unknown clear expanse
as myriad landing places beckon
from 'Eagle' perspective gliding above
unencumbered for moment by Earth,
breathing air of 'heart/mind' knowing,
riding, reading, listening future winds
calmly, no hurry in heavens,
this realm of Soul connection
to 'All Potential' in Universe
whenever imaginative freedom is exercised,
our godlike ability for conjuring
multiple scenarios deemed possible destinies,
trusting we'll recognize Divinity's hand
in brilliance that reveals itself
within individual 'emotional guidance system'
encased in body, sparked enthusiasm
for opportunities 'thought dreams' catalyze,
point toward, the essential claiming
needed to victoriously stand ground.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Calm Unfolding

Photo as 'Chief' from old Ehama 'Earth Wisdom' days.

Calm Unfolding

I am timekeeper,
events coordinator, strategist,
artistic director, doorman,
stage builder, designer,
financier, patron, historian,
visionary playwright, supplier,
music conductor, instrumentalist,
venue promoter, secretary,
ticket taker, custodian,
ceremonialist, clown, Chief,
lover, security officer,
participant, fan, observer,
actor, actress, audience,
adult, child, family,
gardener, mystic, craftsman,
comedian, supporter, messenger,
victim, villain, hero,
manifester, destroyer, peacemaker,
one who nurtures,
draws out splendor,
refurbishes old, creates,
runs rivers, jumps,
takes risks, laughs,
rides motorcycles, emotions,
lives easily, vitally,
through calm unfolding.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Latest 'rearrangement' of furniture in upstairs bedroom and studio.


Even though structured routines produce
much in way of results
sometimes they can become deadening,
where one day resembles next
as perceptions form familiar groove,
but for the creative soul
new juxtaposed compositions shift energy,
allow access to surprise discoveries
that inspire and uplift heart,
simple as moving furniture around
switching bed and writing couch,
now looking outside when penning
day's channeled offering of poetry,
'change' is definitive act that
reframes worldview, births subtle emergence
when opening eyes in morning
sleeping opposite side of mattress,
getting up, stumbling in darkness
needing to remind my whereabouts,
memories surface of Scottish travel
and myriad 'B&Bs' stayed at
sparking wanderlust again for 'Unknown',
what awaits in future adventures
I'll choose in precious lifetime
while practicing transformative playful wonder
with each original rearrangement conjured.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just Start

Beginning of my outside shower built before going to Scotland in 2006.

Just Start

So much awaits human evolution,
and mine for that matter,
every 'territorial aspect' needs introspection
to rethink value of retaining,
but through lens peering future
based on highest dream imagined
using old 'form follows function'
when looking at continued worthiness,
whether piece of furniture, clothes,
music, resources I've collected, tools,
material objects, knick knacks, guitars,
all adding to creature comforts
the pleasure of opportunities bring,
what if there's potential 'abroad'
thinking 'rent' could offset costs,
then diagnostic guidelines shift radically
where lifestyle I'm used to
needs improvement, like new bathroom,
fence for privacy, deer,
add on an enclosed stairway,
plus build decks in back,
perhaps carport and firewood shed,
also blazing internet would help,
while workshop becomes storage space
for personal goods I'll keep
after process I just start.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Home run swing practice on stuffed duffle bag in workshop which led to 'real deal' recently.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


Sometimes, if lucky,
persevering, in efforts
toward spoken dream,
life finds alignment
with past intention
soul has commandeered
through changing terrain
surface consciousness attends,
aware of mundane
little 'must do's'
in cogged society,
everything having 'place'
to keep chaos
ordinary and orderly,
minimizing big surprises
that unexpectedly happen
as hoped for
bringing pure delight
due to rarity
of experienced fruition,
which spurs wonderment
asking the question,
'What else awaits
hidden in Unknown
germinating to become
my next breakthrough?'

Friday, April 22, 2011

In Service

'I AM'!
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

In Service

Watched 'I AM' at matinee movie
that reinforced physical reality's interconnected nature
known forever by indigenous Earth tribes
now being 'proven' in scientific community
where even our smallest heart's delight
reverberates out to influence others nearby
then ripples even farther into world
reiterating 'butterfly wings, weather effect' hypothesis
tying all of Creation intricately together,
wherein living my individual microscopic routines
I influence overall direction of humanity
by simply raising positive emotional vibrations
while interacting with people, pets, plants,
remembering the teeming aliveness Existence is,
and on macro level of 'civilization'
what work-play contribution to 'whole'
needs to coincide with 'love, cooperation',
reaffirming mankind's essential ingredients for survival
as species, which embraces 'true nature'
not only of humans, but everything,
exposing lies, psychological sickness of leaders
who promote 'dog eat dog' paradigm
within business, government, religion 'ad nauseum',
cultivating 'diseased' separation as social norm
so essential to heal, treat daily
in service, through thought, word, action.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beyond Explanation

Morning 'dragon's breath' seeping up valleys, over ridges, from fog laden Monterey Bay.
(Photo from Rodeo Gulch Road around corner from my home.)

Beyond Explanation

Mankind tries to grasp world,
understand Universe, through empirical proof
when pursuing 'power over' knowledge
thinking to wrestle complete control
from those connected to 'Mystery'
who live in 'unprovable' realms
freely accepting that miracles dominate
every component in amazing Existence
without needing to know how,
just trusting there are principals,
rhythms, phenomenon that are present
which work to support 'Creation',
the ever changing Infinite juxtapositions
that happen behind scenes, unheralded,
unrecognized, mostly taken for granted
as 'civilization' searches for security
in unpredictable, volatile, absurd reality,
making for insane human constructs
like war, Wall Street, capitalism,
institutionalized education, laws, social 'norms'
to keep chaos somehow orderly
by curtailing individual freedom, diversity,
so business, government promote homogenization,
consumerism, religions dictate moral righteousness,
while humans forget 'true nature',
'magically incarnate souls' beyond explanation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Claiming my life with a big 'YES!' at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, California.
(photo by Art Durand Photography)


I like to think there's a 'Destiny
of highest calling.' that waits
amid millions of other scenarios,
each one worthy of my inhabitation
in diverse Existence supplying opportunities
dependent my 'choice point' decisions,
and if I pay close enough attention
to my inner intuitive sensibilities
while parading myriad 'dream seeds'
upon the screen of my consciousness,
then 'grandest' possibility will shine forth
for me to recognize as 'ultimate' direction
even when fear of failure and difficulties surface,
yet are outweighed by visions of Divine fruition,
whereupon my 'Soul' sends resounding 'YES!'
into the ethers of 'All Potential'
putting 'Universe' immediately to work
aligning material and spiritual realities
which place me in middle, straddling worlds
as author of unpredictable personal story,
part fairy tale future conjured from 'behind veil'
plus historical non-fiction as physical world plays out,
each coloring unique 'masterpiece' journey
only I could have chosen, signed up for,
realizing lessons learned from past challenges
along life path are germinating my future.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Absurd 'tri-cycle' pulling a trailer, encountered at campground near Ring of Kerry, Ireland.


I give in to not knowing
much about the world, human nature,
that I always have more to understand
because of my limited perspective,
there's acceptance I've come up short,
will be disliked and judged harshly
for trespasses as I learn, grow,
just as I've disagreed mightily
in youth with war, capitalism, greed,
still do, yet they seemingly persist unabated,
somehow I can embrace this 'Existence'
and the absurdity of it making no sense
through my purely mental comprehension
all the while breathing into painfulness
as a traumatized, dysfunctional 'civilization'
struggles to rise above 'base' emotions
firing off reactive, impulsive vengeance,
inside me is an equanimous Buddha temperament
smiling and laughing at life's unfoldment
so surprising in diversity and interconnection,
reminding me, when I dare to stop,
reflect, look deeply inside 'Sacred Dream',
of continually overflowing magic, miracle
we all inhabit, share, are made of,
which bestows playful power for influencing
each moment after surrender to 'Unknown'.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Every Person

Ian Scofield, a publisher who became my best friend in Scotland during winter of 2006-07.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Every Person

It's a refreshing change
to take notice of surroundings
as if in a foreign country,
then try new restaurant pub
choosing food not usually ordered,
or beer others are drinking at bar
while striking up conversations
by asking question of patrons
on right, left, watching ballgame,
commenting on New Zealand accent
that led to travel talk
comparing his homeland to Scotland,
hearing of hitch-hiking adventures
visiting places I'd love to see
like Scandinavia, the Alps, Europe,
reminded again of the stories
each individual holds inside,
beyond the usual self-talk rut
our daily work routine produces
kept mostly as private domain
not wanting to be embarrassed,
judged, for less than 'proper' thoughts
deemed beneath image we cultivate
in world that values conformity,
instead of the unique character,
sensibilities, and view of every person.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sustained Inspiration

Walking in a channel between islands as the lowering tide draws the water out completely.
Isle of Mull, Scotland

Sustained Inspiration

Ideas fill the world
and new ones threaten
those using 'reptilian' brain
engaged in survival mode,
the thinking surrounding 'trauma'
of which there's plenty
as politicians, nations, businesses,
vy for economic foothold
on sinking capitalist ship
injecting fear into everyone,
yet many individuals rebel
by raising vibratory consciousness,
ushering 'love' as antidote
which initiates safety net
necessary to heal past
for stuck, 'dis-eased' society,
being 'present' in moment
while inviting 'different' experiences
that counter 'dysfunctional' programming,
giving rise to 'possibility'
future dreams hold 'promise',
can be brought 'alive'
if we opened ourselves
toward believing 'all potential'
awaits 'soul actualization', catalyzing
sustained inspiration willfully lived.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Snow covered 'Mt. Bache', aka. 'Loma Prieta', using telephoto lens from my workshop roof.


Snow still flies in Shasta
as Santa Cruz catches tail
of stormy weather, cold rain,
Mother Nature is extremely busy
shifting seasons far and wide
while Earth searches for equilibrium
trying to assimilate the changes
mankind renders to Her environment,
sucking out bodily fluids, resources,
then manipulating them to 'burn'
for energy, spewing polluting by-product
residuals into air, water, land,
which is constant profitable activity
sanctioned in unequal 'capitalist' world
where few win, many lose,
(really everyone's loss in end)
creating 'society' that rapes, pillages,
does not stop to meditate
on the trajectory set upon,
only thinking of today's list
filled by needs, wanton desires,
while keeping it's head down
afraid 'system' could be next
demise that Fate will pick,
if desperate efforts aren't taken
to sustain flurry of 'greed'.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wear Down

Most of Mom's grandchildren who lovingly witness her aging plus their parents getting older.

Wear Down

It's natural cycle
pervading all territories
encompassing miraculous Existence,
though less magical
in human minds
when things change
through old age
as parts falter,
fail, deliver painful
suffering to many
after 'prime' passes,
moving into acceptance
with new depths
while 'witnesses' bear
ache in heart
for parent, friend,
lover, acquaintance, pet
who is slipping
toward final stages
of 'Earth dance',
everyone feeling 'gravity',
how vulnerably frail,
transient, life becomes,
always is underneath,
revealed poignantly whenever
we wear down.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


12th century '8 point' Celtic pattern on tomb cover for Scottish knight.
Isle of Iona, Scotland


All civilization is an accumulation
of designs that preceded us,
or at least bits, pieces
our ancestors developed over centuries
through genetics, culture and thought
diversifying as environment, society demanded,
trying new states of consciousness
realizing problems necessitate original approach
born from intuition, and reflection
outside of 'normally' accepted perceptions,
which take courage to implement
if 'ignorant' masses stubbornly refuse
inevitable change while there's 'choice',
not wanting disruption to comforts
insidiously robbing them of aliveness,
while feasting on entitlement, arrogance,
hedonism, gluttony, devouring possibilities, resources,
or improvement that revitalizes interactions
with partners family, friends, strangers,
caught in 'sound bite' matrix
repeating 'talkshow wisdom' until rooted
as truth in electoral psyche
pitting 'one against the other'
in familiar wrong, right tension
humanity's judgmental mantra, minus discernment
needed to dissolve obsolete patterns.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

'Homestead' in the Lake Country of England. Spring 2005 motorcycle visit to Patterdale.

Spring Cleaning

The dusty forgotten corners
overlooked during winter's siege
announce themselves in sun,
carrying dull gray energy
from not being seen,
touched, imbibed with value
through pleasure of appreciation,
most everything needs revival
whether kept, given away,
recycled, sold or discarded
though latter is obsolete
as waste dumps overflow,
it is molting process
which becomes expansive bursting
when 'virginity' generates willingness
to revisit and review
all that came before,
discovering what blocks original
birthing in this moment
forward, vacating old dreams
while assembling accumulated resources
deemed necessary in future,
making inner, outer space
for surprise synchronistic synergy
promised each brilliant dawn,
inspiring another Spring cleaning.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


A 'healing well' near the east coast of Wales.


We all have influence
on society, it's inhabitants,
dependent our 'showing up'
in any given moment,
through thoughts, word, action,
how 'present' humans are
during 'one on one'
relationship at grocery store,
baseball games, work, concerts,
evermore as friends, lovers,
family who care deeply
about cause, effect outcomes,
whether positive or negative,
compassionate toward another's suffering
in world community partnership,
everyone taking personal responsibility
for residue on path
of interactions we travel,
it is no mystery
that everyone is related,
each containing unique power
and energy to cast
out demons who harm,
while conjuring different possibilities
as prayers that heal
implementing 'spell' for Unity.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Circus tent that housed 'Cavalia', showcasing the relationship between horse and humans.


Like 'weather', so often unpredictable,
people will try controlling hand
at the occasional correct forecast
to experience sense of power
as reassurance in mysterious world,
and if percentage favors 'right'
most folks will feel secure,
start building a foundational philosophy
on a 'less wrong' perspective,
still there's ever changing aspects
that threaten the status quo
in politics, relationship, education, physics,
where what was once true
morphs into decidedly different understanding,
though many tow same line
not really questioning their dogma
without entertaining in the mind
possibility anything needs new adaptation,
usually skirting issues with theatrics
creating sideshow to distract concerns,
turning any debate into circus
while 'attention deficit disorder' prevails
confusing everyone about effective course,
left to wonder out loud
'Is Existence miracle or madness?'
or whether there's myriad alternatives.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

To Myself

Playing guitar at 'Grace and Michael's' house years ago during a party.

To Myself

Tonight, an evening home alone
as spring activities are accelerating
after work of extracurricular nature,
which I enjoy yet important
new dreams are calling me
that ask for concerted effort
in gestation and planning process
if birthing is to happen,
like first trimester of pregnancy
where variables could prematurely abort
grand manifestation before it forms
so secrets are kept conspiratorially
until seeds are securely rooted,
even then, shared with few
using discernment to decide who
while visions of possibilities unfold,
it is a nurturing exercise
resourcing ingredients for stem, blossom,
fruit, as time reveals intangibles
characteristically unique through each stage
bringing surprise to unfurling design,
to become living artistic endeavor
told as tale in future
showing evidence of creative force,
insight, courage, will, and love
when being true to myself.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Hindsight

'Geez, you'd think I would have figured it out earlier.'
(photo by Art Durand Photography)

In Hindsight

Sometimes I don't understand
why something hasn't manifested
no matter my approach,
then later, further downline
surprising new information arrives
around sensibility of plan
hoping to be implemented,
which felt like 'push'
without any synchronizing signs
affirming 'state of grace'
by ease and flow
or beauty of creation
seemingly flying from fingertips,
and its is reassuring
to think there's 'Intelligence'
working on greater scale
than ego driven consciousness
often frustrated by events
not going 'my way',
as if 'Supreme Power'
is individual's sanctioned domain
whenever molding physical reality
into whatever one 'wants',
devoid of paying attention
interrelated 'Life dance' until
humorously revealed in hindsight.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The remains of a fishing village residents were 'severed' from during the 'Clearances'.
Isle of Mull, Scotland


From my radio interview yesterday
and '60 Minutes' television program
came realization we're all wounded,
have been since human beginning,
more so as 'civilization' expanded
using slavery, war, power over
to make gains in 'wealth',
yet creating 'poverty of spirit'
where 'shock' became the norm
infecting emotions and thinking capacity,
specifically what thoughts were entertained
around repetitive 'probable' negative outcome
when wanting to break chains,
heal the 'severing' from 'wholeness'
with it's vaguely understood principals
buried beneath rubbled 'common sense',
fractured by rape of Earth,
the feminine, dismissing caring elements
while hardhearted diseased men dominated
making people adapt or die,
this legacy still persists today
though it's base is disintegrating
the more people embrace 'Oneness'
witnessing shared miracle of Life,
finding safety in vulnerable nurturing
as traumatized individuals are championed.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Correct Timing

'Homerun Stewart' timing swing to hit slow pitched softball.

Correct Timing

Is there such a thing,
whether we hurry or not
trying to keep set appointment
with destiny as if timetable,
or fate, in preordained universe,
feeling satisfied when meeting agreements
and demands set in place
according to preconceived best scenario
that can often run show
using 'have to', 'should', 'must',
as motivational whip for perseverance,
somehow 'assuming' we possess knowledge
which overrides ever changing circumstances
thinking 'good fortune' will end
if certain goals aren't accomplished
in order of scheduled completion,
filled with expectations, success, failure,
continuous measurement of 'job' progress
taking precedence over balanced living,
turning exciting dream into nightmare
where creative freedom becomes drudgery
expelling 'playful adventure' from picture,
instead of sensing ease, flow,
what brings enjoyment when diagnosing
how variables present in moment
influence 'correct timing' each day.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Intentions

Softball team photo from September 2004.
(I'm kneeling, brother Keith to my right, brother Doug over my left shoulder)

Best Intentions

Thoughts are variable,
can direct actions
of response, reaction
in the moment,
plus they influence
each future encounter
when affirming approach,
how I'll handle
what is familiar
using new angle,
like playing softball,
choosing less competitiveness
becomes more fun
as guiding principle,
perceiving similar situations
with youthful eyes
that don't reference
any prior experience,
whether success, failure
according to tradition,
instead feeling joy
for being able
to recreate 'game',
dismiss outdated 'programming',
which symbolizes life
embodying best intentions.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Art Durand stretching after mediation with 'Bryon Kitty' overlooking my 'original' garden.


Too much of good thing
can diminish the experience
especially if repeated habitually
without customization or surprise
becoming mind numbing mantra,
like dream often spoken
that dissipates, loses energy,
as ego gets attached
to specific expected outcome
losing touch with unique
appreciation of different moments,
people 'repeat' for security
going back to familiar
pulling 'past' into equation
then judge good, bad,
begin worrying about results
comparing to 'what was',
we all need pause,
distance, for gestating changes
within outer, inner worlds
while consciousness evolves discovering
virgin territory, original thoughts
which spark renewed passion
when witnessing remarkable potential
through clean unfiltered senses,
forever raising vibrational frequency.